Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Heart Tips Tuesday - Three new Products

Morning Sweet Friends,

How are ya today??  Feeling good??
  Ready for a new day??  Course, 
doesn't really matter if we are
 or not, right??
Cause the new day is here.....

I am doing well, just doing some laundry and
 have played a couple of games of wii tennis,
 hoping to boost my metabolism a bit.  Put on a few
 pounds while on vacation, on top of some pounds
 I already needed to take off,  but am
 just having no success..........

I am wondering if it is that new number of
60 that I picked up this year!!  Sure hope
not or I maybe in trouble!  lol
Have increased my protein intake and trying
to drink more water too.
Well, enough about that..................

Thought I would share with you  some new 
products that we have tried fairly recently, 
so thought you might like to know about them, 
if you haven't seen them yet!!

Even if you don't have heart problems but
just want to eat healthy or if you have cholesterol
problems and don't want the hydrogenated or
partially hydrogenated oils, like a heart patient,
these are good for that,  they have healthy oils.

As you can see in the picture above the Bruce's sweet potato
 mix has the American heart Assoc. symbol on it.  These
 pancakes are absolutely delish,  and one pack makes about
 6 pancakes.

The Krusteaz mix makes about 6 delicious muffins,
We like that because we don't have so many to eat all at
once...........All you do is add water and shake it up and
 pour it in the pan............and of course, bake it!!  lol
We have only tried the cinnamon,  but they were
a hit to say the least.

Think I may have shared the BelVita breakfast cookies
or biscuits as they call them, with you before,  but we
 had only tried the Blueberry ones,  which are delicious, 
 but since we have tried the apple cinnamon,  another hit, 
 and then they have one called Golden Oat,  and they are
 good too, but the first 2 are out favs.  The golden oat
 taste like graham crackers,  which is good because
even graham crackers have bad oils.

Always remember that even tho some foods are healthy
 for you,  doesn't mean you can eat them all day long and 
for every meal, they still have to fit in with a normal diet.

  I say that because I have seen people that really think
 oh, this is healthy,  so I can eat all I want of this!

The only thing you can eat all you want of is veggies
and fruits,  but even the fruits need to be limited to
about 3 a day,  and maybe less if you have sugar
problems.  Plus you have to watch what you put
on those veggies as well..................

Anywho................just thought you might like to
try these....................

Thanks for stoppin by.........
always love to hear from you!

Have a Healthy and Fun Day!

Hugs and 
Yummy Breakfast Blessings,

Remember Laughter is 
 good medicine for the soul............
So Huck it up some!!  lol


  1. It's nice that you post the products that you find and enjoy for us with heart problems! Those cookies look really good! Enjoy your day Nellie!

  2. Hi Nellie,

    Thank you so much for stopping to visit me. I started making cards a few years ago and truly love it. Of course, in the summer I am busy gardening and don't have as much time. I will have to look more into the products you have written about. I always say I want to eat better and/or smarter.

  3. That muffin thing looks so easy to make. Wow!

  4. Im sure these could be made to taste pretty good, interesting post. Richard


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