Saturday, November 7, 2015

Thankful Thursday Nov. 5th, 2015, Past Fall Tablescapes

Enter his gates with thanksgiving
 and his courts with praise; 
give thanks to him 
and praise his name.
Psalm 100:4

Greetings Sweet Friends,

How are ya this fine day??  Hope you

are having a nice weekend.

It's raining and dreary here. Poo!
We are having our last days of R and R,
and will be back in the saddle again by
 Monday......Have to say we have had so
 much fun and rest we will be raring to
 go.............getting itchy to accomplish  but my first thing
to do when we get home beside un-
pack is watch lil looking
forward to it, as we have really missed
her, but we did skype and facetime
with her a few times which was great.
Such a great era to be living in many

Today (Sat.) is our 45th Anniversary,
Happy Anniversary to
 and have to say that I am so grateful
 for my sweet hubby, and for all the
wonderful times we have had over all 
these years, and for all the up and downs
 we have fought our way thru, and thank-
ful for the children we brought into the
 world, and for our lil granddaughter 
and even our grandaughter doggies, 
as well, also for our home, and our
 love and relationship with the Lord
 most of all, that has kept us quite a
 happy, loving couple through it all.
If you would like to read our
story,  Just click here and

Thought I would share a few
Fall Tablescape scenes from the
 past with you today..............

I am thankful

#1 and 2
that we made it to Asheville, N.C.
safe and sound on Oct. 22nd, and 
that we got to visit with Dee and 
Jerry for about 8 hrs.before they
 left on their Anniversary trip, and
then got to visit with them all this
passed week when they returned.
 Last yr. I volunteered us to come
 and stay with their lil dog Rosie, 
because I knew it would be a very
 comfortable and inexpensive way
 to vacation here, without a lot of 
expense and the inconvenience of 
hotels, and mostly cause I knew
 hubby needed a vacation and it was
around our anniversary as well.....
so it just seemed perfect.
So we came last year but was only
here one day when we found out
my sister-in-law Susan had fallen
and broken her hip,  and was gonna
have to have surgery (some of you
probably remember) so we had to
 turn around and go home, and take 
Rosie home with us. So my sweet
 daughter knew how disappointing 
that was for us,  so when she knew
they were going away this year
she just mentioned that they were
gonna go away and if we wanted
to come up and stay we could.
So here we are......and we had
9 days here by ourselves and it
has been about as perfect as it
gets this side of heaven.  

that the kids are so gracious and
thoughtful to bless us by allowing
us to stay in their home while they
were gone, as she has a friend that
could watch Rosie.  We used to
do this when they were in Florida
too, and it gives us a nice change
of scenery and lifestyle.

for all the breathtaking Fall 
scenery we have been seeing, it
 is just amazingly beautiful here. 
The trees are incredible....
we always used to see all these
wonderful Fall trees in pics, 
but until Dee and Jerry moved 
to Asheville just 2 years ago, 
we had never actually seen 
them up close and personal.
So it is just such a treat for us
Floridians.  Now the trees are
 getting barer and barer this 
last week.

for all the cool/cold weather
and we have had rain as well,
but we are enjoying it all....
The cool/cold weather is such
 a joyous retreat after all the
hot weather in Florida. In fact,
this week in Florida we have
had record breaking hot 90 +
weather, so happy we are 
missing that, and hope it will
be over by the time we get 

that our cat, Molly and Rosie
are working out fine together.
We have brought her with us
  these last 2 times, and she has 
truly been amazing for an older
 cat, who had never been on a 
leash before.  She has been very
content just staying upstairs in
 the bedroom which we are staying
and when we take her out,  she
 does her business right away just 
like a dog would,  so we call
her our "CatDog" now.   lol
After about a week she would
meow and come down and sit
on the stair landing, if she wants
attention or to go out.  lol

that everything is so conveniently
close here. It was raining all day
  (Tues.,Oct. 27th) and since there 
was a movie theatre right here in 
the town park where they live, just 
5 mins. away we decided it would
 be a good day to go to the movies. 
We had already seen that they had 
a move called "WoodLawn" playing
 that we wanted to see,  it is based 
on a true story.  It was such a truly
inspiring story........we highly
recommend it..........
I know I already told you a week
or so ago, but it really is such a
great movie, so worth repeating. 

that Dee and Jerry got home 
safe and sound and really had a
good time on their trip to Hawaii.

that Megan and Brooklyn got
home safe and sound from a
trip to her brothers Halloween
weekend.  Lil darling went as
Cinderella.....she was suppose
to be tinkerbell but she wanted
to dress like her lil friend, so
fortunately her brothers older
daughter had one from a few
years ago.  Problem solved!

Here is lil darling on Halloween,
Doesn't she look like such a Happy Camper,
and Super Man is her lil cousin,

that we got to try a new Mexican
restaurant this time, and I think
they have the best chicken fajitas
I have ever had.  They were really
great.  It is a lil hole in the wall
type restaurant with truly good
food.  It is called "Papas and
Beer",  I think, just in case you
live in or near  South Asheville.
We went back again last night
and got the steak fajitas, and 
they were great too, but guess
I am just partial to chicken........

for a really fun Halloween....
now, I have to say I am not 
really a fan of Halloween, but
 they probably get around 500 or 
more trick or treaters here, and I 
am not, at all exaggerating, (We 
hardly get any at home and always
sort of miss that) so we just sat out 
on the porch and passed out candy 
and so enjoyed seeing all the lil 
ones in their costumes and talking
 with the parents and children. Even 
Rosie had a costume thanks to her
 Mommy, she was a Jack o' Lantern, 
and looked so cute. We spent a
 fortune in candy, but we had such

 a good time it was worth it.

that we got our Christmas 
shopping started, mainly for 
our lil darling.............

Well, here's to another week at
cozy place...........

Thanks for coming by..............
Always happy to have you drop in.

Love, Hugs and
Happy First Week 
of November Blessings,


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Mimi said...

Dearest Nellie. So many pretty images and memories here. Your lil darlin' is cuteness personified. I'm glad you've had a good break. You deserve it. Much love, Mimi xxx

Unknown said...

Wonderful tablescapes! Thank you for sharing with us at #HomeMattersParty. We would love to have you again next week.

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