Friday, December 4, 2015

Thankful Thursday December 3, 2015, scenes from Christmas past

 "The virgin will be with child and 
will give birth to a son,
 and they will call him Immanuel"
--which means, "God with us." 
 Matthew 1:23

 Greetings this Christmas Season
Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you well, happy

and unstressed.......

Have to say I was feeling a bit
stressed earlier this week, as you
will see when you read this post, 
plus I am quite behind my usual
 schedule. I am typically mostly done 
with my shopping by now, but have
 just gotten started a few days ago,  
but did get some done these last few
 days, thankfully, and I made list of all
 that needs to happen, and decided on 
my starting point, which is always the
 hardest thing to decide......
Decided the shopping would come
 before the decorating. Finding that
starting point helps me prioritize.
Did bring some of the decorations
in this morning, as I figured I could
do some online shopping and most
likely get some decorating in too!

Since I haven't really done any
decorating but putting up the tree,
thought I would show you some
scenes from Christmas past.

So on with the post.

I am thankful

for the nice time we all had while 
Dee and Jerry were here.

incredibly Thankful.....
that a scare we had with Dee on 
Monday turned out fine. Her plane 
never landed in Asheville and her
 hubby was told  that the plane flew
half way there and due to problems 
they had to turn and come back to our
 airport, and we, of course, thought
 it was some sort of mechanical 
problem, and the time frame from 
which she left and the time that is was,
when we found out about it, left us 
wondering why hasn't she contacted 
us, and we could not get a hold of 
anyone with the airlines, finally we 
found out not too long before she was
 finally able to text Jerry and call us, 
to come get her that they actually flew 
all the way to Asheville, but due to
 heavy fog and visibility problems they
could not land, so had to come back,  so
 we got her from the airport around mid-
night,  and she will fly out at noon
 today. (Tuesday)
We were all relieved that they can-
celled the flight because they were
suppose to refuel and try again on the
same night, which made no sense to us
and seemed dangerous as well, and
we were delighted that we got a few 
more hours with her, as we didn't 
expect to see her again so soon!  lol

So thankful that Dee finally made
it home safe and sound Tuesday
night.  She left our airport at noon,
on Tuesday and they flew to Asheville
 and again could not land for the same
 reasons, so they took them to Knoxville,
 Tn. Airport, and were gonna bus them
 over to Asheville.  Dee had met another
young lady who was a college student,
and she had met another student that
went to the same college, so the 3 of
them decided to rent a car and drive
 home themselves and split the cost 
of the rental was a very
good idea or else they would have
 been waiting hours for a bus, and 
probably would not have gotten
 home 11-12 P.M.  Dee finally got
 home about 7P.M. and in only cost
her $ worth it!!

that I finally heard from my hubby
on Tuesday.  He left for work and
hours later I was trying to reach him
 for about 2-3 hrs, by cell, work phone 
and email and could not get him and
they never have meetings unless his
boss is in town, which he was not.
So I was beginning to think some-
thing was wrong.....and wondering
if he made it to work or not, finally
he did call and they had a huge
unexpected meeting and they took
them all to a hotel nearby to their
 bldg. and he never thought of calling 
to let me know till they were in the was very
happy to hear from him.
This last few days have been a lil
bit stressful I have to say!
but I am very grateful all the 
situations turned out fine.
Praise the Lord!

that I came across the blog address of
the blogger who did this Fall printable
you see below.  I used it in my Fall
decor but could not give her credit, 
as I misplaced her address.......but
I believe in giving credit where credit 
is better late than never,
 it was Rachel at
 Shades of Blue Interior.
Click here to visit her or
type in............

Thank you Rachel, loved your you can see!

for our Homedic Massager,  it has done
wonders for my lower back lately.

that Scott and Megan are both feeling
better,  they were both sick on Monday
but feeling better, not quite 100%
 yet tho.

for the fun time I had with our lil darling
today.  She dressed up in an white eye
let nite gown I have, and said she was
a princess,  and we had a tea party and
she just talked and talked, and I acted
like I was understanding it all but I 
couldn't understand half of it, but she 
was really into it, hand gestures and all.  
So adorable!  She really is so much 
fun..............and such a girly girl!

that a sweet blogger friend sent me
a wonderful advent calendar from
Jacquie Lawson today, can't wait to
figure out how to get into it,  my
hubby will figure it out,  it is out
of my league.......but if you have
ever seen her ecards they are
stellar...........just love them.
So excited to see it!

update:  hubby got it up or down
loaded over the weekend and I am
really enjoying it........and it even
has a cute game on there, that I
found out how to pull up every day,
so treat myself to a game daily.
Thanks Mimi...........this was really
fun and a great reminder of what
the season is all about as well.
Blessings to you, Hon,

all my Fall decor is down and 
packed away till next year, and
that we at least have the tree up.

for a nice long visit today with
my sweet friend Becky,  it has
been months since we have seen
each other due to either her or my we had lots to
catch up on...............

for the sweet bouquet of Christmas
 flowers she brought me.............
I am off to arrange them in a nice
vase now.....
update: They have graced my 
kitchen table with beauty.
Will show you soon!

Thanks so much for dropping by.......

Hope you are having a good time

 preparing for Christmas.  I absolutely
love Christmas, and it really is the
 Most Wonderful Time of the Year,
All because of JESUS and his
birthday celebration.

Have a lovely Weekend.

and keep you light shining brightly!

Love, Hugs and

Christmas Preparation Blessings,

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  1. Darling Nellie, I do love you and your sweet posts! I have a lil darlin' who speaks her own language too, and I love 'conversing' with! Your little vignettes are just beautiful as always. I'm glad all was well there, in the end. I'm under the weather today, but dosing myself madly with herbal remedies so I don't worsen. Wish me luck! Lots of love, Mimi xxx

  2. #1. Always such a blessing to share with all of you!
    #2. I'm surprised that they didn't find another airport closer than Florida.
    #3. The "side roads" of life can really be scary! I'm so glad the LORD is with us!
    #4. Thank the LORD! That really can get the heart pumping more than exercise!
    #5. Rachel is so inventive! However, you are too!
    #6. I'm glad you are feeling better.
    #7. I hope Brooklyn doesn't catch it; or is that where Scott/Megan got it?
    #8. What a joy she is! I so much enjoy her when I see her!
    #9. I hope to see it when I visit next time.
    #10. I know you have Frosty playing the piano. Brooklyn always enjoys it!
    #11. Tomorrow is my visit with Sylvia at Perkins. We haven't seen one another for several months.
    #12. Jesus is the reason for the season (all year long!)
    Love you all, Susan


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