Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Blissful White Wednesday - My Winter Look Living Room

Morning Sweetie Friends,

How are ya??
 Feeling good and productive today??

I am feeling good, not so sure about the productive
 yet.  lol  Have lots of things that need doing,  I 
know that for sure.........took most of the afternoon
 yesterday to go return some tops that, unfortunately,
 didn't work out, (does anyone else dislike spandex
and polyester as much as I do. lol Sad too, because 
it look nice before you put it on, but is so clingy 
and hot, which doesn't work for this girl with her
own tropical summer year round. and that isn't be-
cause I live in Florida either. lol)

Wound up making a day of it and since it is not
 too far from where hubby works I met him at 
new store I had been heard about and wanting
to visit, called "The Christmas Store",  and it
does have some Christmas stuff but mostly not,
I think it is a cross between, Old Time Pottery,
The Market Place, and big Lots.  It was a fun
store to browse, and the prices were good, so
we got a few good deals, which always makes
it even more fun.............

Since we had a Carrabbas gift card we decided
to go there for dinner afterwards, and we always
love that place,  the food is so wonderful, and
then of course, we have leftovers for today.
LOVE that!!

Will hush now and get on with Blissful White

Remember I told you last week we found some 
neat winter/Christmas deals at Kohl's. 
Well,this is two of them..........the candleholder
 to the left,  and the Christmas vintage bulbs in 
the terrarium on the right,  and the terrarium
was a Christmas gift from a friend.  Isn't it 
cute..........I was so thrilled to finally figure
out what to put in it.

Here is a lil better pic that shows the whole 
terrarium.  Decided to turn this picture into
a Winter scene rather than the angel,

A closer look at the vintage christmas bulbs.
This is the left side.
I felt totally fine using the +mas balls, as the
last Pier one ad I rec'd showed that now they
make solid balls that look like +mas balls to
use all year round to add bling.  So was excited
about that,  and feel right in style!!  lol
Just made sure they were turned so you didn't
see the top part, where you hang them.

That lil clear snowflake in the front actually
was attached to the cellophane on the bag
the snowflake candleholder was in,  so figured
I might as well throw that in too.

and this is a close up of the right side.
They are so much prettier and vintagy looking 
than I can capture with the camera. Poo

Just added a lil bow to the handle.

This too, is so much prettier than it looks here,
Even tho it is snowflakes, on the outside  
it just looks like a lacey looking design, and is
made of mercury glass too, forgot to say the
Christmas balls are too!
When you look inside the candle holder as it
is burning you can clearly tell it is snowflakes.
It really is beautiful, wish I could capture
it's beauty.

This has an equalized affect on it.

This has a posterized affect!

Decided the other picture didn't show up enough, 
 so I had this wonderful magazine, I think that 
just came out and it is called "Winter Cottage",
 got it at Sam's....anyway, they had this wonderful
 snow scene on the back,  so decided I just
had to use it......since it was so lovely.

Here's a close up with a lil tag I added on.

In Florida....
sometimes we have to fake our Winter's
just like we do our Falls.  Sad but true......
course, it isn't all bad,  no snow shoveling,
no below freezing temps at least 90% of the 
time, Sunny days most of the time............
and breaks in between our cold times

Hope you have had a nice visit, 
 so glad you came by..............

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I so enjoy your comments!

Have a Warm, White, and
wonderful Day!

Hugs and Blissful Blessings,

P.S. and guess I had best get busy working
 on the productive part of my day!!

Cause this was my fun part!!  lol


  1. I love decorating with all white. You did a great job. The picture looks so cute with the tag. And your Kohl's finds are great too. The terrarium is really nice. We had snow here in the Dallas area. Yuck! I'd rather have a year round summer. Take care of yourself and your family.

  2. I like to see the home's that are in total white; walls, furniture, floors, then they accent with a splash of color here and there!
    It's really neat to see, but I guess it could get a little tiring after a while. I probably would accidently miss the chair and sit on the floor, ha! (Snow blind, lol!)

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  4. Beautiful vignette Nellie! Your whites with silver shimmers and those sweet blues make for the perfect winter scene!
    Hope you are having a WONDERFUL week!

  5. What a pretty winter picture, and your vignette surrounding the print looks lovely.

  6. pretty. I just love that blue with the white. So, you framed a picture from a magazine and it looks that good?? Amazing!

    My daughter has been complaining about the hot, hot weather you are having. January is the month she usually can wear sweaters and jeans and she misses that this year. As we are so cold here right now, I just tell her to be quiet! I do understand about those "summer" moments...I have a couple of those a day myself. I do like a little spandex in my tops though, it makes them hold up so much better after washing. I do notice a difference when I wear them in the summer or in Florida, they are hotter.


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