Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Coastal themed Father's Day

Tablescape Greetings Sweet Folks,

Seems like ages since I have done one of these!

Hope you are well,  and that you all had a great
Father's Day weekend spoiling your sweeties
or your Daddies...........
This was my attempt,  too bad I had planned
Mexican fare,  should have had seafood,  but
as you will read...........didn't know I was gonna
go Postal  Coastal......

When I started out it was just a blue and brown
color pallette,  and I was gonna use yellow, and
white flowers in a blue vase, but didn't really want
to use flowers just didn't know what else I could
use at the time,  but when I got the napkins out to
start on the table,  I found these silver napkin
rings I had forgotten about,  so thought oh,
I'll use those that will be a different look.

Once I putthe napkins rings on,  I sort of fluffed the ends and
then was just playing with them, and I thought hey, that sort of looks
 like a fish, and if he just had an eye it would probably definitely look
 like a fish,  so I went in search of something for fish eyes and I found
 some white buttons, and they did the trick.

Actually,  I thought later about using the candy with both sides
taped back and it looked good,  but asked advice and she
said the buttons,  so I was good I went with the buttons...

Then I thought okay, I could use shells to go with the fish,  so
drug my shells out and thought putting them in a glass container
would work, so found my trifle dish and I had a yellow candle
in my bedroom,  so grabbed that, stuck it in the center and
placed the shells all around it.  Then I thought I could use my
new lil candle jars I got for the porch since they are just the
right color,  so thought it needs a little something else.

So started adding the bigger shells but only had about 5 big
ones, so thought I will just add more candles,  so went in
search of those,  so used 2 different styles,  had some
yellow tealight candles the perfect shade of yellow, so
stuck those in the candle cups,  put them around the
main centerpc,  then added some more small shells,
and was so happy since it looked a lil more guyish,
for Father's Day.

Do you see the lil goldfish,  they are candy,
sort of like werther's candies,  and I just
tapes on end back underneath,  and put
them at each place setting and then added
some to the centerpc area as well. 

I have had this starfish for ages,  think it is so pretty!

A look from the top down.  Don't you just love
 the beauty of shells................

Been trying to remember where I got this big
one every since hubby asked me!  Still can't
remember.................I knew about all the

Shot from opposite end of the table.

photoshop affect,  colored pencil

 Great reflection of the table in the window..................

Cute lil goldfish type tail.

 colored pencil again!  This affect has become
another favorite.

 overhead shot.  The yellow dishes were for salsa

I took these and forgot I didn't have the silver
ware on yet,  as you can see it was set for more
people,  originally 7 of us,  but since Scott and Megan
wound up having to come on Sat. it was just for 5 of us.

 You can see the true color of blue that they are
in this picture.  They were $1.20 each.
Can't beat that...........


 Gradient map affect, 
 thought I would make him look like a goldfish!

 from opposite end of the table,  was able to put
gifts there since we downsized the amount of people.

 from same end of table just the other corner.

 love that candlelight,  took this at night as you can see....
too bad Father's Day dinner was in the daylight,  but we
still lit the candles just not as pretty as at night!

colored pencil affect


That's All Folks.....................
you are probably saying.....Thank Goodness!

I always take way more pics that I need to, as some
times I have not taken enough and missed something
I wished I had gotten, then feel like, oh well, took them
might as well use

Thanks for bearing with me and my logic!!  lol

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Glad you could drop by,  and look forward to hearing
from ya!  

Hugs and Coastal Blessings,


A Cottage in the Clouds said...

I enjoyed reading your thought process as you planned out your cute coastal table. The napkins do look like fish... so cute! You should join the "Let's Dish" party at tonight. The theme this week is "At the Beach" so your table would be perfect.

Sonny G said...

The table setting turned out great Nellie..

I am getting into the beachy thing myself.. I'll be using some of your pics for inspiration..

blessings to you and yours.

Rebecca said...

Compared to my brown and white table set for Father's Day, yours is SO interesting. Wish I could whip up as much enthusiasm about tablescaping as you do, Nellie! The results are always wonderful.

Debbie said...

Oh my goodness, those napkins DO look like fish. I would never have seen it, I don't think. When you added the button eye, it looked perfect. I'm going to remember this idea because I love stuff like that.

It's all just terrific, and I'm glad you decided to "Go Coastal" on the table.

Alycia Nichols said...

C-l-e-v-e-r!!!!!!!! I LOVE the way you did the napkins! What a super cute idea! Adding the buttons for eyes is just perfect! The "goldfish" candies are just too cute, too! Really fun ideas!

Barbara F. said...

This is such a great beachy table, I just love the napkins. And the centerpiece, better than using flowers. Visiting from TT. xo

Robin said...

Those napkins turned out to be such cute fish! I just bought some fish dishes and I will have to borrow this idea! Shells are such fun to decorate with. No wonder Mother Nature put them in her oceans and beaches.

Rbbin Flies South

Kathleen said...

I love your coastal table! The napkins are very clever! Love the little glass votive holders too! So glad you joined in Let's Dish with this pretty table.

The Style Sisters said...

Love your fish looking napkin shape idea! Fun colors and ideas....come share them on centerpiece wednesday link party on my blog!

Scribbler said...

Really cute! Thanks for sharing - looks like a great day at the beach.

Marlis said...

The fish napkins are just oo cute.. Love that idea. The colors remind me of sea and sand. Hope all had a blast. xo marlis

Melanie said...

Lovely tablescape! The napkins are so pretty, loved that!! Visiting you from Stone Gable TTT party.

Monica @ Happily Playing with Dishes said...

Great job on the napkins and the centerpiece.

Donnie said...

I loved the theme of your beautiful table. It looks really great. It's been awhile since I was around but you're in my google reader again so I hope to visit more often. Glad to see you and yours are doing well. I used to have newblessingeveryday blog. Take care.

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