Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Birthday Table for Hubby and Lil darling.....

The Top of the Day to YOU
Sweet Friends,
Happy St. Patricks Day!!

Hope this finds you doing well and not 
feeling panicked with all this Corona
Virus stuff going on...........Hope you
all were able to get out to the store
and get what you needed.  We went
yesterday about 2:30 and there were
not many people in the store at that
time which was what we figured
and we were able to get everything
on our list and more.  The only 
thing I couldn't get was Lysol spray
and I already figured that would be
the case.  So no big deal......
We are washing our hands a lot
like they are telling us to...and
wiping things down every so
often.  We also got to have lil
darling yesterday since she is
out of school, so that was nice.

Thought maybe you could use a 
diversion and some Beauty in your
life today.  Beauty always makes me
feel better anyway......as well as
scripture, so if you are in need
of some peace you might want
to read my scripture Sunday post
from yesterday.  Click Here

So sharing Hubby and lil darlings
Birthday table.  It could be a nice
Spring table as well....

Had already decided on what plates,
napkins and tablecloth I was gonna use,
but needed to come up with a centerpiece
that would work.

So looked up masculine tables on the
internet, but didn't think a lot of them
really look all that masculine, but then
did see one that included books and
another that included a lantern, so 
that was a huge help....as I already
have both, and I also have some pcs.
that are royal blue as well.

So started with those pieces and looked
up some books that had blue, so stacked
 them and put the lantern in the center 
as the focal point and just started filling 
in and shopping my home until I came 
up with what I thought fit the bill.

I thought the royal Blue and most of
 the centerpc looked masculine and
 the white and flowers and light blue 
tablcloth were for lil darling 
and hubby.

One end of centerpiece

the center

and the other end

I have done 2 other tables with these
plates and napkins last year but they
 were different cause I love the 
challenge of seeing what I can come
 up with in order to make it look 
different.  I am weird that way,
I find it creative fun!!

Have you guessed that the pretty
 royal blue plates are paper goods???

I found them at BJ's wholesale
over a year ago or more, and just
fell in love with them, but there
was alot of them so I am definitely
getting my moneys worth!!  lol

Everything else....the salad plates,
 silverware and glasses are normal
tableware.  I often mix paper goods
with normal tableware, as it just
has a much more classy look.

I also like that it does help make
clean up easier as well.....

If you have followed me long 
you know I always like to include 
some candy just for the fun of it,
I found the perfect candies while
checking out at Publix.  They were
Dove chocolates and the perfect

Well, there you have it sweet friends,

Thanks for droppin' in,  always nice
to have you come by.

 Keep your light shining brightly!!

Love, Hugs and
St. Patricks Day Blessings,

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  1. Hubby and I have also been married 48 years


  2. Hi Pamela,
    Thanks for coming by and Congrats on being married for 48 years, we don't see that often
    enough. We are actually married 49+ yrs. now and will have our 50th Anniversary in November.
    Just realized I need to update my about me profile. Thanks for alerting me!! lol
    Hope to have you come by again....


  3. 48 + years. wow, how wonderful ! Blessings and hope the world is healthier when you get to your 50th anniversary.
    Last Feb. 25 we were 45 years married too. We're a lucky couple too.
    I love your fresh and pretty table in mostly Blue and White. The best color combo.
    Keep safe and blessings,

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