Friday, January 8, 2016

Thankful Thursday January 7, 2016, Winter vignettes from the past

 I will praise you, O LORD, with all my heart;
 I will tell of all your wonders.
Psalm 9:1

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope this find you happy and healthy 
and enjoying January's Winter Weather.

I am happy but not so healthy, was sick
 all day yesterday and feeling a little better
 today, but definitely not there yet, still
pretty weak feeling, but I have been
 enjoying a lil bit of Winter weather for
a nice change.

This was mostly ready yesterday, but
was feeling so bad just couldn't finish that is why it is late once

Just gonna share some of my scenes
from Winter decorating in the past.
I tend to use dark reds and blues
in my family room.

So on with my thankful Post. 

I am thankful

that my son reminding me of some-
thing we used to eat for breakfast years
 back that I had totally forgotten about.
We called it "Cottage cheese toast"
We just put lowfat cottage cheese on
bread,  then sprinkle with Cinnamon
and sugar (or sometimes sweet and
low).  Then Bake it in the oven at
 350 degrees on a cookie sheet for
about 10-15 minutes. I wait until
it is a lil bit toasted on the bottom.
I got this recipe from when I was
in weight watchers years ago, it is
a good protein rich breakfast and
pretty tasty........................

that we had the opportunity and
priviledge of being at a baby ded-
ication on Sunday for the families 
of 2 young ladies we have known
 since they were children.  
So gratifying to see them living out
 their faith and dedicating themselves
 to raising their children in the nurture
 and admonition of the Lord the same
 way they were taught.......

for our Son-in-Love Jerry who just
had a birthday on Monday.  He is a
great guy and is very good to our
daughter, and we really love him,
and he has fit in with our family
very well..... just like Megan does.
Such a blessing.

for this cold snap we are having 
the last few days here in Florida, 
  Course, we have only been in the
 50-60's, but it has been glorious!

for the sweet, relaxing, restful
and rejuvenating time we had
from Dec. 31st-Jan. 3rd.

for a sweet and encouraging story
of adoption from another blogger
on Wed. morning.  It was from
 Kristy over at "Starfish Cottage", 
 If you want to have your heart
 touched and see the ways God 
worked in her and her families life,
 be sure not to miss this post.
 It is long, but well worth the read.

Click here to go there,

You want be sorry you did!!
I promise...........

that Kristy and her husband and
family were so obedient to do
what the Lord asked them to do,
cause they surely have changed
the life of this adorable lil boy.

that my hubby found out on Wed.
that his company is giving all their 
employees another week of vacation.
Hubby thinks it is because of the new
merger and that the employees from
the other Co. probably already have
that much vacation time, so in order not 
to cause issues with other employee's
 they just decided to do it for all of them.
We are beyond ecstatic... because this will
be hubbies 5th year  with the company
and he was already getting another week,
 now it will be two............Whoppee!!

that I made a few new cards in the
past couple of weeks, and feel like
I am getting my excitement back it has been awhile
since I have done any cards just 
due to circumstances and life.

that I finally found a new rug for
my family room that I really like
and at a reasonable price,  as I have
been looking for quite a while, and
either I loved it and it didn't go with
what we have decor wise or they
were just way too expensive.  so
hoping I love it as much once it

for people who serve us and make 
our lives easier, like our yard and trash 
disposal people and our mailman. Just
imagine if you had to do all that your-
self.........we had friends that moved
to Georgia years ago,  and they lived
in the country and they actually had
to take their garbage and  yard trash 
to the dump themselves and what
 a pain that was......and also it would
 mean running to the post office every
 day or very often to get your mail.
So thankful we don't have to do any
of that...what a blessing!

 With colored pencil affect

for having a fun time laughing with
lil darling on Wed. over talking animal
 ecards from blue Mountain Cards.
 You type in what you want to say and
 then find a voice you like, and it says
 what you typed I was
 writing things to say to her.  She
thought it was hilarious!!  So Cute!!

Thanks for stopping by.....

Hope you will say hello!

Have a Great Weekend with those you
hold dear.

Love, Hugs and
January Blessings,


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