Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Our Mother's Day Table

Afternoon Sweet Friends,

So how was your Mother's Day??

Hope it was all you dreamed it
 would be...............and more!

Mine turned out to be very nice, in spite of
 the fact, I woke and was dizzy and wound up 
having to stay home from church,  bummer..
but think it was just sinus related evidently
 cause after sitting up few hours it went
 away, course,now that I think about it......
it might have been that our class prayed for
 me,  when they found out I was home.  So 
whatever the reason,  I was very happy it
went away quickly, so I could really enjoy
the rest of my day.

Scott, Megan and the baby came over, as
well as my SIL Susan and we had a very
nice time.  Scott asked if he could help, so
 Jimmy assigned him salad, and he was so
 sweet to make a lovely Balsamic vinagriette 
dressing to go with it, and some whole
grain gluten free bread. Hubby manned
the grill and cooked London Broil and
we had mashed potatoes with toppings
like you would have for baked potatoes.
Susan brought Me and Megan's fav pie
Peanut butter pie from Perkins.
Everything was delicious and the day
was very enjoyable.............but

There was only 3 things missing,
guess I should say people......
Dee, Jerry and Rosie( she thinks
she is a people....lol)
but Dee will be here in a few weeks,
so have that to look forward to,
and we spent the better part of
the afternoon on the phone
yesterday,  so that was fun, and
I also got something in the mail
from her...............

well on with the table..................

Told you last week I was in a creative
 mood and I might just use one of my
playtime tables for Mother's Day, and
 that is what I decided to do.....wanted
 to make a nice Mother's Day table for
 Megan since this was probably more like
 her 1st Mother's day cause she was still
sort of in recovery mode at this time
 last year.

The picture of the basket in my header picture
 and this pitcher with azaleas wound up being
the table centerpieces.  Had to do some photo 
adjustments cause the flowers came out a 
different color for some reason, more orangy 
than hot pink.  This looks about right now.

I found these paper plates and napkins at the 
Christmas tree store a month or more ago, and
they were a buck apiece,  so thought they would
be nice for a pizza nite or something........

Never dreamed they would wind up
 being a nice theme for Mother's Day.

I used the paper plate on the bottom,  my corelle 
ware square salad plates on top of that, a napkin
 then a bowl. Later I put a hot pink candy in the
bowl but had already taken all the pictures.

Rolled and stuck another napkin
in the glass for more color.

Used my wedding silverware
cause it just seemed to go......

Used a lil bread plate and stuck a faux cherry
 on it just for color.  At the end I decided to
put a real strawberry instead.

A look from the dining room window
 towards the living room

 a look from the living room end
 towards the window.

Really like the ornamentation on these
 plates and  napkins and the color.......... 

With a  Posterized affect

 an overview

This was the final result with the candy
and strawberry...........lol

an overview

with a cutout affect

used the lil heart shape bowls for
 candles, figured they were fitting since
 Mother's Day is about love too.  This
 could also be a nice
Valentine's or Birthday table as well.

Just tucked a napkin in both arrangements
to sort of tie things together. 

This came out really bright,  but the color
of the picture above is just about right.
Looks pretty anyway.....

Well,  hope you enjoyed your visit,  so
 happy to have you stop in.................

Would love to hear how your Mother's
Day was...............

Have a Wonderful day!

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Love,  Hugs,
and Hot Pink Azalea Blessings,


Cassidy Adams said...

Hi Nellie!
My Mother's Day was great! Looks like you had a great one as well:) I love your table setting! You have such great ideas...Have a great evening:)

Cassidy Adams said...

PS So glad you started feeling better! We know what it's like to have to stay home from church when you really wanted to go!:/

sistersusiesays said...

Thank the LORD, He had you feel better for Mother's Day!

I forgot to bring your "bag" of plastic dishes from our last get together!

Thank you for the most precious Mother's Day card from my "kids!" I am really enjoying my shorts and shirt! They are so comfortable!

This table scape is my favorite of all!

I'm so glad you are feeling better, love you all, Susan

Lori @ Dining Delight said...

Great idea to mix "real" dishes with those gorgeous paper plates - the best of both worlds with style and less dishwashing! I like the other tip on tucking a paper napkin into the floral arrangements to tie them to the table. Glad I stopped by!


Ivy and Elephants said...

Oh, you have so many pretty beautiful settings! This one is so pretty with the red and disposable
plates and napkins mixed in. I love this idea, perfect for Mother's Day, no washing for anyone!!!
Hope your day was lovely.

Scripture Sunday

Have a Wonderful Sunday, Hugs and Blessings, Nellie