Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thankful Thursday - August 2, 2012

 Shout with joy to God, all the earth!
Sing the glory of his name;
make his praise glorious!
Psalm 66:1 and 2

Hello Sweet Peas,

Hope your week has been going well,  
and that some of you are getting rain
 and maybe a tad cooler weather.........

My week has been good other than I have been feeling
a lil under the weather and a lot tired,  so think I am
trying to fight off some sort of stomach virus.  but am
a bit better today,  started out good yesterday but
started feeling bad about half way thru the day. So
hopefully I am on the mend....................
and especially because...............

I am thankful

that I am suppose to spend the morning with
another dear friend tomorrow.  I say suppose
to because of what I just told you, so hopefully,
  by tomorrow I will be done with it............
Have been taking probiotics and eating 
lots of yogurt.

I am thankful
for the great showing of support for chick-fil-a on
 Wednesday,  but also all week, cause we know some 
who went everyday.  We went Tuesday evening and
 got dinner and took a card to the Cathy family,  just in 
case we couldn't get near the place on Wednesday,
as ours doesn't have a lot of room and is sort of in an
awkward place. Hubby did try to go Wed. evening but
 the line was all the way around the building and he had 
to be somewhere at a certain time,  so couldn't wait. 
 So glad we went on Tuesday evening!

I am thankful
that Scott and Megan got their appliances yester-
day, they were suppose to be delivered on Sunday,
so they had been without a fridge all this time, as 
well as washer and dryer.  Course,  the hardest
thing to be without was the fridge, cause you
can't really go food shopping with no place to
put your cold stuff.

I am thankful
for these pretty white flowers you see here,
given to me by my sweet hubby.

I am thankful
for new recipes.  They really inspire me,  and
sometimes I really need inspiring when it comes
to cooking these days!!

colored pencil affect


I am thankful
for the truth of God's word,  and how it gives
me or anyone who desires to follow it great
wisdom,  guidance, peace and Joy.


I am thankful
for decorating magazines or books, they just make me
 happy, Just love to sit down with a cup of coffee and
 just savor every page.  That spells FUN for me!!  lol

I am thankful
one of my friends found out what was wrong with
her new glasses,  they were giving her a headache.
Told her sounded like the same problem I had with
mine awhile back,  that they got the script wrong.
Bingo!  So they are in the process of fixing them.

I am thankful
for Krusteaz Cinnamon Muffins.  Just made some to
go with din din tonight, and of course, I had to make
sure they were done enough.
Can you say OH YUM!!


I am thankful
for the sweet compliment hubby and I got from the
young lady who was checking our groceries yesterday.
She was just adorable and delightful, we had such fun 
talking with her for that few minutes, and it was
her first day on the job.  She will be the favored
cashier of the regulars, for sure!

I am thankful
we finally decided on a place to put our sign
we got while we were on vacation.
Wanta see???   Hope so!!

In my white livingroom!
See it on the top of the breakfront.
 This is the view from the foyer.......

and here's a close up!!  We liked it here so we can see it 
from our family and dining room as well.

I am thankful
that hubby mistakenly got up earlier and left for work at
 6:50 rather than 7:50 a.m.,  which means he will be home
 an hour earlier tonight..............nice!!
We aren't sure how that happened, but we didn't discover
 it till he was on his way in the car, because the clock by
 our bed said it was 7:50, but all our other clocks said 6:50!

Makes me wonder if the Lord might have been
sparing him from something!

Well, Sweet Folks,

So glad you could come by, always
 look forward to hearing from you!!

                      So tell us..........

What are you 

                            thankful for today!

Love, Hugs, and
Beautiful white flower Blessings,


Rebecca said...

Hope you're feeling better as the day goes on. As usual, your thankful spirit shines through and you carry "sunshine" with you - right through the checkout counter :)

Cinderella Moments said...

Oh you are so right about your husband having to leave early. I always wonder the same thing when something odd like that happens.
With the Chick-Fil-A thing I'm glad I heard about them. They are so nice in there! I really love this place now. We also have In n Out Burger here. Same Christian type of restaurant and just as nice. I love good service!
Enjoy the weekend!

Beth said...

Hi Nellie, Hope you are feeling better. Love your flowers and the colored pencil effect looks fabulous! Take care and be happy and healthy!

Sister Susie said...

#1. I pray all has gone well for you to visit with your friend!
#2. Do they have a drive through window? Of course it would probably be out into the street!
Praise the LORD for Christians supporting one another!
#3. It reminds me when we were able to move into our house. The electricity wasn't able to be turned on until the next day! We didn't even have time to move our furniture in. Dad and I slept on the floor in our bedrooms while mom stayed in the rental house in her comfy bed!
#4. I have noticed in the last year the beauty of the LORD's flowers! It's hard not to buy a bundle at Publix when I go, ha!
#5. Cooking? What's that? Ha! I need to do more than I do!
#6. AMEN! I so enjoy my time with the LORD in the mornings now that I have the time to really get into His WORD! I think this is the greatest blessing of my retirement!
#7. I've been thinking about going to the new Hobby Lobby. I just know I'll come out with womething I would enjoy doing!
#8. Oh my dear! We surely don't need headaches as it is, much less because of our glasses!
#9. I forgot how good honey is on toast. I found my honey I had accidently pushed to the back of my cabinet!
#10. THe joy of happiness!
#11. It really shows well! It will be an eye catcher as well as food for thought!
#12. The LORD surprises are wonderful!
Love to you and our family!

NanaNor's said...

Hi Nellie, I'm trusting that you are all better by now. Love your new sign! Your man certainly know how to show you love-beautiful flowers. I love the idea of the card for the Cathy family. We went on Wed. and got our food but they were running out; nothing happened here on Friday that they said.
Hope you have a blessed weekend my friend.
Hugs, Noreen

Jess said...

Sure hope you are feeling all better by now! It was fun to hear from you. Haven't been to blogland much these past 2 months, but now that the play is over I might be more inclined to "visit."

Tony is practicing the accordion in the other room, what a joy!
When are you guys going to come up for a visit????