Thursday, March 18, 2021

Thankful Thursday March 18, 2021, Birthday Table for Susan (1st Spring Table 2021)

Sing to God, sing praise to his name,
extol him who rides on the clouds
his name is the LORD
and rejoice before him.
Psalm 68:4 NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope you are all doing well and enjoying
decorating for Spring....

That is what is happening at our house
this week! 
 So did some Spring cleaning in my kitchen
and changed my accent color from 
cobalt blue to spring green for a nice monochromatic look, and have pretty
much finished in the family room, and the 
dining room, so now I am on to the living
room, and then clean up. Love how our
mantle came out, and will show you
in the coming weeks.

Pictures today are from my Sister-in-law
Susan's Birthday Table.  Guess this would
also by my first Spring Table for 2021.

"Every things coming up Roses"  lol

So on with my Thankfuls.....

#1 and 2
Thankful that Lil darling and I did 
do the Easter tree together again
this year.  So my first Easter
decoration is up.  Also thankful
we got all our Winter decor
 packed away till next year.

#3 and 4
Thankful for a fun night out,
we tried to go to several
furniture stores, but they
were both closed. We have 
been in search of a new sofa
for awhile now. I am just not 
having any luck finding what I
want, which I am not totally
sure abut what it is I want, 
but I will know it when I see  We just wound up 
going to dollar tree and out
 to eat at Perkins. 
Also thankful we found some
cute things for lil darlings 
Easter Basket, which makes
me ahead on things, which
makes me happy.


Thankful for all the Spring

decorating that I have already

accomplished as we are 

enjoying it already.


Thankful for a lovely day

at church and a nice lunch

out with our friends to 

Cracker Barrel, and the

sweet surprise of them

treating us to lunch for

hubbies birthday.


Thankful to see our younger

single parent friend and all

her children back at church

on Sunday.  It's been almost

a year since we have seen

them, but have talked to her

a number of times.


Thankful for less and less

mask wearing and more 

hugging at church. Seems

we are getting closer to

being back to normal



Thankful that my Friend

with the broken legs is

doing fairly well, she is still

having quite a bit of pain

but think it is good she is

only doing rehab 2 days a

week now.  Hopefully that

will help lessen her pain,

I hope.


Thankful that her neighbors

and church parishioners are

being so good to them. One

is doing their grocery shopping

for them, others have brought

dinners, and their son's all live

away, but one came to help

get her settled in when she

came home form the hospital,

and another one is coming

to visit soon and to help out.


Thankful for our Governor

Ron DeSantis and his handling

of the covid situation in our

beloved Florida. Also Thankful

for Gov. Gregg Abbott of

Texas and for his directions 

In this situation as well.


Thankful that the Lord 

spared me from what could

have been a nasty accident

in the kitchen. I was cleaning

and took a plate off the wall

to clean it, and the wire hanger

just flew apart and went 

everywhere and gave me

quite a scare but thankfully

did not hit me!


Thankful for our air purifier

which I have pressed into service

all day every day for almost

the last week.  I had an earache

caused by the Oak pollen which

I am allergic too, and also have

not been going outside much

at all cause the pollen count is

very high and painful for me!!  lol

If you have allergies I can not 

recommend more highly an air

purifier, but it needs to be one with

a hepa filter.  Ours has a hepa and

a charcoal filter, and it works like

a charm and my earache vanished

pretty quickly once I started using

it again.  When I was in my 30's

I used to live with headaches every

day, (due to allergies)and this lil jewel

 made my life so much more bearable

and medication free, and a side

bonus is it helps keep the dust 

down too.

Well, that's all for Cozy Place

this week...........

Thanks for coming by

Hope you have a great rest

of the week and keep 

your candle shining brightly.

Love, Hugs and

Mid March Blessings,


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  1. Hi Nellie,
    Glad your air purifier is working especially now with allergy season. Love your pretty table. Happy Friday have a wonderful weekend. xoxo

  2. Hi Kris,
    Nice to hear from you and thanks for stoppin' in and for your sweet comments.
    You have a great Friday and weekend as well hon.
    Still praying for the perfect place for yall........

  3. #1 & #2. What a wonderful time you have together!
    #3 & #4. I know she will greatly enjoy the "goodies" in her basket!
    #5. I'm glad spring is here! I have already heard the birds!
    #6. What a happy surprise!
    #7. Praise the LORD for them all!
    #8. I pray it is safe to do so!
    #9. I pray off and on throughout the day for her!
    #10. Praise the LORD for Christian friends!
    #11. I pray for our leaders to seek GOD's wisdom.
    #12. Thank the LORD for His protection over you!
    #13. Yes, it's that time of the year with everything in bloom!
    Thank you for the beautiful table setting for my birthday!
    Love you, Susan


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