Saturday, May 13, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!! Quote to Ponder

Happy Mother's Day
Sweet Friends,

Hope you all have an Awesome Day
and that you all get to see at least one
of your children or grandchildren today.

I heard this quote on the Dennis Rainey
Program on our local Christian Radio
station and thought it so good, I should
post it as an encouragement to all you
Sweet Mom's out there.

Quote by Theodore Roosevelt
I looked it up online........

When all is said and done, it is the Mother,
and the Mother only, who is a better citizen
than the soldier who fights for his country...
The Mother who does her part in rearing 
and training aright the boys and girls who
are to be the men and women of the next
generation, is of greater use to the
community, and occupies, if she only would
realize it, a more honorable as well as more
important position than any man in it.  She
is more important by far, than the successful
statesman, or businessman, or artist or

Thought it neat that the quote was by a man,
and reiterated on radio by a man.......both who
probably had great Mom's,  I would think!!

Not to disspell gratitude for any man, no
matter his station in life,  I think it was
meant to bring attention to the Mom's
of just how important they really are...
cause I think we lose sight of that when
we get weary in the battle of life.......

Something to think and Ponder about,

Happy Mother's Day,

Blessings, and Hugs,


  1. It was always our moms that comforted us in her motherly way that gave us the initiative to
    to keep on keeping on when we skinned our knees, had our hearts broken, or faced loosing them to death. Praise our LORD that He gave them the strength to keep our families going in times
    of great concerns, hardship, and sorrow. Praise the LORD when we see them again, we will never have the sinful hardships and sorrows of this fallen world ever again. "Trust in the LORD with all our heart and lean not to our own understanding. Acknowledge Him in all we do and He will guide our paths." (Prov. 3:5-6) Praise our moms who rely upon Him and pass it on to their children! (Of which you are definitely one!) Love you all, Susan

  2. Hi Susan,
    So true....and so looking forward to those perfect relationships with everyone when we get
    to heaven............

    Thanks hon,

    Love, Nellie


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May the Lord Bless You!!

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  Have a  Sweetly Blessed Day! Hugs,  Nellie