Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Good Tuesday Morning to Ya!

This is just a sneak peek of the starting of Dee's Birthday table,
  the centerpiece isn't finished yet,  so come back tomorrow 
and you can see the finished product!

Good Tuesday Morning to Ya!

So how was your last 4 days....
since I have talked to you last???

Mine have been good...... fairly busy.  Spent most
of the day Friday with my Sil Susan, catching up
and solving the world's problems (lol),  then spent
 time working on the birthday girls tablescape.  Sat.
 we had to run some errands, and get a smoothie, 
that was a must you know, and do some food prep
and finished the table for Sunday's shindig.
 Managed to get in some wii tennis and exercise. 
 Watched a movie called "There be dragons", 
 that was pretty good with a very good message
from Netflik of course.

Sunday......it was sunday school and church, our
teacher was back this week.   I tell you I am sooo
 enjoying my new ministry at church of greeting new 
visitors and giving them a gift.  It is just so perfect
 for me,  and I truly love every minute of it.  It was
 cute, cause Dee said it was funny I was doing
 this job cause she remembered me saying when
 she was a kid, I could be a Walmart greeter!  lol

I have always liked that they have a greeter at the 
door......and we have had some goods ones,
very sweet and friendly, and you could tell
they loved what they did, but unfortunately,
that was more in the passed I have to say!
It is welcoming if the person is really into it,
and enjoying it,  not just making it a job!!

The family all got here in the late afternoon on Sun.,
and we had a simple yet lovely dinner to Celebrate
 Dee's 28th birthday, can hardly believe she is 28.
where does the time go?????????
All her favs,  London Broil, baked Potatoes, salad
with a creamy parmesan dressing, that  I make, 
 and strawberry shortcake.  We didn't do much
but eat,  yak and catch up, watch her open her
 gifts and be together,  but that is what it is all
 about....right??  A good time had by all.
She loved her table..........I did it in apple green,
as that is her favorite color right now.

Will show you pics later on this week, actually
tomorrow,  cause I do it on Wed. for Tablescape
Thursday,  since I do a Thankful Thursday post.

Monday I was just out of it and tired,  so didn't
do much but clean up after the party, and put stuff
away then played with leftovers from the table
 decorations..  Tried to see how many different
 things I could come up with using the same things
........that is so much fun to me!
Call me crazy............you will be seeing the results
of my playing in the next week or so.

Still don't know what is happening with our
car,  they actually sent it out to another shop
for diagnostics and to see if they could fix it
hoping to get it back to us sooner, but there 
shop is shorthanded too.  We have seen a Van
that looks like it is in mint condition and  that
 we really like and the price is right, just in case
 they can't fix our car, so still waiting.
We figure if the van is to be ours,  it will be
 there if and when we need it.  So far it is
still listed.................
Hoping to hear something more today 
about our car..................

Well, you have a great day today,  
am hoping to get some sun today.  
Went out yesterday and 5 mins.
 later clouds rolled in.............lol
We have been getting rain every
 day here, not complaining, just 
saying!  and the grass is loving it, 
 course, sometimes when we get
 so much then we get fungus in
 our grass......
hoping that passes us by!  lol

Thanks for coming by,  always
 enjoy your comments..............

Hugs and Good Week  Blessings,

P.S.  to my 2 new followers,
I tried to send you a message but I am not on
 Google friends connect, so it want let me send
a comment.  Sorry!
and thanks so much for following!
Have a Blessed Day!


Terra said...

I like your apple green centerpiece, and that sounds like an enjoyable birthday celebration. It sounds like you are an ideal person to be a greeter in church.

Janet said...

Hi Nellie

It sounds like Dee had a wonderful birthday celebration. You always make things extra special and your food sounds yummy.
I did go back to work yesterday ( Monday) I am so tired and I have a lot of things I need to do. Thanks for the sweet comments.
Hope they figure out what is wrong with your van. I know that must be frustrating. I still need to BLOG about my new SUV.

Have a great day!
Love & blessings

Sonny G said...

I love apple green so anytime its used, its a Party to me..

busy here too. working- trying to choose items for the living room. I cant even think about the dining and family rooms yet- oh yea or the guest room.. for a few minutes each day it feels a bit overwhelming so I stop- do some deep breathing and remind myself how blessed I am to even have such issues.. smile and carry on.
thanks for visiting me and always having good suggestions and kind words to say..