Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Just to say hello and catch you up on things.......

Hello Sweet Friends,

Hope things are going and doing well
with all of you!

Been absent again this week so far,  but 
having a ball............our friends came back
again on Sunday evening and left this morning
not long before noon.  It was just such a sweet
and refreshing surprise, and we enjoyed it so
very much.  A very nice break in routine.

Thanks to all of you that prayed for Megan,  
she is doing well,  on bed rest, and her Blood
 pressure is down and she is having to stay down
 to keep that swelling in her legs and feet at bay. 
 and of course, we are all still waiting on our lil 
bundle of joy to arrive. Course, the waiting is
 always harder on the expectant MOM.

We haven't found another car yet, cause we
just decided to wait till our sweet company left.  
We did look some over the weekend and online
while they were gone, but will get very serious
 with it now. 

Am a bit tired,  but it is a very good tired,  
I must so happy we have left
overs from Carrabbas last night,  so no cooking
tonight, cause I just feel like throwing my feet
up with a good magazine, cup of joe, and just
vegging out!!

Was gonna show you our Valentine's table,
but just came back to finish this, but now that I
 have finished editing and choosing the pics,  I am
just too tired to finish it , so going to take a nap. 
 I will include them on my Thankful Thursday
 post tomorrow.  So the header pic will have to
serve as a preview of coming attractions.  lol

Have a great rest of the day,
and thanks for dropping by,  
you know how I love to hear
 from you.......

Love, Hugs and 


Rebecca said...

Rest up! Hope you find a suitable vehicle...I'm trying to remember when that baby is due????? How much longer?

Terra said...

The candles and tiny pink hearts are cute. Now put your feet up and rest before looking for a vehicle.

Sister Susie said...

What a time of joy you have had! Isn't it amazing how having fun can tire you too, ha!

Megan surely has been in my prayers. Thank the LORD her blood pressure has gone down! 6 days to go!

The LORD's timing, place, and kind of car is already chosen! You just have to allow the LORD to lead you to it! Tomorrow! That's not being impatient is it? LOL!

I have some left over for tomorrow from the lunch at Cooks today. There were 16 ladies who came to my birthday lunch! Wow, Joan was really busy! The LORD bless them all!

Get your rest, soon to be grandmom! Love to you all, Susan.