Saturday, November 28, 2015

Birthday Table for Megan

Hello Sweet Friends,

So did you get a lil rested up yesterday?  
Hope so, cause if you had a lot going
on bet you needed it.

I was so happy not to have anything I
actually had to do yesterday, even tho,
 I got up early. I did get my Thankful 
Thursday blog post finished, and up-
loaded some pics for 2 other upcoming
 posts, because they are still from Fall,
and trying to get them in before 
December, lol.  but that was fun work.
and later in the day hubby and I put up
the Christmas tree,  but haven't decorated
it yet, as I haven't brought out the Christ-
mas decorations yet, cause don't want to
tear the house all up until after Dee goes
home on Monday, and it will give me 
something to look forward to..................
after she glad she will be
back today and get to stay until Monday.
So we will get a lil one on one time with
her hopefully.

We watched our first Christmas movie
last night and hubby was sweet and
 ran out and got us some eggnog....yum!
That is a family tradition for us when
we start our Christmas decorating,
that and Christmas music........

Am showing you another Birthday
 table today, but it could just be a Fall 
table, as well.  Did this table for my 

Her sign hanging above the table

Since we celebrated her birthday the
 night before Thanksgiving, and we are 
not into a lot of stress,  I used paper
goods again.  I had these plates and
leaf napkins leftover from Dee and
Jerry's wedding reception 4 yrs. ago,
and the pumpkin napkins leftover
from last Fall, so thought they made
a nice combo.

 Used this silverware because it matches the
 flowers on the napkins. and the white table-
cloth to give it a bit of elegance, and so it
didn't seem quite so Fallish.

moved our bench to the opposite side of
the table since we are the only ones who
get to sit on it, and also to make more
room for another chair since their are
7 adults this time rather than 5.

This is from the other end of the table

Two Overviews

 This tray with the white pumpkins did
 reside on my coffee table, so I just 
changed it up just a little to use as the
 centerpiece on her table.

 Seems like all my tables this year have had
pumpkins, leaves and candle light.

Like I have said before I like to use real
 silverware and glasses, rather than plastic, 
as it looks a bit nicer, and you never have to
 worry about breakage or leaks like you do
 with plastic ware and plastic cups.

These are Dixie living ware plates we got 
at Sam's over 4 yrs. ago and they are very
 sturdy, and  you will probably see them 
again sometime as I still have a ton of
them leftover.

A cocktail size napkins tucks
perfectly into the glasses.  Love
these glasses they were a gift
from Dee and Jerry for Christmas
some years back, when I got my
shabby chic dishes.  They are a
beautiful compliment to them.

 Took out an oak candlestick and 
replaced it with the cloth pumpkin 
and then added the cream ceramic
 pear on top.  A find some years 
back from Target.

Clear candle holders with an assortment 
of  beans.   Love the look............

The tray already had gold mercury glass
 candle cups that were purchased for
 Dee and Jerry's reception as well. I think
they look so elegant and I use them well 
every Fall and sometimes at Christmas
or New Years.

With the lights out

Always blessed by your visits,
and hope you will take the time
to say hello.

Have a Great Weekend
Keep your light shining brightly,

Love, Hugs, and
the last of November Blessings,

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Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Such a pretty Happy Birthday table Nellie! Hop you had a Happy Thanksgiving.
Thanks for sharing at AMAZE MONDAY!

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