Monday, August 27, 2012

Happy Monday Morning.........

Happy Monday Morning to you,

So how are ya??  
Refreshed, relaxed, rested?? 
 Hope so,  that is always a great way
 to start the week!

Have to say that is how I feel this morning.  We had
a lot of rain over the weekend,  so we didn't do a 
whole lot of anything but have fun mostly.  Went out
 for while on Friday night,  Sat. had a nice breakfast
with Sweet potato pancakes, Looked online for
Toyota Sienna used  Van's,  talked, ate, played
 cards and wii tennis, exercised, hubby did go
set up Susan's computer for her,  had a few
difficulties,  but finally got them ironed out so
she is up and running,  much to her excitement
I am sure.  Sunday was pretty much our usual,
sans the smoothie..............we had one on 
Friday instead.

Sometimes it is nice to have rainy days and
do nothing....................I used to feel like I
always needed to be accomplishing some-
thing,  but at 60,  I am way over that!!  lol
Not that there is anything wrong with
accomplishing I still enjoy and like  that,  but 
I am also more comfortable in my own skin
 and don't feel that is a must all the time.

Wanted to tell you about something we
discovered last week,  as you might just
be able to get it.  Unfortunately,  we can't!

It is a new game show that is out,  and the
first show was last Thursday at 8 P.M.
OOPS...............hold on, I'll be right back......
 gotta get my cheese toast out of the oven. 
 Ever had that??............I haven't for awhile,
 and this morning just seemed like a good 
cheese toast morning to me,  since it is a
 bit cooler and rainy still. Ummm,  I was right, 
perfect morning for it,  so enjoyable with one
 of those perfect cups of coffee......

Oh yea,  Sorry got a lil sidetracked there,
back to the game show. It is called
 "The American Bible Challenge"
 and Jeff Foxworthy is the game show host. 
 I didn't know that he is was a christian,  but he is,
  and there are some great comments and stuff
 from him, if you go to, 
once you get there you might need to click on 
the box that says American bible challenge.
 it tells all about the game show and a lot about him too.
we don't have cable so we can't get it,  but we can
 play the game on facebook, which was fun,  but 
I really wish we could see the game as it looks
like it is really gonna be fun and interesting.
 If you have cable you can probably get it on
Game Show Network, which  is what the GSN
stands for in the web address I gave you. 
 So thought you might enjoy checking it out.

Guess I had best check on the storm too.
Well, it isn't quite above us yet,  but it is
much farther out in the gulf than was first
expected,  so he is no threat to us, thank
the Lord!!  Am sure praying for those in his 
path,  and praying that it causes some much
 needed rain in the midwest. I feel so bad
for those folks.................

Well, thanks for coming by,
always look forward to hearing 
from you.

Have a Sweet Day!

Good Weather Blessings
 to Ya,


Sonny G said...

Praying and sending good wishes to all those in the path of this storm.

Happy Monday to you and Happy Week in case I dont get back till next week:)

Lots going on here and possible my FIL may need to come here 3 days a week as he has lost his full time caretaker.. His son can bring him in the mornings and pick him up after work- so that'll work fine and I am happy to do it as he was always good to me and the kids. Divorce from his oldest son doesnt change all he did for us and I am grateful for the chance to pay him back a bit though I could never do enough to balance the books between us..
He has alzheimers so being alone isnt an option.. I'll fix my future guest room for him, instead with a cozy recliner , tv, and table to eat or play games. Later when I am no longer needed I will make my guest room.

sorry , didnt mean to write a book giggle


Janet said...


Praying for all down there in the path of the storm.

It has not started to rain yet here and we could use some. We are still having nice days and cool nights.

I need to get on the ball and post some pictures from vacation.

I have not yet watch the new program that you mentioned but I definately will look for it.

Stay safe!


sistersusiesays said...

Yeah, thank you Jim! My computer is working great! I'm still working on getting my printer sset up. I have the disk, but I must not be doing something right even though it shows it has been installed.

It's so good to be able to get back to everyone's blogs! And my e-mail! WOW! I had 115 on it! I only answered the latest I had gotten from everyone!

I love the rain (when I don't have to get out into it!) The LORD has surely answered prayers about hurricane Issac going on out into the Gulf. I pray the rain will get to where it needs to be as well. Hopefully it will help the drought that has caused the food prices to go up.

The Bible program on Thursday at 8:00, I'll have to try to see it this week!

So good to be back on-line!
Love to you all, Susan