Sunday, January 31, 2016

Why we feel Ben Carson would make a Great President

2016 Committee

Hello Sweet Friends............

Hope you have had a good weekend.

This is a rather unusual post for me,
but I just feel in my gut I need to 
write it..................tomorrow is the
voting in Iowa,  as I am sure you
all know that and will be watching
 the results, cause we sure will be.

 We totally feel
that Ben Carson is truly a man of
integrity, wisdom and humbleness,
and we are definitely rooting for
him to win.  I know he is not a man
that comes across as being very
charismatic, but he certainly 
displays christian character, and
as Jesus said, by their fruits you 
shall know them as
 Matthew 7:16 says.

If you live in Iowa and you are
on the fence still trying to decide
who to vote for I would encourage
 you to listen to this video interview
 Ben Carson had with Neal Cavuto 
of Fox News.

Just click on the title and it
will take you to his site link

It will take a minute or 2 for
them to get to the interview
so please wait to see it.

We believe Ben Carson is the
right choice for the White House

He loves God and will seek 
direction from Him.

He loves this country

He believes and will fight for the
  the Constitution and our 
constitutional rights.

He supports our ally Israel.

He will do all he can to protect
 our nation from ISIS, and he
isn't afraid to name the enemy.

He will build up our military 

He is not in favor of Gun Control.

He believes truth trumps political
correctness and thinks political 
correctness stifles everyone from
 speaking the truth.

He is courageous and not afraid
to speak the truth ......

He is calm under pressure.

He is a thinker and most thinkers are
 not great orators but they are usually 
very intelligent and wise, and keep
 a cool head on their shoulders, and
are not impulsive and do something
they regret later because of it........
We believe that describes Ben Carson.

He has made life and death decisions
 on a daily basis for most of his medical 
career, and he is for preserving life
 not taking life.

He is a humble man and not afraid
to admit he doesn't know something,
but also is open to getting the help or
information he needs to make a good
decision from those that have more
information  and experience than 
he has...............

He doesn't tear others down as we
have seen during all the debates.

He has great moral character, and if 
our country ever needed someone 
with great moral character
 it is now!

The News Media has tried their best
 to make him look bad due to their 
anti christian bias but none of the 
things they have come up with have
 had any substance to it.

So please please check him out.

Like I said this is not a typical post
for me, but I feel so strongly that
this might forever be our last chance
to get the right person in the White

Thanks for coming by  ............

Love, Hugs and



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Rebecca said...

Your characterization of Dr. Carson seem consistent with what I have come to know about him. You expressed them well. What a critical election this one is!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Rebecca,
Good to hear from you hon. Yea, I got an email last night asking for people to call
anyone they knew in Iowa, and I don't know anyone in Iowa, but thought possibly some
one from Iowa might read my blog post, and if not from Iowa maybe another state that
will be voting soon.........
Yea, this is gonna be quite interesting.......and we have been praying our hearts out
hoping and praying we get a good man.........and we feel his character has really

Hope this find you well hon, guess we will be checking in on Iowa here soon, and
hoping for some good news....

Take care,
Blessings, Nellie

My Cozy Casita said...

Im so glad there America with good choice on this election I'm Cuba hi is one of the best for the white House. I hope america open there eyes on this election and not choice this guy with a lot of money the don't care about the people
please America don't make mistake on this election

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Isora,
Thank you for coming by and for leaving your encouraging comments. Even tho We are
rooting for Ben Carson and disappointed he didn't win, We are grateful that Iowa elected Ted Cruz, who too, is a conservative Christian as well, and who also stands up for the constitution and a lot of the same things Ben Carson stands for. Just praying that the rest of the elections goes as well as this one.............
Ben is still in the top 4, so we never know what can happen, so too early to give up on
him yet, but we are praying that if he doesn't get the Presidential bid that maybe whoever does.... will choose him as their Vice Presidential running mate.........he and
Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio would be a good compliment to each other we feel.
Have a Blessed day hon,

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Loved this post Nellie!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Thanks Cindy.......

Scripture Sunday

  Hugs and Blessings, Nellie Sharing with: A Stroll thru Life Between Naps on the Porch