Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Our Thanksgiving Table

Happy Tuesday Sweet Friends,

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving
weekend, and maybe got a lil something
done towards Christmas.........
Oh my, today is the last day of November,
can hardly believe it.....but it's true......lol

We were happy that our daughter got to
come back here on Saturday and spend
some time with us, then Sunday she
visited one of her best friends, and
Sunday night we watched lil darling
so she, Megan and Scott went out to
dinner to celebrate Megan's birthday, and
 so they could have a nice interrupted
dinner, and all you Mom's know what
I mean................lol

We did get our tree up, nothing but lights
on it thus far, but that will come........
Today Dee is still here and will be here
till later this afternoon, so not sure what
or if we are doing yet.........she is still 
sleeping. She was tired and not feeling 
super as she has been around 2 lil ones 
 that have colds, so we are hoping she
 isn't catching their colds. Neither of 
them was not lil darling, Thankfully.

Wanted to show you are Thanksgiving
table today and get it posted before
December........so today is the day!!  lol

I had seen an inspiration picture in a 
Better Homes and Garden magazine
 that I took with me on vacation, and just
 loved a table I saw in there, so decided 
that was what I wanted to do for Thanks-
giving, as it was a bit more modern than
 usual and it would be quite different
 for a change.  When it came time to
actually do the table I could not find
my inspiration picture in any of the
magazines I thought it was in,  so the
table is a bit different.  Know they 
used real pears, but couldn't remember
what else,  so I just used the candle

So while I was in Asheville I found this 
pretty solid turquoise wrapping paper.
It is actually bluer than this picture
makes it look.

It's really this shade of blue.......
only darker which you will see a 
couple of pics down.  I took a 
plate from the set I was going to
be using to set the table, and 
then took one of the bowls and 
turned it upside down to make a 
cake plate again, and then added 
the gold pumpkin with the orange

Used the gold mercury glass candleholders
 again and the orangier colored leaves.

Used a gold tablecloth then added the blue 
wrapping paper over that, then used my
shabby chic dishes.  This and the header
pic were my trial pictures......

Used my Wedding Silverware, and 
clear crystal goblets, to add some

Already had the right color of blue napkins,
so just folded them into a lil pillow,  then
knew I needed some orange to tie it together,
so made the Happy Thanksgiving place cards

Added the Place cards and just a stripe
 of orange satin ribbon and a tiny pumpkin
for some more orange accents.

A nice overview

Overview with a  Posterized Affect

This gold pumpkin is one of my favorites,
I have 3  of them and they were all on the
 so borrowed this one off the mantle for
the table.

From opposite end of the table

Well, hope you enjoyed our 
Thanksgiving Table,  we did!

Glad you could drop by for a visit,
always a pleasure to have you 
come by...........

Have a lovely week!
Keep your light shining brightly

Love, Hugs and
Happy December Blessings,

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  1. So pretty, Nellie, especially to see it in person! I surely enjoyed seeing DeeAnna, Jerry, Scott, Megan, Brooklyn, Jim and you. It was a very thankful time in my heart to our LORD for all of you. Love you all, Susan

  2. That looks so special Nellie. I adore that shade of blue and anything gold or metallic has a special place in my heart. Your china and flatware is stunning! We shared our very first Thanksgiving with some American friends here in Australia and it was very special. Who knew that you could roast marshmallows on top of Sweet Potato, eh? Lol! Mimi xxx

  3. You always have such subtle and tastefully elegant decor! Thanks for sharing at My Flagstaff Home!


  4. I love it! So pretty and your dishes are just right. Wonderful festive table. Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty


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