Monday, March 5, 2018

Quotes to Ponder

Happy Monday,

I am a day late....
but not a dollar short!  lol
Here is the quote  for today.....

The Happiness of life is made up
 of minute fractions.....the little,
 soon- forgotten charities of a kiss,
or smile, a kind look, a heart-felt
compliment, and the countless
infinitesimals of pleasureable
and genial feeling.

By Samuel Taylor Coleridge

I think this is so true.....
and I would add a hug to that,
since I am a

So happy Pondering!

Hugs, Nellie

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  1. And...our family is full of happiness in all these areas, praise the LORD! Love you, Susan

  2. I'm a hugger, too. I like the quote.

  3. Hi Susan,
    Never really thought about that..... but maybe that is why it resonated with me so much I chose to post it. lol


  4. Hi Laura,
    Huggers are a good thing as Martha Stewart would say.......One of my best friends taughtt me
    to be hugger as I didn't come from a huggy family.....and that was over 35 yrs. ago, and I
    am eternally grateful for that........

    and I like the quote too....

    Have a great week hon,


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