Friday, August 31, 2012

Thankful Thursday - August 30, 2012

Afternoon Sweet Peas,

Hope all is well with you and yours!

Sorry I am so late with this,  but was out most of 
the day yesterday,  and when hubby got home we
 had to mow the yard, have din din,  and then wanted 
to catch Mitt Romney's speech, so that all took up our
whole evening and have just been like a slow moving 
vehicle this morning....just really tired today....
too many late nights this week!!  lol

Well, this is the last beachy looking picture you will
see here till next year,  and I can't wait to get started
decorating for Fall.  Gotta do something to fake my
self out...........I am sooooooo ready for cooler

 Well, best get started with my thankful list.

I am thankful
is that we finally got to mow our lawn,
and our mushroom farm. lol
It has been almost 2 weeks,  so it was
like a jungle out there.  It has just been
raining  almost every evening or else if it
 wasn't we had to be somewhere, which 
was like once............
Poor Molly and Rosie were having a fun
time going out to potty!  Rosie was getting
lost in the grass.  So they are probably even
happier than us!!  lol

I am thankful
for the great fajita dinner we had at Dee
and Jerry's last night, we felt like we were
 dining in a great mexican restaurant the food 
was so good,  and Dee made  a new recipe
for guacamole dip that was awesome.
Will have to get the recipe and share it with
 you.  She sent the rest home with us so I 
get to have it again today!  Yummy.....

I am thankful
that Dee was able to do my hair last 
night as well,  and that we had a great
time talking while the guys watched the
Republican National Convention.

I am thankful 
for the RNC, as it has given us some hope
that maybe we might have a Presidential
change,  because we believe it is so needed.
Thought Ann and Mitt Romney both did a
great job as well as Paul Ryan and many
others.  Just finished watching Paul
Ryans speech as I didn't get to see it
Wednesday night.  

I am thankful
that we know who holds our future in His
hands and that what ever happens with this
election in November,  it will not take the
Lord by surprise, and that He will continue
to be our provider,  not the government.

I am thankful
for a fun day out shopping and lunching
 with my new friend, it has been awhile
since we have been able to get together,
 as she works full time, but does have days
off during the week at times, which makes 
it possible to hang out once in awhiie.


I am thankful
for a lovely lunch at Cracker Barrel,
her sweet treat.  It was absolutely
delicious.  They have a grilled chicken
house salad,  and you can choose a baked
potato or potato soup.  I got the baked
potato, too hot for soup for me!
Loved every delicious bite .....

I am thankful
we got to bring Rosie home,  and we will
get to keep her till Monday.

I am thankful
that hurricane Issac passed us by.....but
am also feeling so badly for those in his 
path.  Saw some pics this morning where
a family was wading thru water that was
chest deep.   I can't even imagine.........
I know first hand, how much damage just ankle
 deep clean water can do,  so can't even begin
 to imagine what dirty deep water is like.
 Oh My Goodness!

I am thankful
that I finally found something at Macy's to
purchase with my $50.00 gift card I have
had since January.  I have been there many
times looking for clothes and always come
home with happened to
see they had futon covers,  but they were
$100.00, but the next day they put them
on sale for 48.99,  so decided I am going
for it.  It is a solid Khaki color,  so hoping
it looks great in our computer room.
Only bummer is it doesn't ship until Sept.

I am thankful
for a new piece of exercise equipment
we just got called the "Rhythm Rocker"
it is suppose to work your mid section.
Sure hope it works like it looks like on
the TV ad.  We found it at Wally World
so if it doesn't work we can take it back.
Course, am hoping it doesn't cause any
back or neck problems either,  so we
shall hoping for the
 best cause sit ups have never worked
for me, and now with my neck and
back issues it is just out of the question
anyway, as are most floor exercises.

I am thankful
we are going to Scott and Megan's for
Labor Day,  it will be our first family
celebration at their new home.
So looking forward to it............

Well, Sweet Folks,

Till next time............

Have a Whale of a Weekend!

Love, Hugs and
Family and Friend Blessings,

 and Happy Labor Day!


sistersusiesays said...

#1. I'm needing to get to the weeds in my front flower bed! George said he would spray it with the industrialized weed killer! I hope that will do it! I'm not really up to weed pulling! My joints are painful enough now. I can imagine what would happen with weed pulling, ha!
#2. I saw a Mexican dish on one of the cooking shows that has you fixing the ingredience like you would layer lasanga, but only with Mexican fixings. It looked delicious!
#3. Melitta did mine last week.
#4. The movie 2016 is in our new movie theater right now. I want to go see it. It is suppose to be done by the person who did Schinler's List.
#5. Amen!
#6. Alice and I are going to one of the "fancy" restuarants in Orlando Sunday afternoon. I've got to remember not to act "country" if you know what I mean, ha!
#7. Talking about chicken, you need to try Tyson's frozen Southwestern style chicken! It is great even as a cold snack! Don't say yuk until you try it, lol!
#8. What a sweet little dog! Cody loves to follow Gracie and swipe all up and down her whether she's laying down or standing up, ha! He acts like Grace is his mama! ha!
#9. I really feel bad for them. I don't think I would want to continue to live below sea level! I have been praying it would pass us ever since I saw it heading toward Cuba!
#10. I had to do some clean up with my living room! The kittens were chasing each other and knocked off my two globes that were water globes! What a mess! So, I went around and "child" proof the room!
#11. I find I've been having problems with my joints and bones hurting if I do any length of time "exercising." I'll be seeing Dr. Quinn next month. I think it's the statin I'm on that is causing it.
#12. Yeah, I can hardly wait! I've never seen their new home. I'll have to get directions from you!
Love to you all, Susan

Visits With Mary said...

Enjoyed reading all your 'thankfuls.' Have a wonderful week-end!

Janet said...

Hi Nellie

I always love to read your thankfuls. I love your Beach theme although I am ready for the fall here too. It is still warm for me in the 80's. I am ready for the rain.

Blessings & Love

Sonny G said...

I'm happy to read your list:) and thankful my body is holding up well to 10 hour work days - bending pulling and stretching to get all these projects done.

to answer your question in the comment you left me----
Pop is here 2 days a week and so far , so good. He's never been an artist but seems to love to draw so I got lots of pencils and a large pack of printer paper. we're hanging them on to the wall where he spends the day. great art? maybe not- but quite interesting and seems to keep his mind occupied, which I think is a good sign.

now- Roasted Green Beans..
in a large bowl mix~~~
* 3 bags frozen cut green beans-NOT french style..
* 2 tablespoons Olive or OR Bacon grease
* 1 TBSP salt
* 1 TBSP sugar or splenda
* 1 teaspoon pepper
stir all together well.
oven on 415
put baking dish with all ingredients above in the oven WHILE it preheats.
cook 30 mins- stir around- turn heat down to 375. cook 45- stir- cook 30 mins more.. Done and Yummy.

Lois Christensen said...

Good for you for managing to stay up that late! I couldn't!!! So I missed the speeches but have seen bits and pieces of them. I love Macys but whenever I have a gift card I always have a hard time finding something! Things are going good here, a little busy, but good! Hope you're having a good day!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Thanks Sonny for your help, can't wait to try this.