Monday, February 11, 2013

Inspirational Video about a young boy! So Sweet!

Happy Monday Sweet Friends,

Hope you had a good weekend,  and if you
 are in cold country,  hope you are keeping 
warm and are not without power.

We have a mostly productive weekend,with a lil fun
 thrown in.......hubby wound up working late Friday 
night as they are under pressure at work,  so Friday
was not too fun.............Sat. was somewhat rest-
ful but mostly productive,  we have been cleaning
 out files and stuff like that,  stuff that has needed to
be done for awhile,  so it is fun to see it go,  but
work too!  Sunday was a fun and restful day, pretty
much our typical day, with a few changes thrown 
in the mix.  Nothing too exciting, just a smoothie
instead of yomii and some takeout from a restaurant
we rarely have gone to..... Ruby Tuesday's,  we had
 a gift card, so decided to try them again.  Always
just nice to do something different.  ya know!

Someone sent me this wonderful video last week,
and just knew I wanted to show it to yall,  it is
very sweet, this young man has a wonderful heart,
you might want to get your sure made

This is beyond inspiring!

Conner & Cayden
Sports Kids of the Year*
(This is not a sports story.)

Just Click on the Link above!

Hope you enjoyed this wonderful 
true story......they truly are sportsmen
of the year.

Thanks for coming by,
be sure and say Hello,  love hearing
from ya!!

Blessings for a Great Week!


Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Oh, what an amazing story! Inspiration & LOVE...beautiful!
Hope things settle down for your hubby at work...
Hope you have a GREAT week Nellie.

sistersusiesays said...

These are the kind of kids over the 34 years that blessed my heart as a teacher. One I'll never forget is Shalisha. I wasn't feeling to good one day and she came up to me at my desk and ask me if she could pray for me. Now mind you, this is a public school. I told her surely! She put one hand on my shoulder and raised her other little hand into the air and went into a beautiful (and loud) pentacostal prayer! What a witness to the other kindergarten children around the room! I've always wondered what would have happened if the principal with her guests from the County had walked in, lol!

Children are truly a blessing from GOD (and not just to their parents!)

Love you, Susan