Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Table Top Tuesday - Loving the Beachy look Part 3

Hello Sweet Friends,

How are you doing today???
Very well,  I hope..........

My day has been good,  I have been a bit more
energetic today,  than yesterday, thank Goodness!

Just had a nice downpour,  quick but pretty heavy,
so that was nice, and am hoping it cools things off
a little.........that would be nice.  Am sure praying
for the Midwest folks and all of you who are in
drought conditions,  sounds so bad!!

Wanted to tell you or remind you if you haven't heard
to go by Chick-fil-a tomorrow (Wed. Aug. 1st) or
 sometime this week to show your support to them
for the beating they are taking over the support of
traditional family values...........where are we living
these days..........doesn't sound like America to me!!
Very Sad that people can't express their opinions
anymore without being threatened.  Ridiculous!

Well....I will step off my soapbox now,  and
show you some more Coastal living scenes
from my home...................

The header pic and the following pics are of my
serving cart that is between the family and dining room.

Changed out the cloche and added my new
 starfish and shells.

 My wedding hanky with shells

colored pencil affect!

The  pictures  below are the top of 
a filing cabinet in my hallway.

Very much like the look of a large leaf
in a vase all by its lonesome.  I have
seen that in Coastal living and Veranda

Can you tell what this is?? Hint, it is a whale!

Remember the bible story of Jonah and
the whale........well that guy sitting in there
would be a replica of Jonah!  Cute huh!!

Don't know if you could tell the plate
has shells around the edges.  Someone
has used these in a tablescape but can't
remember now who it was..........
If it is you and you see this tell me!!

I only have the one plate,  I found at Home
Goods,  and thought it would look nice
on a plate stand.

Well, have to say we are still 
really enjoying this beachy 
summer look...............

Hope you have a great evening
 and tomorrow......................

Thanks for coming by,
Love hearing from you!

I am linking up to Marty over
at Between Naps o the Porch.
so if you wanta see more 
Table Top ideas 
just click here!

Love, Hugs and 
Beachy Blessings,


  1. Have a great beachy summer; my favorite in your photos is the dainty wedding hanky and the shells on it. Lovely.
    Yes, let's pray for nice steady rain for the midwest.

  2. thats a great beachy look.. very romantic looking too.

  3. This is Melissa @ Daisy Mae Belle. Love your vignettes! My favorite place to be on the whole planet is at the beach (with my family!) I love to decorate with special shells that we have collected over the years.

  4. I have those same blue plates with the shells. They are a beautiful color. Very pretty vignette.

  5. The shells and hanky are a lovely touch.

  6. Love your vignettes. The shells are all so pretty and you have them displayed so beautifully. Great coastal feeling. Thanks for joining TTT.

  7. That looks really pretty! And you can stand on that soap box any day! I agree!

  8. So romantical...love this,and what really caught my attention was your wedding hanky with the shells,lovely!!..I bet when you were so carefully arranging this beautiful scape you had good memories or your wedding day.shucks I'm having wonderful memories for you,thanks for this pleasant sweet thoughts.


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