Wednesday, August 29, 2012

White & Centerpiece Wednesday & Tabletop Tuesday

Hiddy Ho Sweet Friends,

Hope you are having a good day,  
and hope you don't live anywhere
 in the hurricane area.  Sounds like
 those poor folks have a real disaster
 there....sure have been praying
 for them.

  My uncle lives near New Orleans but thankfully, 
 he was in New York working when the storm hit,  but
 he will be going to check out the house on Saturday,
  so sure hope he finds everything okay.

It has been raining so much here in the past month
or so our backyard looks like a Mushroom Farm.
Seriously,  I have never seen so many mushrooms
in our yard or in anyone elses for that matter, and
they just pop up out of nowhere.  Last night I went
out to feed the cat and there was a whole bunch
that weren't there earlier, and they grow so fast,
I find them quite fascinating actually.............
  Told hubby maybe this is a sign we are gonna
 become Mushroom

Well,  will get on with this Meme.........

This was one of the many centerpieces I have
had on my kitchen table over the summer,  and
have never shown it to you, so thought it was
perfect for White Wednesday, Centerpiece
Wednesday and Tabletop Tuesday.  So you
will see their links at the end.

From the opposite side of the table.

Loved the white with just the touch of greenery, serene looking

 posterized affect!

equalized affect!

 Paint daubs affect!

Colored pencil affect!

If you want to see more eye candy.

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Hope you have a lovely Wednesday
and rest of the week.

Thanks so much for dropping by, 
 and for your sweet comments.

Hugs and 
Sweet Carnation Blessings,


Mary said...

Hi Nellie, this is my first visit to your place and I have really enjoyed it. Your centerpiece is very pretty, I really like the white with the checkered tablecloth. If you're gonna be mushroom farmers make sure they're the kind you can eat!!! Have a great day!!

Little Miss Maggie said...

I love that sweet white rooster. Very pretty vignette. Have a great week.

Style Sisters said...

I think I have that same white rooster! How col is that. Send us some of your rain! How yucky to have all those mushrooms popping up :( keep us posted on your uncle and his house....I sure hope he doesn't have major damage. Thanks again for your sweet comments and linking up to Centerpiece Wednesday!
Karin :)

Diann said...

That rooster is a wonderful piece. I bet he makes you smile where ever he sits.

BECKY said...

The rooster is my fave too! Sooo pretty!

Hopefully we'll be seeing more sunshine around these parts!! I just got back in from catching some rays, and it was sublime! Now off to make some pumpkins!!

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

HI Nellie, Thank you for commenting and visiting over at my blog. Your blog was such a refreshing break for me today, lovely! Man, I could use you to decorate my place!! Everything is so nice and clean, very nice.
I'll be back again and I hope to see you again at my blog! Have a great day!

Sister Susie said...

I'm praying for those in line of hurricane Issac. It was reported there was about 12 foot flooding in the low areas, but the levies held.

I think those white topped mushrooms are so pretty. I saw one yard that had about 6 of different sizes in the same area of their yard.

I just love your white rooster! He surely looks like he's strutting himself, ha!

Love to you all, Susan