Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas around the house

Hello Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you feeling rested and relaxed
and looking forward to New Years......

We are feeling a bit more rested after taking
the day off yesterday, which was nice........
Have leftovers for din din tonight too, unless
 we decide to do something else.  That is one
thing nice about doing all that cooking, at
least you have lots of leftovers, which
 means no cooking for a few days!! 
Gotta love that!!  lol

Not sure what we are doing today if any-
thing but have our sweet girl here for a
few more days so excited about that.

I want start taking my Christmas decorations
down for awhile yet.  Will probably take the
tree down on New Years day maybe.........
will see...........lol

Thought I would show you some scenes from
around the house.  These are all from my living
room area.

The header picture and this pic are from 
our foyer.  See my new cute lil 
Rosemary tree? This is how she came...
 with the brown  rapper and red bow.
The lil elf was made by my late
 Father-in-law......gosh, probably
 30+ years ago.

This table is just on your left, as you enter
 the living room.

and here is the Fisher Price Nativity set we bought
for little darling........hubby thought I should set
 it up somewhere, so this was the only place I could
 find since I had already finished our decorating.

We think it is just the cutest thing!

Next is our coffee table, which is
my cedar hope chest that was painted
white, since you probably can't tell
in the picture.  This room is in the
front of the house and as you can
tell gets flooded with light, as you
can see here....................

Just threw this lil vignette together with
items that were leftover after all the other
decorating, and was pleased with the
way it came out.  Lil darling loves the
boxes and likes to put things in them
like her nativity people.  lol

Here is one of her favorite Hallmark 
Snowmen that my Sweet Sister-in-law
 gave me.  He plays rocking around
the Christmas Tree and have a holly
jolly Christmas as he rocks back
and forth on his piano bench.
Very cute! 
 Did you notice the small sign that
says "have a holly jolly Christmas"? 
This was actually a free printable from 
Ann of  "On Sutton Place" last year.

Notice I changed this up a bit....from the
silver/gold snowflake candleholder to the
 cloche with Christmas balls.........
I was looking for a table centerpiece, and 
thought this  might  fit the bill...........
you will see an enhanced version of it on
our Christmas dinner table soon.

This is one of the main shelves on our Etagere.
This lil Christmas tree, with "Tis the Season" 
on it is another free printable from over at 
"On Sutton Place".  If you have never visited 
Ann you are missing out,  she really has a 
lovely blog full of all sorts of great decorating
ideas and wonderful recipes, free printables,
 just good ol' advice, and
she also has an etsy shop if you happen
to be an etsy shop shopper............or want
to become one............lol

Won this adorable cloche in a giveaway from 
my Sweet real time friend (meaning she lives in
 the same area I do, and I knew her from church
before we ever started blogging.  lol)
 Becky is her name and pumpkins are her game,
along with some Shabby chic and vintage items
as well.  She too, has an Etsy Shop.  She has
a lovely blog too,  called "TimeWashed", 
but lately she hasn't been posting too much due
 to a much needed break after the Fall Season.
I understand she will be back after the first
of the year............

I love using my lil letters from an old
 boggle game I think it is...........and then
hubby and I found these adorable lil
peppermint striped looking Christmas
oraments a few years ago, so just cut
the ribbon hanger off and they are 
stand alone lil trees.............


Happy to have you visiting with me today
There is more to come ........
So be sure to come back later this week, as
I am trying to get all the rest of my Christ-
mas decorating  pics done before the first
of the year....................if possible.

Hope you are continuing to enjoy this 
lovely season of the year.............

Have a great week ahead,

Love, Hugs, and
Seasons Best Blessings,


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  1. I had forgotten dad made the elf! I can't believe how long is't has been! I'm so glad Sweet Pea likes the snowman playing the piano. Have a happy new year! Love, Susan

  2. Happy New Year, Nellie! I'm glad you've had such a happy Christmas season/celebration :)

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