Tuesday, December 12, 2017

How to make your own Vintage Glass Christmas balls

Happy Tuesday Sweet Friends.

Hope this finds you well and rested!

I was well and rested yesterday....lol
I was sick over the weekend and was
feeling so much better yesterday and
tried to pace myself and just do easy
things, but I feel like I must of over
done it again,  as I am back to feeling
achy and tired again.  If you feel so led
 please pray for me as I have lil darling
tomorrow and we are having a Christ-
mas party here on Friday night and
 every time I think I am over it...
it seems to rear it's ugly head again.

So on with how to make your own
Vintage Christmas balls......hopefully!

Was just using these vintage looking
balls on a wreath centerpiece and
thought I would share how I made
them vintage looking, quite by
accident!!  So rather than do a
tutorial I am gonna just walk you
thru how it happened.....it really
doesn't get much easier than
this folks....lol

I started out with your typical Gold
 shiny glass and white frosted
 semi shiny glass christmas balls
when I purchased them.

So I was struck with an idea to
make a pretty centerpc. for my
guest bath.  I had these gold star
ice things you freeze to put in
glasses or punch bowls, and some
floating candles and the Christmas
balls I was talking about above.
So I floated them all in a big
bowl of water and lit the candles
and they looked lovely, but after
being in water for over a month
I realized when I took it apart
that it has really changed the
finish of the Christmas balls.

They now  were a bit duller in 
shine and the color was a lil 
different as well, so they took
on an old Vintage look which I
 sorta of liked.....which was odd,
 as I am not much of a vintagy 
and honestly I thought the
shine would come back once
they weren't water logged
anymore, but it never did!!

Anyway, just thought I would
share my experience so you
could try it for yourself if you
so desired to have some aged
looking ornaments.  Actually
they are even a bit duller now,
some years later.....but if you
are into the vintage look you
will love them. Can't guarantee
they will come out the same
way mine did but there is a 
good chance, so you can just
test it out on one ball....and
see what happens, and if it
works you can have vintage
christmas balls!! You probably
just want get to use them till
next year....but who knows.

This is the same tray as above just 
moved it to the living room after
I used it for a New Years table.

Just for fun this one has a posterized affect!

Thanks for coming by......

Hopefully will see you on Thursday.

Love and 
Merry Christmas Blessings!

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Sister Susie Says said...

What a neat idea. It's fun to experiment with things and have them work out! Love you all, Susan