Thursday, February 7, 2013

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - February 7, 2013

Greetings Sweet Friends,

How has your week been?

Fun? Sad? maybe even a lil mad,
Productive?  Busy? helpful? 
thankful? peaceful? Joyful? 
Compassionate? heartfelt?

Have to say my week has been a mixed bag 
of all of these emotions.  It has been a busy
week, but a good week.  Started a Blissful 
White Wed. post but never got to finish it, 
so will just save it for next week. lol

Will sort of clue you in during my Thankful
Thursday post today.

I am thankful 
for the fun and joyful time we had with
our kids over the weekend,  We saw 
Scott and Megan on Friday night, and 
Dee and Jerry on Sunday afternoon and
evening for the super bowl.  Dee and I
gabbed and ate, the guys watched the for us!!  lol

I am thankful
for Megan and Scott are all ready for 
their wee one,  the room is pretty much
finished,  a lil bit of wall art to do yet,
but if she went to the hospital today
she would be well prepared for the home-
coming with the baby.  They even have 
the car seat in the car!! So that is a real
 blessing and I am sure one less thing
 to be concerned for Mom & Dad to be.

I am thankful
for the joy of getting to wash and see
all their new baby clothes, as Megan,
bless her heart, is suppose to be on the
sofa with her feet propped up once she
gets home from work,  as she is having
trouble with her feet swelling. Don't know
why really, because her weight gain is
perfect, she is all baby,  and usually that
 happens when ladies gain a whole lot of
 weight.  It was nice to be able to help
in a tangible way.

I am thankful
for a number of opportunities this week
to help a family out who is losing a dear
loved one, and reaffirming what they
already know about death and heaven.

I am thankful
to have had the blessing of sitting with
a sweet teenage girl who was about to
lose her beloved grandmother in the middle
of the night.  We talked and cried and tried
to prepare for the worst,  and it came at
about 6 a.m. - it was the worst for she
and her Mom,  but the best God had for
the Grandmother, as she suffering with
the pain from cancer.

I am so thankful
for what Jesus did for us on the cross,  and
how he provided eternal life for those who
just believe and accept what He did for them.
What a hope and blessing we have in our lives
because of that.  It is never goodbye forever
when a loved one dies,  it is only so long until
we meet again.  Truly a Priceless Gift!
John 3:16 in action

I am thankful
for God's grace in these sort of situations and 
how he gives us the love, words to say, and the
 tears and hugs to comfort.

I am thankful
for God's answers to prayers and how he can
protect us in ways that are actually quite humorous.
I have a relative in my life, that did some really
how shall I say it, selfish, deceitful and hurtful 
things when my Mom died over 7 years ago. 
Truly they were devastating to me, as I never 
saw this coming, and it took me months to even
 grasp what had happened, I was in such disbelief 
about it all. I think mainly because I felt so crushed 
that my relationship to this person meant so little 
to her VS things.........
 Some of you probably have a similiar
story as I think most families unfortunately, seem
to have a person like that.  Anyway, I have for-
given her in my heart but truly have no desire
for relationship with her as I feel no trust in her
whatsoever,  but I also want no harm or bad
things to come to her either,  just am hoping
and praying for a change in her heart.  She has
called  about 6 or so times over the years now,
and every time it is because she wants some- knowing that does not really
make me gleeful to call her,  if you get my
drift.  She called again this week and I felt
 like I would rather be beat than call her, lol, 
 but hubby and I decided I should return the 
call because who knows, maybe there could
 be a change of heart.  There is no change of
 heart however,  but the Lord is amazing!
Before I call her I always pray first and tell
the Lord....I want to do whatever you want
me to do,  but I am not sure what that is,
so I am praying you give me the words, and
that you help me to say what you want me
to say.  The last 2 times she has called, we
spend a long time just doing casual chit chat
and then she starts to talk about all the things
that she is having to put out money for, and
on and on it goes, and I think well Lord, I
know the reason for the call is coming soon,
and then all of a sudden the phone just goes happened the last time too,
and I tried twice to call her back,  but couldn't
get through then thought maybe this was God's
way of helping me, and you know the exact
 same thing happened again this time, it is 
like he lets her spend an hour or more laying 
all the pretend niceties and poor me ground 
work and then right when she gets to the point
 of asking the phone goes dead, and funny cause
 she never calls me back, so makes me think it
 goes dead on her end too.
I know some people are probably thinking
it is just a coincidence,  but I truly don't,
I feel it was my heavenly Father looking
out for me,  and it makes me smile, for
the bible says he is our protector and an
ever present help in time of need, and I
truly need help dealing with folks like that
cause I just don't understand how someone
can get to be up in their 70's and care
so little about their relationships.
Shocking really!

I am thankful
that no one was killed in a childcare bus
accident with an SUV right around the
corner from me about an hour or so ago.
There were 28 children and none had
to go to the hospital,  a few bumps and
bruises is all, but the bus driver did have
 some neck injuries. The one person driving
the SUV had some bad leg injuries but
the passenger was not hurt.

I am thankful
it is looking like we are gonna get some
rain,  we could sure use some as it has
been quite awhile.

I am thankful
that my hubby just found my blog roll, it
has been lost for a while and I have not
been able to visit anyone who doesn't come
by to visit me first, so if you haven't heard
from me in a while,  that is the reason.
So happy about that!!  My Hero!! 

I am gonna stop here for now,  and get
this posted,  and if I think of something
else I will come back and add it.

Hope you have a really Great  Friday and Weekend, 
 can't believe we are almost to the weekend again 
Valentines day is just one week away!! Whoa
Guess I better start making some plans. lol

Thanks for coming by and be sure to say Hi,


Sonny G said...

I am so thankful for my miracle this week. I was able to lay a 37 year old burden down and God made the situation better than I could have ever hoped for.
I am so blessed and so grateful.

You had an amazing week and I'm certain you were a great comfort to all who needed you.

sistersusiesays said...

I pray my miracle happens this week also.
#1. The joy of our time spent with our loved ones is the LORD's blessings on us to help the not so good things in life be small in comparison.
#2. I can hardly wait for our little Lady to come into the world!What will we call you, Nellie, Gramma, Grandmom?
#3. I bet it brought back a lot of memories! I pray Megan's feet are getting better.
#4. Praise our LORD for friends and family who are there for one another in such an important time.
#5. It's times like these that I realize GOD's timing is perfect.
#6. What a joy in the LORD we have! And to think we will know everyone in heaven by name as if we were always friends!
#7. When I look back on these times in our family, GOD's grace and mercy abounded in abundance. It's a lesson in no matter what occurs in our life, GOD is there with His mercy and grace.
#8. Mom's friend Rose was that way. I recently have had a friend of Joan's that calls me all of the time in this manner. I have to tell her no, as hard as it is, but you can't let them play on your sympathies because they will abuse it.
#9. I saw that. There was also a county school bus and car in Orlando today that had a simular accident (the car was at fault.)
#10. I got just a little rain, just enough to wash the pollen down my driveway.
Rest good tonight, Love, Susan

Jessica @ A Humble Creation said...

So glad to share in the many blessings for which you are thankful this week! Although it has been an emotional week for you, it sounds like the Lord is really using you for his glory in many lives! Amen!

sistersusiesays said...

Hi, Nellie. I just had to come back and share what I read in "Daily Bread" this morning in my devotions concerning the death of loved ones.

"Imagine the Father's joy when He welcomes His children Home and sees their absolute ecstacy in being face to Face with His Son! (John 17:24) GOD opens His arms to welcome that person into His Presence"

Our sorrow should become joy to know that one day we too shall experience that awesome joy with our Almighty GOD, the angels, and those who have gone on before us!

"A sunset in one land (this world) is a sunrise in another (Heaven!)" Only the Light of our Awesome, Almighty, Creator, Savior, Holy Father GOD will shine with a brilliance we can never experience this side of death.

My love goes out to you and those who have been temporarily separated from their loved ones, Susan.

Janet said...

Hi Nellie

What a nice list of thankfuls.
It is so amazing how our Lord works.
I am glad to hear there were no fatalites in the accident close to you. we have a hospital close to us and everythime I hear sirens I am praying for those involved.

I am celebrating my dental work being done. My Dentist is realy good and it seemed to go by fast.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Blessings & Love

Kathleen said...

Have a wonderful Sunday, Nellie! You have a beautiful heart, and don't give up on your relative, maybe she will come to see the error of her ways.

Sue said...

I really don't like having toxic people in my life. I don't shake it off well...I get in bed and night and think of all the nasty things I'd like to say but that I don't because my parents raised me to take the high road. I found myself laughing at your story because I think it means God has a sense of humor and she is left on the other end with her mouth hanging open!

All is well at our house...we had a full gray day of rain yesterday and truly did nothing but watch movies all day. I was so glad to see the sunshine this morning. I'm glad you got to spend time with your kids...we made plans for our next visit to our daughter and that makes me happy! Have a wonderful day.