Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Blissful White Wednesday - Winter Living Room - Part 2

Good Morning Sweet Friends,

Wow, it is cold here this morning,  went down to 40 last
night, so we are excited, as it was cool yesterday too,
about 60,  so it feels wonderful,  today it is suppose
 to go to 71 tho, ..........then tomorrow it is going back to
 74 and on up during the rest of the week and weekend. 
 Now gotta figure out what I am wearing to the shower 
again,  since it is gonna be a rather warm 74 degrees.

So how about you.................
what is going on in your world  today?
Hope it is something fun and exciting
 or sweet and loving.

Hubby is working home today and feeling pretty
good....but he sounds horrible, so very surprised
he is feeling
Course, with a cold as the day wears on you feel
 less and less well..............he is already starting to
feel that,  but he just ate breakfast so that should
 perk him up for a lil while.  Isn't that amazing how
 you feel so much better after you eat for a lil while 
 and then it fades away pretty quickly.

Thought I would do a Blissful White Wednesday
post so you can see how I finished off decorating
our white living room.

This wreath and header pic is technically in the foyer 
and is on the wall just in front of the door where you 
would enter my home.  I know you have seen this
wreath before, but I have learned if I love it I leave
it be............just added a new embellishment to it.,
to change it up a bit.

Isn't this the prettiest card.  You can see that in person,
but the pic doesn't capture this cute lil birdie in all his

Thought this doiley looked like a snowflake so just
sort of draped it over this winter scene.

Isn't this gorgeous,  the road is all done in white glitter,
so beautiful..........and I am into a lil bling this year!
At least in this room.

I am really enjoying all these snowy winter scenes,  
they make me feel cool,  when I am having one
of my own personal tropical waves!!  lol

This is the lower first shelf of my etagere.  This silver 
mercury glass dish was my other great finds at Kohl's
 a few weeks ago.

 and look what is inside the dish.......
a lovely vanilla scent candle.............ummmmmm!!

You have seen all these pitchers before

and creamers.....they have just all been moved around to
different locations....................

Colored pencil affect

Didn't change a lot here,  just added a ....can't 
think of what to call it..........a wax melter fragrance
 enhancer, how about that.  You plug her in, add 
a wax tart and she makes a wonderful
 aroma in your house.   lol

from the Nellie's Cozy Place Dictionary -smile

and a nice large pine cone, let's not forget him.

Posterized affect.

Sometimes because of the way a picture is
cropped I can actually make it really large
if I move it to the left, so that is why you
have seen some larger pics lately.
Just adds a bit more interest!!

An overall look

with a colored pencil affect for fun!!

Well,  hope you have a great 
rest of the day!

Thanks for droppin' by,  
always love hearing from you.

I am linking up to Becky over
at timewashed,  so if you want
to see lots of pretty white ideas,
just click here.

Hugs,  and
 Blissful White Blessings to you!



  1. Your white decorating touches are very creative, and we are having a warm spell here too, 65 degrees yesterday. I did a little weeding and spring fever is almost here.

  2. Loving your white decorating touches, Nellie, especially the framed print. I am trying to incorporate more white at our home too! We are really cold today too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi sweet Nellie, Oh girl I love all your winter white touches. You have such a warm and welcoming home. Glad to catch up here.

  4. Yes, I can feel the cold! I'm so thankful we don't have the snow!

    OH, how beautiful! I love the little girl in your first picture!

    I hope Jim's getting better. It seems the end of the cold stage is always a pain getting rid of the "after effects!"

    White is so brignt it makes me think of the Glory of GOD! I know when I sit in my den, the sun reflects off the back white building with such brightness I have to close my blinds sometimes!

    The card is so pretty. It almost looks three dementional! I thought it was a picture of real bird until I read you explanation!

    The winter pictures look so wonderful. However, I again only like to look at them. I wouldn't want to live in that cold, ha!

    Your pictures of the creamers look so artistic! I like how the center picture has a kind of halo behind it!

    I have always loved your breakfront! You have had it for many years! It has always looked great no matter what setting (in all of the houses) you have had it in!

    There's nothing "slighty" about all of this Whitey, lol!
    Love to you all, Susan

  5. Down to 40 degrees? Try stepping out in 10 below, Haha, I have 3 pairs of pants on, Love your whites, especially with the old rocking chair, stay warm, Celeste

  6. 40° is cold. I can't imagine someone living where it's 0. Love the white. It seems fitting for Winter. pretty print too. Stay cozy.

  7. Ooooooh! I love the pencil effect. That looks awesome. Great post!

  8. Love all of your whites. Being a big white fan myself love these winter whites you have done.


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