Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day & Thankful Thursday February 14, 2013

The Greatest Love of All Times

   For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only
    son, that whosoever, believes in him, shall not perish but
                                have everlasting life.
                                          John 3:16

        Happy Valentine's Day
                Sweet Peas

So how has your day been so far??
Spreading any love around yet or 
having any spread on you yet??? 
I sure hope so.

Some people hate Valentine's Day, but I say, hey, any 
opportunity to spread some love around sounds like 
a good thing to me!!  Just one more thing to celebrate
as we need to celebrate more than it helps us to overcome all the bad news.
Anybody agree with me on that one???  lol

So Today I am thankful for

1.  Valentine's Day,  we always look forward to that.
and usually I either make a special dinner or we get 
takeout from either Olive Garden or Carrabbas and 
then watch our favorite Romantic comedy, "You've got
Mail".............spells fun for us.........we prefer not to
fight the crowds,  course,  Daytona has bike week
and everywhere for miles around is
So tonight is gonna be a Carrabbas night for us.

2. Those delectable Chocolate chips cookies I got in
the mail on Tuesday. Am limiting myself to 2 a day,
so they last

3.. Some lovely miniature pinky/peach colored azaleas 
hubby brought me on Tuesday night.  I have made my 
kitchen look like spring for a few days anyway.  Cause
the azaleas want last long in the house, so will need to
get them outside and planted  before too long.

4.  Papa John's pizza for din din last night.  We had
planned to grill out,  but it poured,  so we improvised,
and their pizza is always great..............

5.  Dayspring ecards,  they are free,  and I love 
sending them to friends and family, and also love
getting them...........just a nice thing!

6.  the new series we are doing in our Sunday
School class by Andy Stanley again.  It is called
The Monster within",  very humorous but also very
interesting and full of truth.

7.  my lil neice who took a fall on her bike and
 broke her femur leg bone this week.  She had 
 to have surgery as she had what is called
 a spiral break, and they did a relatively new 
 procedure but they say it should heal and be 
stronger than her other leg that was not broken. 
Wow, hope that is really true.  They are thankful
that this was the only problem cause she was
sort of thrown off her bike with such force it
could have been way worse.

8. For email,  as it is so wonderful to be able

 to send out Sweet Valentine messages to my
 family and friends this morning,  and it is such
an  easy way to keep in touch on normal days.

9.  the fact, that my husband loves his job so much,
 that is a tremendous blessing in and of itself,  as
some people go to work daily hating their jobs.
That has to just be awful....................

10.  Dee coming over Monday to do my hair, and 
  getting to visit one on one,  and also she brought me
  this gorgeous silver and white bowl.  She had borrowed
  a crystal bowl to put dip in for Megan's shower and
  accidently  broke it,  if she had told me I would have
  said no big deal, as I have rarely used it and not
  even sure where I got it,  but loved the new one so
  much I am glad she broke it!!   lol
  It is also larger so will probably get used a lot more.
  Will probably show it to you next week,  in a white
  Wed. post.

11.  a  young boy who lives near us with his grandparents.
  He is just the sweetest and most loving  lil guy and he is
  now in middle school,  and still sweet as ever.  We have
  known him since he was about  5, I would say, and he has 
  just  been thru such horrendous things in his life, it just
  breaks your heart, but he is amazing...........and precious.

12.  some yard work we got done yesterday on hubbies
   lunch break.  We have woods all around us,  and they
   are really encroaching on our house  more and more,  
   So they are in dire need of being cut back, and we 
   found it was much easier than we thought it would be,
   so made quite a bit of progress in a very short time,
   and the yard trash workers took it all away this morning,
   and there was quite al ot.. So very happy about that!

   Hope you all have a really Wonderful
      and Fun-Filled Valentine's Day!

   Don't forget to let  your Family and
  Friends know much you love them.....

  Love & hugs, appreciate you Sweet Friends,
         Thanks for coming by..............


Donna Heber said...

Hi Nellie,

Happy Valentine's Day to you! I hope you have a fantastic day.

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Hi Nellie!
Hope your niece will get better, bless her heart! So happy your hubby loves his job, that is such a blessing. I learn so much from Charles and Andy Stanley, I can only imagine what a great series that is.
Hope your Valentine's Day is wonderful...

Cinderella Moments said...

OMG! Your niece's accident sounds painful! I hope she recovers fast.
We're planning a wonderful day today. You know I'm french and Valentine's Day is a big thing! LOL! I hope you have a great time too.
I have been a little too busy lately. There's always another project to do. This new book has been a little bit of a pain! I need to think ahead to make sure everything goes into the book + build the dollhouse at the same time. Rrrrr!
But I'll get it done!
I'm so happy you always stop by. You are such a warm and friendly person. I'm glad to know you. And I agree about the teleporter!! Wouldn't that make things easier!
Happy Valentine's!

Sister Susie said...

Thank you Nellie for your e-mail!
#1. I will miss being at school as a teacher on Valentine's Day, I always got chocolates, roses, and beautiful cards from the kids!
#2. I have me some mini snickers! My favorite. I'm not suppose to eat chocolate, but I don't think a couple will hurt today!
#3. I think we have an early spring even though it's suppose to be cold this weekend again. My orange trees are blooming, the pollen is all over my driveway!
#4. I finished up my soup last night. Alice brought me over some home made lasanga and salad.
#5. I didn't know you had to join to be able to send cards (unless you receive one, then you can return one.)
#6. I have seen him preach on the topic on t.v.
#7. Thank the LORD for what He has taught doctors to do (whether they accept that or not!)
#8. I loved mine!!! Thank you!
#9. It is GOD's blessing on him too!
#10. It might have been one from those I gave you, lol!
#11. I'm so sorry for the things he is going through!
#12. I'm glad I have the new large garbage can the county gave us. I put my clippings in it with my garbage and they take it.
You and Jim enjoy your Valentine's Day. Love, Susan

Sister Susie said...

I have to update #1! I was surprised by sweet Nellie who came by and surprised me with a box of pecan chocolates, a beautiful card, and a dance and song you will not believe, lol! I love you, Nellie!
Your SIL, Susan

Sue (Someones Mom) said...

Wow-your husband does yard work on his lunch hour? That is ambitious! I can only get my husband to gulp down a quick bite and he goes right back to work.

It sounds as if you have lots to be thankful for this week. That bike fall sounds scary...glad she will be okay.

I'm grateful for the springlike weather we had yesterday. It just made Valentine's Day even better to walk the dog with no heavy coat as it was in the 50's and sunny. Today...we are cold again and snow is headed our way!

Junkchiccottage said...

Happy Valentines Day. It sounds like you have a lot to be grateful and thankful for. Glad to hear you had a wonderful Valentines day.