Wednesday, December 12, 2012

First Christmas Season tablescape - for Megan's Birthday

Morning Sweet Friends,

Hope all is well with you and yours!

Most everything is well here accept I am gonna be
 back at the Chiropractor today,  having trouble sitting
again..............but my dentist appt. went well,  was there
for over 3 hours,  and then I met hubby a lil while after
and we did the rest of our Christmas shopping,  and
then went to Red Lobster for dinner,  so we had a fun
evening and got home late,  I woke up thinking it was
Sat. morning for some crazy reason,  guess cause we
stayed out late!!  lol

Thought I would join White Wednesday today with my 
friend Becky,   and show you my first Christmasy
table............which was a birthday table for Megan.
Guess you can really call this a vintage table,  as
these are all my Wedding silver, crystal and dishes.
Yep,  they are 42 years + now!!
Have to say... I still love it even after all these years.

Overview from head of table.
Our new lights made the white in the plates
 looked more of a warm white than the bright 
white they really are.  Not so sure I like that!

OOPS - didn't notice the bowl was not on their evenly!!  lol
and had to add some candy,  Andes Mints, perfect color
 for Christmas

The silver tray (a gift from a friend) is not really vintage 
it just looks vintage!!
Amazing what a few goblets with a snow look 
(using epsom salts) and candles, and some Christmas
 balls drizzled with a lil  salts snow can do!!

posterized affect!

Just in case some of you tableware lovers
 want to know, because inquiring minds
want to know

Dishes - Roberta by Deluxe
silverware - Scandanavia by Oneida
Crystal - Glamour by Fostoria

My napkin rings came from a floral arrangement that 
hubby sent me some years back.  The vase was a cyclinder
 with 4 sterling silver napkin rings stacked on it,  and he was 
really thinking ahead and had them send an extra
 vase/napkin rings with it!   Hubby is a sharp cookie!!

These Christmas balls are not vintage either,  but they 
were made to look vintage quite by accident.  I bought
them to use in an arrangement I did many years back,
where I floated some gold stars, candles and Christmas
balls.  It was really lovely, in fact, I don't know whatever
happened to those stars, now that I think about it!!  lol

Anyway, after floating the Christmas balls in the water,
for weeks, it changed their appearance, and made them
 look old and sort of tarnished looking. 

Cut out affect

I like having the separate lil salt and pepper 
shakers, and I usually put 4 small dishes
or egg cups with butter on each corner of 
the table.  Cuts down on passing things 
during dinner, which can interrupt good

Also, we usually serve buffet style as well
for the same reason.

colored pencil affect,
like this soft look.........................

Pic without flash and lights on

With lights off 

Well,  hope you enjoyed your visit, 
 and look forward to hearing from you.

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Hug's and 
All the Blessings of this Wonderful Season,



sistersusiesays said...

Very elegant! I just know Megan was impressed with her birthday dinner! You have always been great at decorating! You were always so good with Home Interiors! I still have some of thoses items that belonged to mom.

I'm praying for your back to get better!
Love to you all, Susan

Sonny G said...

very pretty Nellie.. I know everyone loves it.

get well soon..

Plumfield House Gardens said...

Very elegant, love the way you decorated the silver tray!