Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Fall Birthday Table for our son, Part 1

Happy Tuesday Sweet Friends,

Hope your Thanksgiving Preparations 
are well underway at your house.

They are still underway over here!  
Today will be cleaning, setting the
table, and tonight making the stuffing
mix.  At least that is my plan, Lord
willing!!  I at least feel like I might
just make it now.........since I have
gotten caught up almost.  Course, it
 is amazing the last minute things that
 can crop up.  lol  Am sure praying 
there want be many of those.  lol

Todays pictures are from weekend
before last,  when we finally got to
celebrate my son's birthday.  Since
 I was not feeling too well, some paper
goods I had bought back in October at
 the Christmas Tree store came to mind,
so thought they would be good for a guy
 table and also made for easier clean up.
  I like to share these once in awhile, just
 to show that you can have a pretty table
even using paper goods.
The cost was only $3.00 for plates and
 napkins, and hopefully that should be
 affordable to most everyone, and most
importantly we all had a great time.

First of all I made a cake stand by using a
 juice glass that went with my other brown
 drinking glasses, then tucked a few small
 napkins that matched the other paper goods 
into the glass and turned it upside down,
then added the gold salad plate on top,
and added some brown shredded paper
(it comes in bags in the gift wrap area)
to sort of make a nest, then added the
pretty lil rusty orange pumpkin.

A look down the table.... Stuck an extra
 napkin inside each glass just cause
 I liked how it looked.

 with paint daubs affect

It is hard to see, but there is a row of pumpkins
 on the plates toward the top.

With Difference clouds affect
Accidentally found this new affect
and thought it interesting!!  lol

Leaves compliments of Asheville again!  lol
Since the leaves also compliment the plates.

 With Posterized Affect

Since I already had these chocolate Brown
 ribbons cut from another table I did a few
 years back, where I tied the napkins with
 them, decided to use them to tie the 
silverware together this time.

With Cutout Affect

Even tho I use paper goods I tend to 
always use regular silverware and 
glasses, just cause I think it looks
 a bit more classy................and
you don't have to worrry about
anything breaking or leaking!

This was at the other end of the table
 since no one was sitting there, just
added a few decorative pieces.

An overview..........I also used some pretty
 leaf candle cups and the lil leaf medallions, 
in the centerpiece. I will tell you about them
 in Part 2, (cause I had lots of pics, but also
have used lots of affects for fun too)
.......which will be coming up soon.


Thanks so much for coming by to visit
and ................

I want to take this opportunity to say, 
"that I hope you have a wonderful time 
with Family and/or Friends around the
 table counting your blessings.
  I count each of you, who follow/read
 my blog, and also the bloggers of the
 ones I read, as a friend and blessing.
Each of you have enriched my life in
so many different ways.........and I 
thank the Lord for each of you!"

So keep your light shining brightly!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Love and  Hugs,


  1. It was a very nice table setting, Nellie!
    Love you all, Susan

  2. Beautiful party! Your attention to detail is wonderful. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Have a great time!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to YOU, Nellie!


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