Friday, April 17, 2015

Thankful Thursday - April 16, 2015 and Peach Shortcake

Peach shortcake ......
See Thankful #8 for the how to..........

Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly
as you teach and admonish one another
 with all wisdom, and as you sing psalms,
 hymns and spiritual songs with gratitude 
in your hearts to God.
Colossians 3:16

Greeting Sweet Friends,

What cha' been up to this week?

Something good,  I hope.......

It was a pretty normal uneventful week here
up until Wed. night.....
part of the reason I am late again!!   lol

Wed. night hubby found an ugly 
brown stain on
 the ceiling of our master bathroom - about the
 size of a salad plate or lil bigger.  Think it must
 have happened Tuesday nite, as we had a really
 bad downpour and then soaking rain that lasted
 all night, cause just can't believe we would not
 have seen it sooner if it had been there before 
that. Called the roofers that did our roof almost
 10 yrs. ago after 3 hurricanes in a row. They
came out yesterday afternoon. He thinks he 
found where the leak is, and is suppose to
 come back and seal it today, but haven't seen
him yet, but we also got really bad news.  
Our supposed 30 yr lasting roof, evidently
 has never sealed properly. He could just
 lift the shingles up and could see debri
underneath, and said they could easily 
blow off if we had any high winds, and he
 found that over a large area, and thinks it 
could be our whole roof. So we are having 
to file a warranty claim, which sounds good,
 but we think it is not the greatest.
 Since we have had the 
roof for 10 yrs,they will pro-rate the shingles,
which is fine, but you get nothing for labor, 
and the roofer said it was an adhesive
So that means after 10 yrs. of this Florida 
heat and sun beating on our roof almost daily,
and the shingles never sealing we could have
 had or could have a calamity at any time. 
Also, if they do honor the warranty they want
to give you a credit to get more roof shingles
 from their Company. I said are you serious...
why would I want to do that??
When their materials failed, and they aren't
 even willing to make good on it.??
We didn't expect to have to worry about
our roof for another 15-20 yrs, so this is
quite a shock,  Also the leak was caused
 by a nail that wasn't all the way pounded in, 
 and no one has been on our roof since they 
roofed it 10 yrs. ago, accept the painter that
 was up there recently to paint our chimney 
but he was not in that area at all.  So we are
 gonna be praying and thinking on this over
 the weekend to see what we should do about
all this. Love how they tell you that you have
 a 30 yr. warranty when you really don't, but
 you don't know these things until after the
fact.  Live and learn, I can tell  you if we have
 to get a whole new roof we will definitely be
 asking to see the warranty before one shingle
 goes on this roof.  Think we will be checking
warranties closely on anything we buy from
now on.........but who woulda thought!!  

Like the old saying goes
 "Life is what happens when you are making
 your plans"  lol

One a brighter note, I finally took my Easter
 things down yesterday just need to get them 
packed away, then will be changing some
 things around which should be fun....
and..... I could use some fun!!  lol

Guess I will get on with Thankful Thursday!


I am thankful

for a really fun evening with some friends 
from our church. We just love these folks,
they are full of wisdom and do not have one
 ounce of self pity, even tho, they have and
 are going thru tough things at times.
We have such great conversations and we
 always laugh so much when we are with
 them, and they bring out our funny side too.
They are truly a joy!
If there were only more people like them,
what a great world it would be............

With posterized affect.

that Dee and Jerry had a back up buyer
for their townhouse,  cause the first buyers
didn't  get approved.

that Dee and Jerry finally have a contract on
 a really nice home they want to buy,  not the
 one they really wanted.....because it was over
 priced unfortunately, and they would never
get their money back if they had to sell it,
so they are using their
 heads not their hearts in this decision,
 which we think is very wise, and we think
they are gonna love the new home.  It has
everything on their list that they needed
or wanted, and it is move in ready, and
in the same area where they are now,
and they love it there.

that one of our Life Group couples has
offered to have our whole group and their
 families over for a Taco party and swim
 after church in a few Sundays.  Perfect
timing as I was just thinking we should
maybe think about having another get
together since our last one was at
Christmas time.

for a welcome home video I saw this
week, of a soldier coming home from
afghanistan, without the parents 
knowledge,  they were invited to do
the puck toss for a team they have
been season ticket holders for since
1996,  and then of course, they had
their son come out.  The dad was  over-
joyed he hits his knees first then ran
 to his son as the son ran to him, and
then the Dad picked him up and fell
on the ice with his son on top of him.
How he didn't get hurt is beyond me,
but what a joyful and tear jerking 
reunion,  just beautiful.

Hopefully you can watch it
Just click  here. or go to

with cutout affect!

for graphic artists and people who design 
packaging of all sorts, some times I just
 see such beautiful or cute packaging and it 
just makes me smile.  Look below and you 
will see some packaging I thought was just
adorable.  Can you guess what it is????

Aren't these just the most darling birdies..........

So what is it you say???






Facial tissues from Target,  and they
look so cute in my  bathroom on top
of the potty.........didn't really think
you would want a pic of that!!  lol
I actually put away my normal tissue
box cover till I finish these 2 boxes,
by then we should be in summer!  lol

for a surprise visit from a young friend
and her lil son.  She came bearing donuts.
So we had some lunch and then some
donuts and coffee..............She is a really
sweet young woman and has a great heart.

for a yummy breakfast this morning,
 and the reason for the pictures.  I had some
 leftover biscuits, so decided to make some 
peach shortcake.  So warmed the biscuits
in the microwave (always put a damp paper
towel on any bread, cause it keeps or will
 make it moist), dumped some diced Del 
monte peaches on top, then added a scoop
 of vanilla frozen yogurt, and some chopped
 pecans, then decided to add some whip cream,
and remembered I had blueberries, so threw
 some of those on too.  Totally yummy with
a cup of Joe...........

The finished product

my lil buddy who lives across the street
with his grandmother has the possibility
of being adopted by her.  Am so praying
that happens for him, cause he is such
a precious young man, and his 
grandmother really loves him, unlike
his irresponsible parents.

for the leak in the roof, because had we
not had it,  we would not know how fragile
our roof is..........and I am thankful that
 we have had no calamities with this
roof in the last 10 years.  

that as frustrating as it all is....we know
 the Lord will see us through it,  as He
always does..................and thankful
that Romans 8:28 is true,  that God
works all things together for good, for
 those that love HIM, and are called
 according to His purpose

With Film Grain affect

Well, there you have it another 
week at Cozy Place.

Are You hungry yet???   lol

Nice that you could stop in today.
Would love to hear from you........

Love, Hugs, and 

Peach Shortcake Blessings,

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  1. Hi Nellie, so sorry about the roof, we had ours replaced last year after 12 years, another one of those 30 yr. warranties!~smile~
    Enjoyed your Thankful Thursday thoughts, your peach shortcake looks delicious, thanks for the tip on using the paper towel when reheating biscuits.
    Nice to be able to visit, I haven't been blogging lately as so many things going on with family illnesses, and just being plain busy!
    Enjoy your weekend,

  2. Oh Nellie Dear! That roof had the potential to be a calamity, and yet, it wasn't. Life is full of near misses, ain't it the truth? I love your gratitude list, and I just wish I could put my finger on what it is about your posts that makes my heart sing, but it eludes me. Your joy always shines through, and I just know if we were to meet, we'd be sisters-in-spirit forever. Love, Mimi xxx

  3. Sounds like a week of blessings, but don't give up on your roof.

    I'd push them a bit on the warranty. I'd check into insurance, too.
    I pray God will help you get help!

    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  4. And can I add...thankyou so much for sharing this at my Five Star Frugal linkup. Mimi xxx

  5. As always, Nellie your peach shortcake looks delicious! I hope everything works out with your roof. Blessings - Donna

  6. Can't wait for some fresh sweet Georgia peaches! Love all your photo effect pictures too!

  7. Wow, that is quite a bother. And to think that 3 hurricanes have passed since the last time it was fixed; any one of those could’ve blown your roof off! That being said, I hope that the company gave in and handled the replacement of your shingles. That’s the least they could do for not properly doing it the first time. Take care!

    Nathan Riley @ Steemer Atlanta

  8. Can't believe I missed this! (I'm now writing this from 8/06)
    #1. Time with family and friends surely does help us all through hard times!
    #2. Thank the LORD for "fail safes!"
    #3. Blessings on them from our LORD!
    #4. Get together's in the LORD are invigorating with His Spirit. I feel this way with the ladies of W.O.W. when we go out!
    #5. Can you just imagine what this is going to be like when our LORD comes for us in the Rapture! The joy will be "out of this world!" ha!
    #6. And who says that adults don't enjoy drawing coloring!!!
    #7. Boddy surprised me with an apple fritter from Wah Wah's!
    #8. I had my regular oatmeal with raisins and walnuts.
    #9. I pray now it has been done so (8/06)
    #11. I'm always praying to the LORD that He will protect me from leaks, electrical problems!
    #12. I hold fast to this promise in everything that occurs!
    Love you all, Susan


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