Thursday, March 26, 2020

Thankful Thursday March 26, 2020, playing with photoshop again - Birthday Table

For I am the LORD your God who 
takes hold of your right hand and says
 to you, Do not fear; I will help you.
Isaiah 41:13 NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you well rested
and enjoying some down time,
and if you are one that is working
We so appreciate all you are doing
to help in this time of isolation.

We have been working in the yard 
again, it was overcast all morning, so
we were out there 3 hrs. or so....
got a lot more done.

We woke up to an alert on my com-
puter saying it couldn't find my drive
and hubby thought my computer had 
crashed but now after he has had
more time to check it out he thinks
it might be okay, but he is backing 
everything up first before he does
 any trouble shooting, and that will
take all day probably before we know
 for sure.  So praying it's okay!! 
Note: later Thurs. evening, my
computer is alive and well, thank
the Lord.

Pics today are from last week when
 I was playing on photoshop with
some extra photos I had.  Hope
you enjoy them.  well, on with
Thankful Thursday.

 Cutout Affect

Thankful again for more yard work
we got done last Friday and today 
Thursday.  made a lot of progress.
Next we can put the bushes in and 
mulch and we will be done.Course
will have to wait for the all clear
before we can get the bushes and
more mulch.

Thankful that our Hibiscus bush did
not die this Winter, and is larger than
usual for this time of year and has
tons of beautiful peach blooms, altho
they look more like mini blooms for
some reason.  Still very pretty.

Colored Pencil Affect

Thankful for our first time of ordering
groceries online from our Walmart
Neighborhood Market, which was
perfect for this time of lock down.
  It was very convenient to do the
shopping online and once you finish
and place your order, they tell you 
exactly when to come pick up, they 
tell you the day and give you an hour
 window, and they send you a list once
they finish shopping and before you 
go that tells you what they didn't
 have and if they had to substitute any-
thing. Then when you leave the house
you have an app that tells them you
are leaving and when you get there
they ask you what # spot you parked
in (as they have special parking just
for pick up) and what color your
car is, and within a minute they
come out with your groceries and
put them in the car for you.  they
also ask you if you are happy with
the substitutes and if not, they will
take them off your bill right then
and there.  It was amazingly
convenient, efficient and FREE!
Of course,  I am meaning the ser-
vice not the groceries, but what a 
great service this is....especially for
 now or if you were sick or some-
thing especially.  You do have to
order a day or 2 in advance tho.

Soft Omni Affect

Thankful to have lil darling again
this Monday.  We had a lot of fun
today.....playing tea party, had her 
fave breakfast, was outside swinging
 and Grampy took us for several rides
 in the wagon pulling us with his John
Deere, (the weather was very nice
today which really made it nice to
be outside),we decorated our Easter
 tree, watched some cartoons while
we snacked a bit, hid Easter Eggs
with Peanut Butter M & M's inside
(so we could eat them when we
 found them) colored in a coloring
 book, and played a new game we
 got her for her birthday called

 Equalized Affect

Thankful for all the first responders,
Drs./Nurses, healthcare workers and
those that do all sorts of  jobs at the
 hospital that are very important.
They are all unsung heros and are
so appreciated.

#6 and 7
Thankful for President Trump and 
VP Pence and all those Drs. and people 
they have on the Corona Virus task force.
Also Thankful that they are all keeping us
informed daily of things that are going on.

 Posterized Affect

Thankful for all our truckers and
grocery store workers, restaurant 
workers and anyone else not mentioned 
who is out there there helping to make 
this situation better. 
We appreciate you so much!!

Thankful that they are gonna start using
 the Chloraquin and Z Packs tomorrow 
(Tuesday) and praying it will yield great
 results.  From all we have heard about it
 that should be the case, and maybe
 everyone can rest a bit easier.

 Photocopy Affect

Thankful for the Peace of God
 during these trying and some times
scary times we are living in.

Poster Edges Affect

Thankful to hear today that the virus
seems to be slowing some.  Just hope 
people don't just take that as an all

Paint Daubs Affect

Thankful that my dear friend Arlene
will finally be able to go to Singapore
to get her t-cell treatment for Ovarian
cancer.  It has been a 3 mo, wait.  She
had to recover from surgery first and
then there was another delay and then
it was the Corona virus.  It is a 25 hr. 
travel time and she will be there with
her hubby and daughter for 6 weeks.
If you feel so led please pray for her 
and her family and for great success
with the treatment

Thankful that we live in America.
No matter how many problems we
have it is still the best place in the
world to live as far as I am concerned.
No place I would ever want to be,
this side of Heaven.

Cartoon Affect done on Photosketcher

Well, that's it for Cozy Place
 this week.  This is our Corona
Virus addition....

Thank You for coming by

Hope you have a great rest 
of the week

Love, Hugs, and Stay Home
Safely Blessings,


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  1. Love all the fun looks of your table in photo shop. The first pic did not show up but all the rest are. Have a great Friday. Stay well and safe.

  2. Praise the LORD your computer is okay! I know how that feels when my crashed awhile back! I surely thank him for doing what he could with mine!
    #1. I got some inside cleaning done. Steve & Christine came Thursday and mowed my front yard. I left the payment in an envelope on the front door. We spoke at a distance!
    #2. Mine is doing well. The color has changed over the years! It used to be a light pink but is now an orange/coral color. My bougainvillea is solid red already!!!
    #3. Thank you for the info on ordering. I haven't had to do it as yet. Could you e-mail me the website so I will know when it's my time to order?
    #4. I know she is such a joy for you and all of us!
    #5. I pray for them every day for the LORD's protective hand upon them!
    #6 & #7. Amen! They are also on my lips in prayer all throughout the day!
    #8. I have prayed the LORD's blessing of protection upon them all! Praise His Holy Name!
    #9. Yes! I have prayed the LORD's wisdom upon them all!
    #10. Amen! The LORD has given me peace. I pray for those who have contracted it! I pray the LORD will use this to bring millions around the world to His Salvation!
    #11. I'm praying wisdom for all to take serious the "stay at home" for everyone's protection.
    #12. I shall pray for her and her whole family as well as the physicians, and also their safety from the covid-19 virus.
    #13. Yes! Praise the LORD for the blessing of being born an American! I pray also just as strongly for Israel as I do America.
    Love you all, Susan

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