Thursday, January 31, 2013

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - January 31, 2013

Give thanks to the Lord,
for he is good:
his love endures forever.
Psalm 119:29

Greetings Sweet friends,

Hope you have had a good 

week thus far.

Our week was very uneventful from Monday until 
yesterday and wow, seems like the floodgates have
 opened up, so it has been a bit overwhelming 
since yesterday,  Too many saga's for one day.........
But as you will read we think one got solved,  maybe
even 2, not sure yet, everytime I think it is done, it rears
it's ugly lil head again.  Then we are helping my SIL
 with one she is in, as well,  and have another friend
 who is dealing with a heart wrenching situation as well. 
 Was feeling drained earlier but realized it was time to 
kick back in the ole recliner and have a  long talk  with
 my sweet friend, Jesus,  He always has a calming
 affect on me.......................

So on with my Thankful list................
I have been making it all throughout the day,
and just come back and put in the greeting
and a little about the day or week.  Makes
it easier that way.

I am thankful
for a wonderful statistic we recieved this week,
from Food for the Hungry.  We support a child,
and I say that to say the passed year,
they have helped over 2.5 million people find
a pathway out of poverty. That just made my
heart sing,  and really just struck me, about 
how much gets done when each person 
or family just does what they can.............
amazing results!!

I am thankful
for Megan and Dee's friend, Heather who so
 graciously wanted to open her home to have the
 shower for Megan and also that she allowed us to
 help with it.  Also thankful that it all turned out so
 nicely, and that they have so many nice things for 
the sweet baby girl that is coming soon.

I am thankful
for a new salad I discovered on someones 
blog,  it is called "Black Bean Salad"  and it
is quite tasty.

I am thankful
that our friend Becky's (Over at Timewashed)
daughter had her new baby yesterday, and that
 everything went well.  Another Beautiful lil girl. 
  Just last week her other daughter had a lil girl too.
So they are flowing over with

I am thankful
for blueberry bliss Rooibos tea my daughter 
gave me for Christmas last year.  It is such a
delicious tea, cause sometimes I just get tired
of coffee and want something else,  and it is
a great change of pace.

I am thankful
that we are gonna get to go over to Scott
and Megans on Friday to see the babies room, 
as they have done a lot more since we saw it last,
  and also want to see all the goodies she got at
the shower.  Not the same as seeing them
from the

I am thankful
we are gonna have a fun Super Bowl party
with Dee and Jerry on Sunday.  She and I
like the food and fellowship part and the
guys can enjoy the football part,  course,
we will probably watch some of it.
Too bad,  Tim Tebow isn't playing cause I
 would definitely want to watch then.

I am thankful
that social security makes you fill out your
paperwork early or we would not have known
about hubbies status I told you about yesterday.
Plus we might have been ready for him to retire
and have a big mess on our hands.

I am thankful
that it looks like the problem might be worked out
 according to what the Social Security rep. said,  but it
 isn't showing up online yet..........

He was getting no where until he asked the question
So does it mean that my citizenship expired when my
passport did??  and she said, that is a very good
question??  So she went to her supervisor and she
said they could take that, so she put it in the
computer and she said, We're good!
It took it.....................

I am thankful
that the Lord hears our prayers and cries for
help,  and goes before and prepares the way.

I am thankful
for a recipe I learned a while back from
Sonny over at 155 Dream lane, it is roasted
green beans, and you can use canned or frozen
green beans. I used the canned and it has been a
 life saver many times now when I run out of fresh
 veggies or can't figure out what to do.  I always
keep green beans on hand now, and it is a delicious
way to make them too.  We are having them tonight
can you tell.............I am trying to make what I have
rather than run to the store,  so I had pasta, sauce
and green beans............yummy!! 
 Not mixed together least not till it hits
your stomach!!  lol

I am thankful
for fruit, especially bananas, strawberries and
peaches...........they are my favorite,  and I am
out of them right now..........and wishing I had 
gone to the store  Course, I do
have apples and oranges,  they just aren't my
favorites unless they are in a salad.  course,
I forgot I have honey crisp apples, and I do
like to eat those by themselves........
who hoo I am going after an apple now.

See ya later!

Have a great Friday and Weekend,

Love, Hugs, and Happy 
  U.S. Citizen Blessings,



  1. #1. I was thinking of doing so. This past week I have seen many advertized on t.v. to assist for $19.00 a month: needy children, war veterens, even ASCPA. I wonder what the significance of the $19 is? Too, I wonder how much of the money goes to the named cause. Many have been found to have only $2 goes for the cause and the rest to run the program for the cause.
    #2. Wasn't it wonderful! They surely did a great job!
    #3. One of the teachers made a black bean salad one time. I don't really remember what all was in it, but I do remember it was tasty!
    #4. What a number of baby "ladies" LOL!
    #5. I feel that way with a brand of green tea I used to drink. I need to find some decafinated green tea.
    #6. I can only imagine! I haven't seen the baby room since I first saw it when they moved in.
    #7. Go Ravens! (I like birds, ha!)
    #8. I thought as long as both of your parents are (were) American citizens, it doesn't matter where their child was born, the child too would be an American citizen!
    #9. When you do get a copy, you need to make copies and have one in your safe deposit box!
    #10. AMEN!
    #11. I finished up my pot of home-made vegetable soup...not the whole pot! ha, just what was left.
    #12. Oh! Thanks for reminding me! I bought some fresh peaches a few days ago! I think I will "who hoo" go eat one now!
    Love you all, Susan!

  2. Oh my-I just went back and read about the Social Security mess. What a shock for you I am sure. My husband is beginning to talk about retirement. He turns 59 this month, so it would be early retirement-before 65 anyway. I can't wait so that we can move closer to our daughter, but it also scares me...all those unknowns and I don't want to end up on the streets!

    Sounds like you have a fun weekend. We turned down a party for Sunday. My husband feels much better than last weekend, but really just wants to crash on the sofa and watch the game. We have windchills below zero today...staying home is a good thing!

    Have you registered for my giveaway?

  3. love lobe love your list! My news years word is grateful...and once I started paying attention to my blessings a whole new wonderful world opened up to me!
    wishing you a peaceful uneventful week!

  4. So thankful for all your blessings. Confident that God will use for good these trials. So excited for a sweet little baby girl on the way!!!
    Happy week to you Nellie!

  5. I sure hope you and your friends are on the "other side" of your various trials (though I know not all have quick solutions--just grace).

    We had a private super bowl party here. Just too tired to do anything else.

    The black bean salad AND green bean recipes sound good. And I can identify with the fruit "shortage"! I finally went to the grocery store...first time since we got back from our short trip. I passed up apples. They're just too expensive. But there were some good naval oranges (hope they have good flavor) and strawberries...

    Have a happy, hope-filled Tuesday, Nellie.

  6. How nice to take the time to recognize what you are thankful for! I really should make a list too! Sometimes we get so caught up just dealing with the day to day stuff that we forget to appreciate the little things! Have a great day!


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