Thursday, August 23, 2012

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - August 23, 2012

These pics have nothing to do with this post, just knew they
were pics you haven't seen, and I know how yall like pics!! lol

Praise the LORD. 
How good it is to sing praises to our God, 
how pleasant and fitting to praise him!
Psalm 147:1

Evening Sweet Peas,

Hope this finds you well and happy
and having a blessed week.

Mine has been a blessed week,  and I am well now,
as you will read.....and happy!!  Especially happy
about my #1 thankful.  lol

I am thankful
we got our car back this evening, and it
seems to drive like a dream,  so quietly.
I think our mechanic was as happy to give
it back to us as we were to get it.  I am
sure it has probably caused him a few
tense moments.

I am thankful
that we had this unusual experience 
thinking that the car might not be repaired
as it has caused us to think about options,
which got us thinking about a lot of things
we otherwise probably wouldn't have 
thought about............but that are great
options for now and the future.

I am thankful
for my sweet and considerate hubby, who
once again saved the hero!!
 Megan was coming over to pick something up, 
 and Scott is out of town, so I had asked her if she
 would like to have dinner with us, and she said yes,
 then I woke with my neck and arm problem and my 
chiropractor appointment was right at the end of
 the day,  and I said oh no, what am I gonna do 
about dinner, so hubby said........
 lets just get something from Chili's
Problem solved!!

Posterized affect!

I am thankful
that we got to spend some time with Megan
by herself,  as that is a very rare happening,
and as always we had a nice time, even tho
 it was short, as she was needed to be at
her Mom's at a certain time.

I am thankful
that Dee seemed to really enjoy her birthday
here last Sunday,  and really all week long,
as Jerry of course, took her out to dinner and
did things for her, and she spent time with
 friends,  and people at work did stuff for her
 too.  So she was a very blessed young lady!!

equalized affect!

I am thankful
for Netflix and the great movies we can get
from them.  All very clean and enjoyable.
Watched another one last night,  it was a
very old movie with Judy Garland and Van
Johnson, sort of a musical, called
 "In the Good Ol Summer Time"
The movie you've got mail was inspired 
from this movie and the movie
 "shop around the corner".

posterized/equalized affect!

I am thankful
that we have gotten our hurricane supplies
in,  just in case it should come our way.  
Usually I get them as soon as hurricane season
arrives,  but didn't this year and couldn't remember
why,  but I just did,  it was because I was preparing
and on vacation rather than preparing for a hurricane.
So much more

I am thankful
that my hubby was able to get a really nice
computer for my SIL at a good price for her.
He is working on it as I am typing to get it
ready for her.  Think she is gonna be very
happy with hers has been on
the fritz for awhile now.

I am thankful
for that sweet lil bling turtle that Susan gave
me last Friday,  and was so happy he worked
perfectly with Dee's table.  He is so pretty
and very glamorous for a turtle!  lol
Thanks Susan,  I sure appreciate your 
thinking of me..................

Colored pencil affect!

I am so thankful
that I got in to see my chiropractor before
he left,  or I think I would have been in
pain the rest of the week until Monday.
God is so good!!

I am thankful
that my friend got to go and spend over
 three days with just she and her sister,
as they have not been able to get together
for a lot of  unforseen reasons for quite a
 long time,  and I know they had a great
time together.

I am thankful
to see the great attitude my daugther is 
having over an unfair situation that she has
been dealing with.  Her attitude is simply
great,  and I know the Lord is really gonna
bless her for it.   So proud of her too.

Well,  that completes my list
 for this week............sure hope
 you have a great list yourself.

Thanks for stoppin' in......
always good to hear from you!

Also thanks for all your birthday
wishes for my daughter!!

Have a great weekend with your
 family, friends and critters.............

Love,  Hugs, and
Running Car Blessings!!  lol


Rebecca said...

I can imagine how relieved you are to have your car "up and running"....I'm rejoicing with you!

BECKY said...

I am so thrilled to hear about the car!! Woohoo! Danny does good work, and has never let us down!!

Still having a hard time getting back in the groove, and have been very contemplative. Off to email you!

Love your thankful heart!!

sistersusiesays said...

#1. Jim said he did a great job! I'm so glad it is like new!
#2. I guess the LORD reminds us to keep some things in mind.
#3. I hope you are feeling better now. My joints and bones have been aching so bad here lately. I asked my pharmacist and he said it may be the statin my doctor has me on. I've been making sure to drink 6-8glasses of water a day. It seems to have helped a little.
#4. It's so nice they live so close now and can visit more often!
#5. It was surely a time of blessing for us all! You really did a great job with your beautiful table setting!
#6. It's really great to get such super movies to come to your home! I keep saying I'm going to start one day, ha!
#7. I'm surely praying that "Issac" will go further out into the Gulf!
#8. Yeah, I am using it now! It is great! THe keys are so light to the touch! I'm still learning on some of the new differences, ha! But I wouldn't trade it for my old one, lol! Thank you, Jim!
#9. I didn't realize Dee's colors you had for her table setting. It really looked so cute on the table! When I saw them, I just had to get one for all the ladies in our family!
#10. I go next week. I hope he can get out the aching in my bones and joints!
#11. It is so good when we can get with our loved ones and friends!
#12. The LORD bless and keep her!
Love to you all, Susan