Thursday, January 31, 2019

Thankful Thursday January 31, 2019, and Fall Golf cart tour of Charleston Homes #6

In God we make our boast all day long,
and we will praise you name forever.
Psalm 44:8 NIV

Greetings and Welcome to February
Sweet Friends,

Hope it's been a good week 
for you......

Been a good week here....and
a good day. Thursday mornings
are pretty much quiet and restful 
till the afternoon when we go get
 lil darling from school and bring
her back to our house to play
for awhile, then once she goes
 home we go back out for our
night out. That has been working
well for us. This morning we did
exercise and I talked to my daughter
for a bit, which is always a treat
for me....

 Pictures today are the last of the
 Fall golf cart tour of Charleston.
If you missed #5 and would like
to see it,  just click here

So on with the real reason for
my post.

Thankful for a very inspirational
and excellent movie that we rented
from Amazon.  It is called
 "Saved by Grace". It is a 
Pureflix movie.  We loved it.

#2 and 3
Thankful that hubby was able
to get my sister-in-law Susan's
new computer all set up for her
since her other one crashed 
last week.
and thankful that she was so
thoughtful to gives us an Olive
Garden gift certificate for his
doing so......not that she needed
to tho....but we are looking for-
ward to using it.  lol

Thankful for Umbrella's, as it was
 rainy and cold here on Sunday and
 we were able to get to church and 
out to lunch without being
 drenched and chilled.

Thankful that we are able to park our 
van in the garage, as it makes it so
nice to be able to just walk out and
get in the car when it is pouring
rain or cold outside. 

Thankful for making some frozen
chopped brocoli I had bought to
make a broccoli quiche with, but
that I wound up cooking, I typically
use fresh and only use the frozen
 chopped for quiche or broccoli
casserole, but I put butter, salt 
and pepper on it, and it was
 surprisingly delish, so will be 
doing that again in the future.

Thankful for our first fire in the fire
place this week, and toasted marsh-
mallows....they were so good!!

Thankful for having my first smore 
ever...have always heard about them
just never had any.  Our neighbors
gave us a hot chocolate and smore
kit with the cutest lil snowmen
mugs for Christmas, so I saved it
for our first fire. Planned to do
the marshmallows in the fireplace
but the instructions said to do it
in the microwave, so since I didn't
know much about smores figured
I had better follow the instructions,
and they were yummy....boy, you
can really blow those marsh-
mallows up pretty big in the micro
wave.....thought that was rather
However, I did manage to toast
a few marshmallows over the
open fire..........anybody else
love burnt marshmallows???
They are so good!!  lol

Thankful that hubby and I are
 making so much progress lately on 
our online business that is under 
construction. Still have a long way
 to go,  but it is exciting seeing it
 come together after such 
a long time.

Thankful that our daughter found us
a fellow that can fix a leak in our roof
 that just happened on Sunday when
we had such a deluge of rain.
My hubby could fix it, but we won't
let him on the roof because he takes
blood thinners, and we just don't
think it is safe,  which is hard for
him, but Dee and I can be pretty
persuasive.  lol  Fortunately she
was able to get a recommendation
from a friend of hers parents and
we know them, so feel good about
the man who will come out this
Saturday.  He is an answer to
prayer for sure.......

Thankful for a story my niece
(by marriage) wrote about some
things that happened when she
was a child. I had no idea, but
she is quite a good writer and
it was good to know and see
how far, the Lord has brought
her, as we have seen many
changes in her over the years.

Thankful that a sweet gal
from our church came thru
her surgery well today. She
had lots of people praying
for she has a lot of 
physical issues that makes
her a high risk patient, I'm

Well, here's another week at
 Cozy Place.

Thanks for droppin' in.....

Hope you have the weekend 
of your dreams!

Love, Hugs and
February Blessings,


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Rebecca said...

Always interesting 😊 Glad you finally got to taste a s'more! And curious to hear more details about your online business!