Monday, July 9, 2012

Table Top Tuesday - Loving the beachy look, part 2

Happy Monday to You!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Mine was good but busy, but a very good busy tho.
Told you I was working on a surprise,  so Friday 
I spent most of the day looking for carnations in
different colors,  and
 Saturday I spent most of the day doing mini bouquets, 
My friend and her hubby came over for pizza and salad
in the evening, and we worked on putting the bows 
and ribbons on. We were happy with the outcome.

In the midst of all this we had to have an A/C service
come out cause our air would not go below 79 and I
felt it  was warm not hot, but I was concerned it would
get worse and start wilting the flowers, so I was rotating
them in and out of the fridge.  The A/C guy said he
 couldn't  find anything wrong with it, and thought it had
 to do with our thermostat,  so he did some adjustments
 on that,  but I am not convinced about that

Either it is the A/C or ME!  But it sure feels hot at
night when we are sleeping.......... Guess time
will tell.................

Sunday was our usual Sunday,  but it contained our
special surprise I told you about in my Thankful Thursday 
post (in case you missed it,  just scroll down passed
this post).  The surprise was...........To show honor and 
appreciation to our 5 Pastors wives. 

 My hubby has been an elder in our church for over 20
 years,  and was head elder the last 2 years,  so the 
elders have been talking about doing this for the last
few meetings,  so they decided to get it done, so he
got the blessing of bestowing their cards and gifts
 along with some help from 5 other elders who 
brought out the bouquets, and he did the speaking 
and used the scripture about the Proverbs 31 wife.
I thought he did an outstanding job,  and we hope it
really blessed the ladies,  they also got a standing
ovation that was totally spontaneous,  when they
were called to the platform.  What a blessing it
was to us to be able to participate in that!

After church we got our fav smoothie,  came home
took a nap and watched some Pastors on Sunday
evening as we were whipped!  But it was a 
very good

Thought I would show you the beachy look I now
have in my dining room.  Course, did it weeks

And yeah,  that is a surf board,  it belongs to 
Scott,  it was in our garage so decided to haul
it in to go with my Coastal

Also dragged in a big ol water bottle I have had out
there for years and tied this starfish tag on with
raffia,  and put some palmetto palms in there.

I found this cute lil tags at Target in the dollar
area,  a pk of 8 for a buck.............
They were my inspiration actually!
I have them all over these 2 rooms.
Dining and Family room.

Finally made it to the table top!!  lol
just figured I would show you the whole room.
As you know by now,  I collect white pitchers
and cream pitchers,  so decided to use these
3 favorites.

Same picture but done in colored pencil. 
 I really liked this picture!
Looks way better blown up, so you might want to click on it.

Remember the recycled yankee candle jar lids???
Well, here they are with some raffia tied around
them,  and some sand in the bottom with the

The blue table runner is really a blue silvery scarf I found
at Ross for $5.00.  Loved how it looks...............

Shells, shells and more shells............
Can't be beachy without shells, right??

Posterized affect.

Love how the fringe is like strings,  thought that added to
the beachy look....................

The middle pitcher
Note, the lil starfish tag again!

 Posterized affect!

An overall dining room shot.

The pitcher to the Left

The pitcher to the Right.

I just happened on these neat starfish
that I have seen all over blogland, and
wondered where to get some.  Michaels
had lil boxes w/3 starfish in them for
$2.00 but I got them for $1.00.

Posterized affect

I really like them,  they are so neat!

Same pic with  a gradient map affect

 This is a lil stand sitting next to my china hutch 
in the dining room as well.

a closer look..............

Well,  hope you have enjoyed your Coastal tour,
as much as I am enjoying it in our home.

Have a great evening,  it is about to pour
down here or at least it looks like it.

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Thanks for coming by and looking forward
to hearing from you!

Hugs and Coastal Blessings,

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to see it...........just click here!


  1. Your Beachy Posts make me want to get to the Beach! Hope your week finds you busy, good, productive, and serving the Heavenly Father & others cheerfully.

  2. Love the way you wove the beachy theme into your lovely home. Very cool looking. Take care.

  3. I love the table setting. Your white pitchers are beautiful. I'm glad the pastor's wives enjoyed their presentations! I would go crazy without A/C!! Hope it gets resolved soon!

  4. How fun..I love the beach, I think I might go soon, it's close to my daughter's home! Loving those pretty white pitchers and also the beautiful tablescape, nice, fresh and inviting. Thank you for your visit to see my salmon don't have to do fish, you can do shrimp, chicken breast, the fish of your choise, pork, and all the veggies you want! Have a happy week.

  5. You have been busy, Nellie! It's nice to do for others and brings such a blessing when we do it.

    I like beachy, because I am a beachy girl! Hubby and I just got home from the beach actually. Love your white pitchers on the pretty blue with the seashells. Thanks for sharing and have a delightful week.


  6. Great beachy look, Nellie, & I love your white pitchers!

  7. I love your beachy look! I think the surf board is a neat idea and love the milk pitchers. Thanks for coming by my blog and leaving kind words. Peggy~PJH Designs

  8. Nellie,
    Thanks for linking up and sharing your cute beach centerpiece idea. Have a great day.

  9. What? Oh my gosh! I always throw out my Yankee Candle lids. Now I know better!

  10. Hi, Nellie. This is my first time visiting your blog. I also love the beach/nautical theme in decor. In fact, I've been dreaming about and looking all over the internet for decorating ideas and posted them on my most recent blog post. I just started following you, too. Feel free to stop on over at my blog and join me at
    I also have a second blog that is more focused on faith and following Christ called
    So nice to have found you!

  11. I love your beachy theme and your table is so lovely!


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