Tuesday, March 10, 2020

First Spring Table

Afternoon Sweet Friends,

Hope you are having a lovely Tuesday.

Ours has been good and busy, and the lovely
will come later....lol   We are preparing for
a visit from a friend of 48 years,  so just
finished up the  quest bedroom a few hours
 ago,  and tying up any lose ends, like run-
ning to the store for few things.....
and hubby did that for me.  So I actually
had some time to post today.  lol

Thought I would share my First Spring 
Table of the year, which was for my 
Sister-in-law Susan's birthday. Was
trying to come up with an idea for 
table, and was looking thru my stash for
 ideas and came across these adorable
Spring plates and napkins I got at the
 dollar tree awhile back. Thought
they would be perfect even tho it
wasn't Spring they were cute and
would add a touch of whimsy to
for a ladies table.

A lil Tip from me:
I try to pick up paper goods when I
find some that are pretty and at a good
price cause I always find a time to
use them............

and I still had my Valentine's flowers from
hubby, and thought they went well with
the plates and napkins. So just stuck them
in a white and pretty pot and added some
candles and I had a centerpiece.

 I have gotten a
lot of mileage from this lil azalea plant.
It is still in bloom on my kitchen table
and it has been almost 4 weeks now.

I decided to us my peach stemware Susan 
 had given me, so stuck some gold mercury
 glass candle holders inside 2 of them
and they made for nice candle holders
and glasses around the table.

They only had dessert plates so just put
them on our white corelle ware and used
them for color and for salad plates. I
used 2 at each place setting to make
them more sturdy for salad.

Thought the green table cloth was perfect
as the white shows up so nicely and I love
pink, peach, green and white together.

and I obeyed what the napkin said.
"Keep Life Simple"
So I just did a simple table.........
course, a lot of my tables are 

Used some vintage silverware that was
 passed down from hubbies family.  I love
it's patina and it has dainty lil flowers on 
it and always reminds me of my baby
 silverware my Mom had bought for me.

A Few overviews

We had Beef Stroganoff, yellow rice, and
my rendition of a Better Homes and Gardens
Salad,  (Click here if you would like the
recipe), rolls, Cheesecake and Buttermilk
Pie w/ Strawberries.  If it sounds yummy
that's cause it was.........lol
The whole family loves Beef Stroganoff,
it was my late  Mother-in-laws recipe.
I had never eaten it before I met hubbys
family.  She used to put it over egg
noodles but I am not crazy about egg
noodles for some reason, so I prefer it
 over rice, yellow or Jasmine rice, but
if you happen to be an egg noodle
lover you might want to try it that

I was gonna share my version of
  the Beef Stroganoff recipe with
you but couldn't locate it, so 
maybe I just didn't do it yet. 
 I try to put most of our favorites
 on here so my daughter can get
them if and when she wants.

Next time I make it I will have 
to post the recipe.

Thanks for coming by,


Have a great rest of the week.

Love, Hugs and
Last of Winter Blessings,


  1. It looks pretty in the only picture I could see. All the pictures were not showing up on your post. Not sure if it is on your end or mine. I did see one and it really looks sweet.

  2. Hi Kris,
    Don't know what happened but it was there earlier today. I fixed it or at least I hope I did.
    The pictures are showing up again, so it was on my end for sure. Strange, that it left
    just the one picture. So try again when you have time.
    Thanks for coming by and hope your having a good week.


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