Friday, March 6, 2020

Thankful Thursday March 5, 2020, Winter look living room #2

Come, let us sing for joy to the LORD; 
let us shout aloud to the Rock of our
 salvation.  Let us come before him
 with thanksgiving and extol him 
with music and song.
Psalm 95:1-2

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope you are having a good day.

It is a gloriously beautiful day here in
Florida, perfect temp and was overcast
but now is sunny and bright.  Hubby 
and I got up early and worked out in
our front yard, cutting more bushes,
mulching and sprucing up. More to 
go, but we made quite a dent at least.
This is when I love yard work when
it is cool and breezy and you can
really enjoy being outside.

Better look at the picture,  it came
from a Winter Magazine I had.

Pictures today are from the rest of 
our Winter Look Living room.
If you missed Part 1 and would
like to see it, Just Click Here

Now on with my Thankfuls.....

Thankful for a great time at our
friends house last Thursday night.
We had a lovely time, and she made
a wonderful dinner and the table
looked beautiful, and the fellow-
ship was sweet.

Thankful that my hubby was able
to help one of our friends daughter,
 with her Geometry on Saturday. 
 She is really a smart girl, but think
 she just needed someone to help
 instill some confidence in what she
 already knew.  So she seemed to
 feel more confident when she left.

Colored Pencil Affect

Thankful for a great time with the
family last Sunday celebrating my
 sister-in-law Susan's birthday.

Thankful to get to talk with our Son
about his new job, of course, it is
pretty stressful right now,  just like
any new job when you are trying
to learn new things.  At least we
know what to pray for now.

Thankful for a lot of work we
got done on the business on
Monday and Tuesday.

Thankful for this wonderful
 rendition of 
"How Great thou Art"
By the Anthem Lights Band


Posterized Affect

Thankful for a clean house that
 I didn't have to clean.

Thankful for a nice time chatting
with a single Mom of 4 children,
and hopefully she left a bit more

Thankful that hubby had a good
Drs. visit.  Dr. said well, that
was a boring visit,  but just
the kind we want.   lol
I say Amen to that!!

#10 and 11
Thankful that we got our car serviced,
and our tire fixed, it had a slow leak,
 and they did a good job as we are not
having any more problems with it.
and Thankful hubby doesn't have 
to do that stuff anymore as he did
everything on our cars for the most
part his entire married life, so he
deserves this long awaited break.

Polar Coordinates (I dubbed it my Alice
and Wonderland affect)

Thankful for our Sweet granddaughter. 
She turned 7 yrs. old on Wednesday.
  She is just the most precious child, 
and has brought so much joy to our
family. Growing up so fast....and some-
how you wish you could slow it down....
Course, we know that is just not possible, 
but doesn't keep us from wishing tho.  lol
We took her to get a cup cake at the
mall after school on Thursday and
gave her a few outfits for her birth-
day, and she will be able to celebrate
again on Sunday when Grampy
and all the family celebrate he
and her birthdays.  Grammy (me)
is making them a nice dinner on

Cut Out Affect

Well, that is it for Cozy Place
this week.

Hope you have a Beautiful

Love, Hugs, and
Welcome to March

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1 comment:

sistersusiesays said...

#1 It is such a blessing in our LORD when we gather with our friends.
#2. Praise the LORD for her and hubby's help to her!
#3. I surely enjoyed it as well. Thank you for your love to me!
#4. Praise the LORD for his new job. I'm praying the LORD's leading, guiding, and directing of his getting into the "routine" and learning of a new job.
#5. Yahoo! Thank the LORD for your business!
#6. Fantastic! I'm so proud the LORD has these younger hearts on fire for His salvation!
#7. I'm ready to find someone to do mine! Sweeping, mopping, dusting, etc!
#8. The LORD's Spirit will build upon what you shared!
#9. Praise our LORD for his good health!
#10 & #11. It is so wonderful when the LORD provides these blessings of service for us!
#12. Every time I see her, it seems she has grown 2 inches more! Happy birthday to her and her grandpa!
Love you all, Susan

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