Thursday, August 16, 2012

Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is
 God's will for you in Christ Jesus.
1 Thessalonians 5:18

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope you have been having a 
good week, so far!

Mine has been good altho, we have had
a few bumps in the road,  but that is 
okay is sometimes
all about bumps in the road!

These pictures have absolutely nothing
to do with the post, but they were just
some beachy pictures you haven't seen so
Thought I would show you the last of them,
they are in the living room, and  I know I will 
be changing over to Fall soon, since we only
 have a few weeks of August left. 
 I will probably start changing
over as soon as Sept. gets here, as I am 
starting to feel ready for it.  How about
you,  ready for Fall???...........I am ready
for cooler weather but that will be a
while off for us Floridians, we are just
 praying for a non-active hurricane
season, that will make me a happy
girl..............for sure!!

Well, best get on with Thankful

I am thankful
that whatever the loud noise was in our
house last night at 3 a.m. was nothing.
Think it might have been the ice maker,
but sure woke us up out of a sound sleep
it was soooo loud. Pretty unnerving,
I might add.

I am very thankful
on nights like that... for 2 verses
 I memorized years ago when hubby used
 to travel a lot, as they always help to calm 
me down when I hear noises.  I just keep
saying them over and over to myself until
peace comes,  many times out loud!

It is Psalms 34:7
The angel of the Lord encamps around those
who fear him, and he delivers them.
the other one is Psalm 4:8
I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you 
alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.

I am thankful
for the verse below my header picture,
and the truth that it brings to us, altho 
it doesn't seem like it makes sense to us,
 it makes perfect sense to the Lord,
because He knows when we do it, that it
brings peace and a different attitude to
us, I call it the sacrifice of praise. 

I am thankful that I have a sacrifice of
praise today.We have had our car in the shop
 for 2 days now, and thought we would get it
back today, but our mechanic called and said
 it was all fixed and running fine, and they turned
it off to put some antifreeze in, and could not
get it to start again. The mechanic who worked 
on it is going to be out of town until Monday, 
 and they are very backed up with work, and 
of course, we are praying and hoping that they 
can find and fix the problem as we already have 
about $900 worth of work done.  Anyway, the
 Lord says to praise him in all things, so we praise
 HIM cause we know he has some reason or plan 
in all this, so will be interested to see
 what happens.

I am thankful
that we have a wonderful and honest auto
 mechanic, and sweet brother in the Lord.
He is a fellow that goes to our church and he
 is so dependable and does such a wonderful
 job,  and we know that whatever he says is
wrong with the car is really what is wrong,
so takes all the concern out of taking it to
him, cause we know we can trust him,  and
 he has fair prices.  He owns the shop but
also has other mechanics,  but they are
all honest men.  So we can rest assured
we aren't getting a snow job.

colored pencil

I am thankful
that our whole family will be able to get
together on Sunday to celebrate DeeAnna's
28th birthday.  It has been awhile since we 
have all gotten together at one time.

Posterized affect

I am thankful
for paper plates,  as I have decided to take
a lil hiatus this week from dishes.  Since I am
deep cleaning the kitchen,  I am tired of cleaning
it up just to mess it right up again!  lol
of course,  I know that is life with most things,
you clean it and mess it up again,  a lil like
spitting in the wind,  but I thought perhaps for
a few days I could pretend!  lol
This morning was great we had bagels on
paper plates,  so only had a dirty knife and
coffee cups,  and we are still using the cups!
and tonight we have leftovers, so that will
be easy too.  

I am thankful
that the gift I was making came out so nicely, 
 and hoping the recipient really loves it!

I am thankful
that I think I have finally nailed down my table-
scape for my daughter's birthday.  Just hoping
it works out as planned, as I am using some
natural things from the yard...............

Paint daubs affect

I am thankful
I finally got Dee's card to print in the right
color........that was good news!!

I am thankful
that hubby got to work at home again today to 
have him home on a Thursday was a nice change.
Wish it could be every Thursday and Friday like
it used to be,  but thankful that he gets Wed. as
we never expected it would get to do that as 
early as he did with it being a new job.

colored pencil affect

I am thankful
that hubby has had some extra work
from his old job lately.......which will pay
for these car repairs.  God is so good to
go before and prepare the way.

Well, that sums it up!!

Thanks for droppin' in............
love to hear from you and love to
 know what you are thankful for too!

Love, Hugs, and
Meaningful Scripture 
Blessings to you!


♥ Sonny ♥ said...

you always have a great Grateful list..

I too am grateful for paper plates:)
I've had a lot going on in my home and major deep cleaning from ceiling to floor and I just didnt need to be making a mess in the kitchen too.
last saturday I cooked a roast- pulled pork bbq- baked chicken- tuna salad 00 and chopped up and bagged all my salad veggies.. when all that was bagged and in the fridge- I cleaned the kitchen.
Since then its just been a case of " decide what ya have a taste for" put it on a paper plate- heat up and eat..
this worked so well I plan to continue this saturday- different food of course lol..

thank you for helping us look at our blessings more closely and be grateful for them..


Rebecca said...

What a good idea -- a vacation from doing dishes! (But as I think about it, I'd still have pots/pans/misc. dishes from prep, drinking glasses, probably wouldn't work for me.)

We drive two old cars. I won't be surprised if one or both of them begin to need more attention. The last job (brakes) seemed expensive, but when you think about payments on a NEW car, most repair bills are affordable!

You are certainly blessed to spend so much time with your family! Especially on their "special " days. Enjoy your weekend, Nellie.

Jacquelyn Stager said...

Hi Nellie! such a difference between Florida and Ohio isn't it? I would love to take off for the beach...! Lots to be thankful for though. You asked last time about my hubby's work situation. Being 64 now, no one will hire him for a traditional full time job with benefits. He still applies for positions, gets interviews, then rejections! However, as God has promised, we are somehow taken care of through this season. He has been able to pick up some contract work that not only keeps him sharp but has provided some income. It is truly a faith walk since we never know when he will get work and when he gets it, when we will get paid. LOL! Thanks for asking, God has chosen to walk us through this very different season of life so that we will always remember our hope is in HIM alone. We are so very blessed! Nice to be back in touch with you!

Bernideen said...

Talent! This is lovely!

Lois Christensen said...

My hubby would have slept right through a loud noise at night! I hear everything and he sleeps so soundly. Must be all his years in the military! Hope you're having a nice weekend. Olivia is back down in Florida at school. She flew in late last night and stayed with her friend and her parents at a hotel near the school. She's pretty much settled, but I miss her terribly. Oh well. Enjoyed those verses. I used the second one a lot when hubby was in Afghanistan. And I still remember what you sent me to help me through those months as well! Thank you!!!

Cinderella Moments said...

Glad to hear you are staying positive! God has been incredibly good to me lately. I'm just going to enjoy it!
The dollhouses are usually bigger than that tiny one I held in my hand. The lady in Hawaii wants to switch from the big ones to these tiny ones. I've now made 2 tiny white with green roofs. But the one in my book is a big dollhouse.
I hope you get your car back very soon. Happy birthday to your DeeAnna! Have a great time!