Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Happy Tuesday Sweet Friends,

So how are you???  Did you have
a nice weekend??

I am doing well...........Was happy to see
 my friends above, they dropped by yesterday
morning,  haven't seen them in awhile, but they
remember we have fed them before, and when
the saw me looking out the window here they 
came lickedy split. Unfortunately, for them I
had seen Alfred Hitchcock's "the Birds" when
I was a kid,  and it had a lasting impression on
me, so I wasn't about to go out there with 4
birds as big as I am by myself. 
 Call me Chicken!!
I call it wisdom.............lol

 Just in case you don't know what they are,
they are called "Sand Hill Cranes"  and we have had
 some come by that are taller than us.These are
 probably almost as tall as me, and I am 5'6",  
or at least I was the last time I measured,
  might have lost an inch or 2 by now!!  lol

 I call them lawn aerators!  lol
In this picture and the one before they were right 
outside my window.....snacking away!!

 We had
a good weekend,  the highlight was Friday, cause 
I got to spend the whole day with my girl,  doing
 sort of an early birthday celebration.  We shopped
 all day,  then went out to Carrabbas with our
 hubbies. I think Carrabbas has the best Italian
 food,  if you have ever been there,  have you had
 the "Tagliarini Picchu pacchiu"??  Oh my heavens,
that stuff is so good,  It is pasta with fresh roma
tomatoes, garlic, basil and olive oil.  Gratefully,
some friends told us about it,  and we have been
getting it every since.  You can get it with chicken
or shrimp or meatballs,  we usually get the meat
balls ourselves, tried the chicken and didn't like
it as well.
Then we went back to their house. Hubbies put
 up a chandelier they got on Craigs list,  she and 
Jerry are so resourceful,  love that!
and she and I did a lil decorating.  We made 
centerpiece for her dining room table with
large philodendron leaves,  simple, yet
stately and beautiful!  Wish I had taken a
picture...and duh, I had my camera!

Saturday we attended a Memorial Service 
for one of my old students from when I was
a youth leader probably 15 years or so ago.
He was only 31 years old.  Very Sad!
but I have great memories of what a sweet
and respectful young man he was..........
The Memorial Service was about as good as
that type of thing could be..........Simply a
 miracle really......how the Lord holds his
children up during a time like that!
His father spoke at the service, and did
an amazing job..........course, it was clearly
the spirit of God speaking thru him.
They will certainly continue to be in our
prayers for a long time ........................

After the service we ran to Publix to 
pick up a few things,  then mowed the
yard later and watched a fun and silly
movie called "Cinnamon"  about a lil
dog who didn't like her Mommies boy
friend.  Quite cute, and light hearted,
just what I needed after the morning.

Sunday hubby taught Sunday School again
and after church we went to Taco Bell and 
they have a new Rice bowl dish, Called
 "Cantina Bowl",  it was delicious,
and can't wait to have it again,  but you
must like guacamole.  They also have a
Cantina wrap which I can't wait to try
either.  This dish was made up by a
 celebrity chef. and sure tastes like it too!
Just love that they have this new dish,
as we used to love their rice bowls then
they took them off the menu.  So that
made me happy!

Then we went to the yomii frozen yogurt
 place,  and I had cake batter and Taro
 flavor yogurt this time.
Both were scrumptious and it was so
refreshing in the heat!
The rest of the day was our usual.

Yesterday just did some deep cleaning in
the kitchen and started making plans for
Dee's family birthday dinner this coming
Sunday.  Her birthday isn't really till this
Friday the 17th.  Worked on some cards,
and made din din and that was about it.

Was gonna share a parfait with you,  but
this is so long guess I will share it another

Hugs and Blessings,


♥ Sonny ♥ said...

You are always so busy and happy.
I sure wish you were closer and here to help me celebrate my birthday:)

I'm looking forward to seeing all the photos from the remodel project you're helping with.. Its so nice they have folks to share their visions and joy of making a lovely home with..

things are always so much easier when you dont have to do them all alone. ok I'll admit, I'm jealous lol.. I get tired of doing things all by myself sometimes.. causes me to talk to myself and cheer myself on and console myself when things dont go as planned.
I'm grateful for my online pals who get me through.. reading comments is almost like having someone here..

Sue (Someones Mom) said...

There is nothing quite as nice as a Mother-Daughter day! I was lucky enough to get to take my daughter to dinner, just the 2 of us, in Orlando. We had dinner at the Polynesian Hotel and it was so special. She is so far away that I don't ever get to just "do lunch" like lots of moms do. I really hate that.

I'm trying to get back in the swing here a little bit. I seem to want to either do work around here or sit and stare at a book or television right now, but I'm trying!

Rebecca said...

Another busy weekend for you....I'm wondering if OUR Taco Bell has that new bowl? Sounds intriguing. You're always up to something creative - you'll have to get a picture of that centerpiece you helped with.

I just got back from our no-longer-Red-Hat-Club outing. We have good times even if we no longer are "official" :) Now I have to think about something to feed hubby when he gets home.

CAS said...

What strange birds! The body shape & tail feathers look almost like Emus, but you aren't quite as far south as Australia! I don't blame you for not venturing out there by yourself -- they ARE big!