Friday, January 11, 2019

Thankful Thursday January 10, 2019, Christmas Brunch table

I will give thanks to you, Lord
with all my heart; I will tell of 
all your wonderful deeds.
Psalm 9:1 NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,

If I were a betting woman,  which
I am not,  I would bet that you are
having cold weather where most
of you are............and I am happy
to report we are having a few
cold days here.  Yippee!! I am
so enjoying it.....

We are still in process of getting
our home back to normal.
Finished the family room then
took a break Wed. and Thurs.
since those are our days with
lil darling, so will start back
up again today. would love to
 finish by the end of the week-
end at least, so guess we'll see.
Hoping and praying for lots
of creativity today....

Pictures today are from our
Christmas Brunch table that
was done with paper goods
and real flatware, cups and 
glasses. I love that we can
make pretty tables no matter
how we do it.

So on with my Thankfuls.

Thankful for just being able to 
rest all day last Friday, I did a
few things but nothing that I
just had to get done, which is
nice cause after 3 days of busy
I was worn out, and that one day 
was positively rejuvenating

Thankful for a nice long con-
versation with my daughter on
 Friday as well.  She has been
a busy girl training her new
puppy Bentley.  He is just
the cutest, but he is in that
teething stage and chewing
and biting they are
working on that as well as
outside potty training.  He is
doing pretty well with that
and sleeping all night.  He
is a pretty smart lil pup it

Thankful that hubby fixed the 
lighting in my etagere' in the
living room, it had flourescent
lights and one side went out
and he replaced both sides
 with LED lights and it is so
 bright and white and looks
Mr. Fix it, My Hero!!

Thankful for a really fun
lunch out with our friends
and their Dad on Sunday.

Thankful for a lovely
croissant strawberry dish
that came with bacon and
eggs at Perkins, it was really
 yummy and something

Thankful we got all our
Christmas stuff down and
packed away on Monday.
It usually took 2-3 days
when I did most of the in-
door stuff myself, and that
 didn't include taking down
 the Christmas tree (just re-
moving the ornaments) and 
packing it and the outdoor
 lights, as hubby has always 
done that part, but we got 
all the indoor and outdoor 
stuff done in one day.
Very nice to have the time
and extra help from hubby
now to do things quicker.
and Very Thankful for
his willingness to help.

Thankful that I can move
on with getting the house
put back together. One
room down 3 to go.  lol

Thankful for 2 new food
discoveries this week, one is
Del Monte canned diced
Mangoes, they are so fresh
tasting and delicious, and
Mama's Chicken soup from
Carrabas, never had their
soup but it was a cold night
so tried it, tastes just like
home made.

Thankful for the Lord's
 protection as I came close
to falling several times this
week, but somehow didn't.

Thankful that our first week
back to home schooling went
very well.  Think lil darling
has actually missed it......
especially being at school 
and seeing her lil friends.
She was very happy and chatty
when we picked her up from
 school on Thursday.

Thankful for a new magazine
called "Entertain and Celebrate
Winter" formerly called "Winter
Cottage Journal", I think! 
 Not sure why they changed it.....
but I was delighted with some of
their quick and easy projects that
 were so cute, which is perfect as
I am redecorating right now.

#12Thankful for a fun night
out window shopping and
having dinner out.  Some
thing we both look for-
ward to......


Well, here's to another week
at Cozy Place.....

Thanks for dropping by, and
hope you have a delightful
Friday and weekend.

Love, Hugs, and
Chilly Winter Blessings,


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