Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thankful Thursday - August 9, 2012

Greetings Sweet Friends, has your week been going??

Mine has been good, and I will tell you 
some of the highlights on my thankful list.

I am thankful
for Jesus cause He
is God's Love Gift to to me, to you and
 to our World.
The gift bag picture made me think of that
cause it is so true, and just had to share it.

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,
 that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
John 3:16

So doesn't it make sense to Thank Him for all He has
 done for us, and continues to provide for us daily.
  It sure does to me,  and it helps to keep me focused 
on all the good things that happen in my life rather than
 the negative happenings,  like I used to.
It has really made me a much more contented and
joyful person,  I have to say...............if you have never
tried it..............I would highly recommend it.....
Seriously, it will change your life!!

I am thankful
for a childhood friend named LaNeta, She
is on my heart  today as it is her birthday.
  I lived next door to her from the time I was 6 
to age 17 years old,  and we were the best
 of friends,  unfortunately we don't live near
each other, but we still keep in touch.

  I am also thankful
 for her family who put up with me, as I
 practically lived with them when my Mom (who
 was a single parent) worked, bless her heart.
  They are the number one reason I am a christian
 today, because they were a lovely family who
 showed their love and care for me and really lived
 the christian life.................along with taking me 
to church.  Reminds me of that statement preach
the gospel at all times.....and if necessary use words.
There whole family was such a great example they
didn't need to use words, you could see it in action.

I am thankful
that I got to spend the better part of the day
last Friday with another dear friend.  She made it
a very special day.,She set such a pretty vintage 
 table and made a lovely breakfast, of quiche  muffins
and yogurt parfaits with strawberries, granola and
pecans on top, It  was all very yummy.......
and we had lots of uninterrupted time to drink coffee 
and  just to talk to our hearts content. and you all
know how I like that.
 It was a lovely and well spent day.

I am also thankful 
for a sweet surprise that she had for me as
well.  Such a sweetie.

 I tell you over the years the Lord has blessed me
with some of the most wonderful friends, not too
many live near me anymore unfortunately, but she
  is another one, and so nice she lives fairly close
Nothing like good Christian friends who are so
thoughtful, loving and kind not to mention
creative and talented!

She even made the gift bad,  I think it is 
just so lovely.

Inside a lovely coffee mug.....  really been
enjoying my coffee even more this week!

and what is that you say...................

A lovely lil sign from someones etsy shop.
and it is true God's grace is enough.................
This went right into my white living room.

and a yankee candle spiced pumpkin spray,
oh my does it smell good,  and did make me
start to longgg for Fall now!  lol
Something new for Fall to look forward to.

Can you tell she is into white as well..........
Some of you know who it is..................
She is a blogger too!

Had to throw in one posterized picture, ya know!

and in case you are reading...........
 Thanks Again Becky........
Your are a blessing!

Go over and check out her blog and her 
wonderful etsy shop.
Just click here!
  It is called

"Time Washed".  She sells some beautiful
vintage pieces, and makes a lot of really
neat and beautiful wares,  in fact,  she is working
 away on new items for her shop right now,  and
 she also does tutorials once a week on how
to make different things.  Always fun!

I am thankful
that on Sat. hubby and I got to go to Cracker
Barrel for breakfast, he has been wanting to do
 that for awhile now, so he was happy course,
so was I.....had these delicious blackberry
pancakes with raspberry syrup!
Scrumdulicious, I have to say.....................
 then we went over to Dee and Jerry's  for the 
afternoon.  We finally got to christen their pool. 
 Delightful in this hot weather I must say................
Definitely an unexpected pleasure!

I am thankful
we got to bring Rosie home with us,  as we haven't
had her over for awhile.  We have really enjoyed
having her here.......she always makes us happy.
She goes home tomorrow morning.  Rosie is
our furry grandaughter dog, in case you are
new to my blog.

I am thankful
that Dee is taking off work this Friday,  so she
and I can have a day together shopping and
hanging out to celebrate her birthday which is
next Friday,  but of course, she is reserving that
day for her hubby.  This is sort of a tradition that
we have had for the last 4 years or so.
So we are both so looking forward to it.

I am thankful
that I have had some time to work on cards again, 
 I  always enjoy that.............

I am thankful
for a new food discovery.........sweet potato
puffs by Alexia.  They are really quite good,
and very easy,  just pop them in the oven
for 20 minutes,  and yummo!
We had them with pecan crusted tilapia
and that tropical salad recipe I shared
a while back.  

I am thankful
that we have been able to find Kemp's Moose
Tracks frozen yogurt again.  Target quit carrying
it,  then walmart had it for a short time,  then they
quit carrying it as well.  We found some at the
grocery store in Pigeon Forge when we were
on vacation,  so it was a real treat,  but figured
it would be our last hooray for that item!
Then, our sweet son-in-love Jerry found it at
 Winn Dixie,  so we are quite happy about that, 
 them and us!! lol

I am thankful
for showers,  outside and inside.  It has been
very humid and muggy because of outside rain
which is certainly a good problem to have,  the rain
that is.........and it really makes those nightly
 inside showers......
Just the bomb!!

Thanks so much for your visit,
I so appreciate all of my visitors 
and look forward to hearing
 from you!!

Have a wonderful Weekend,

Love, Hugs, and
Good Friend Blessings,


Rebecca said...

What wonderful friends and family you are surrounded with Nellie!

I'm thankful for mine, too. Last night I enjoyed coffee with a friend at a local coffee shop while my husband was at a meeting. It was good to catch up and wish her a "happy back to school" week. (She works in a parochial school in nearby town.)

I've also met a new blogging friend face to face earlier this week....and yesterday went to an open house. It was a most unique and inspiring experience....

Well, have a blessed weekend. I know you'll enjoy your traditional shopping experience with your daughter. (Oh! How wonderful that they have a pool!)

Bonnie said...

Hi Nellie,

A letter from your are you? Your blog is so sweet I love your thankfulness. It meant a lot to me today. I am having kind of a bummer day. Nothing specific just pure exhaustion I think. We have been running non-stop for months and today I just said no. No to all of it. It feels good to be home alone and just drinking in the solitude. Actually being able to do just what I want to obligations calling. That part is wonderful. I need it so badly to recharge my batteries. All your happy thanks really lifted me. So I am thankful for you and your family and Susan today. She is a stalwart friend...Love you all. And add Miss Becky into that group of my favorite Florians.

Bonnie said...

Haha...Floridians, sorry!
Love, Bonnie XOXO

Jacquelyn Stager said...

Hi Nellie, long time, no talk to! I'm trying to slowly get back to reading and writing blogs more frequently. Life has a way of getting IN the way for me! Love your look here! What a beautiful coffee cup and a love the grace sign too! Glad to see you are still posting about being thankful! You are GOOD at that!

Unknown said...

That coffee cup is simply beautiful. I have colorful dishes but as I've aged I've been adding in plain white pieces with sweet little accents like the one on your cup. Just makes you want to drink a cup of coffee, doesn't it?

sistersusiesays said...

Hi, Nellie! I didn't realize I was off line for so long!
#1. There are no words for me to express my thanks to our GOD for our salvation! I'm so glad Jesus sits at the right hand of the Father making those words perfect for me!
#2. I know she had a great birthday!
#3. THe LORD does such a wonderful ministry to use through other Christian friends. What a friend we have in Jesus!
#4. Reminds me of you and your beautiful table tops!
#5. That's why He tells us to not forsake ourselves to assembly with our church! I really look forward to attending!
#6. I've been told I need to start using mine. It makes excisering easier!
#7. She is so cute to always greet me when I come over and she is there! She prances and yips until to give her a hug!
#8. What a nice time it was. (I'm late posting this!)
#9. I will be enjoying figuring out my new computer format. I have already has a couple of surprises, ha!
#10. I made myself a bunch of the spinach cheese puffs the other day. I snacked on them off and on all day!
#11. I get into the Klondikes every now and then!
#12. I have always loved rainy days. It makes me relax!
Love to you all, Susan