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Thankful Thursday December 31, 2015, Christmas around the house #2

The LORD lives! Praise be to my Rock!
 Exalted be God my Savior!
Psalm 18:46

Happy New Years Eve, Sweet Friends,

Had most of this post done early and here
 it is almost 8 pm. and stll haven't gotten
 it posted.  So gonna make this short.

Here's the rest of the Christmas Decor
around our house, along with my
thankful post.

Hope you all have a lovely 
New Years Eve, 
whatever that means to you!

I am thankful

for a really lovely Christmas with our
family, it was as perfect as it gets this
side of heaven.

that our daughter  DeeAnna, got to come the
 day after Christmas and spend 3 1/2 days
with the family.  It was a great time.....

that Dee got here, and home today safe
 and sound and that her flight was on 
time!  A real blessing after her last
trip here.....that took her 24 hrs. to
get home........We were blessed she
even wanted to try coming near
Christmas, after that ordeal.

with posterized affect

that my sweet son-in-love has kept his 
promise to allow her to come home
often, when they moved to Asheville.
Cause he knows what a hard move it
was for her..........but it was a great
career move for him and a blessing
for both of them.

Posterized affect

for all the leftover food after Christmas
that afforded me no cooking for a few
days.............and thankful my hubby
is so good about getting take out.

for a sweet surprise gift that came in the 
mail from one of my blogging buddies.
Very Sweet and Special.....and even
more special  when I found out it
came with a pin that belonged to
her Mom...........
Thanks so much, Mimi

that hubby has been on vacation since
 Christmas eve and will be off until he 
returns to work on Jan. 5th, and the rest
of the time will be nice, restful and

for the movie, "A Christmas Card,"
it is such a heart warming movie in
a Christmas time setting.  We have
watched it every year since it has
come out........and we just love it.
Watched it last night!

that lil darling seemed to be delighted
 with everything we got her for Christmas
including her new clothes. At her young
age of 2 3/4 years she already loves
clothes, and is such a girly girl, and
we just love it............

for the joy of watching lil darling and
 her Aunt Dee play this morning, they 
don't get much of an opportunity to 
do that, so it was precious, as we could
see how much both of them were 
enjoying it..........

for the joy of watching lil darling run
across the room to her Daddy, excitedly
 yelling "Daddy" when my son came to
 get her.  Have never seen her do that 
before and it was a delight to see 
and hear!  She is always happy to see
 her parents, but have never seen her
be quite so vociferous with it.

that we are perfectly fine with having
no plans for New Years Eve.   lol
We thought about having someone
over, but we just didn't want the 
work of planning it all, as we are
still pretty tired from all the 
wonderful Christmas festivities.
In no way complaining, 
 just saying!!  lol

Well, that's a wrap as they 
would say.............

Thanks for stopping by.......
Always nice to know you dropped 
by for a visit.

If you missed Part one and would
like to see it,  just click here

Love, Hugs and
Happy New Year Blessings,


  1. #1. Isn't our GOD great! "Where 2 or 3 are gathered in My Name I Am there in their midst."
    #2. It was so good to see her. I had hoped my J. Meyers books had gotten here on time to give her her book.
    #3. I'm wondering which flight it was. Every 10 minutes or so from 4 a.m. the jets were flying overhead, ha!
    #4. Yes, he is wonderful! His birthday is coming up soon!
    #5. Isn't that great! Thank you for mine!
    #6. How wonderful! Love for one another is what it's all about!
    #7. Praise the LORD. Rest means so much in such a busy world!
    #8. "My Coat of Many Colors" is wonderful too. It's Dolly Pardon's story.
    #9. She, as we all, surely enjoyed our fellowship in honor of our LORD!
    #10. Lil' darling has such a great memory! I just love when she calls me aunt Susie! No one tells her, she remembers!
    #11. Praise the LORD for their bond!
    #12. I always watch t.v., but wind up going yo bed before the new year comes in. I'm usually awakened by fireworks popping, but didn't hear any.
    I love you all, Susan

  2. Hi Nellie, Glad you had a nice Christmas. You have a lovely home and have decorated beautifully. Love your Christmas tablescape too! We do have a lot to be thankful for indeed. :0)
    God bless you!

  3. Aahh, those white Santa's are cute. I see you have a lot of white items around your home. I'm starting to get a few white things myself. It reminds me of a fresh start to the new year.


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