Friday, July 13, 2012

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - July 12, 2012

(These pics are all from last year)
Hi Sweet Friends,

This intro is gonna be quick as I am posting this
from my SIL's computer,

I am thankful
for exercise and the health that it brings, and all the 
variety of ways that we can get exercise.

I am thankful
our Sunday school class and our sweet Sunday
School teacher and his wife, and for all the neat
things we have learned and been reminded of.
So many things you know but get out of the
habit of doing for some reason or other, so
we have recaptured some.......

I am thankful
for our 5 Wonderful and Godly Pastors and their 
lovely supportive wives,  and so glad that things
went well last Sunday.

I am thankful
for our wonderful church that we have been a 
part of for almost 32 years,  and for our
church family and friends

I am thankful
and overjoyed that a dear friend of ours is going
 to be coming back to our church, as she has been
 away for quite a few years now, thru no fault of
her own.

I am thankful
that we are getting more rain,  and hoping it cools
the temps down some,  that would be great!

I am thankful
that we were able to be a blessing to a good friend 
of ours,  and that she was so happy she cried.............
you know it's good then for sure!  lol

I am thankful
for a fun date night with hubby last evening.  We
went to dinner, a movie and had frozen yogurt,
so we did it up

I am thankful
for this new frozen yogurt discovery.
We hadn't planned on the frozen yogurt but when
we got out of the movies...  it is in a nice lil plaza
area,  and it was so much cooler out than usual  so
 we decided to take a lil stroll and came upon this fun 
new discovery "Menchies frozen yogurt" . It is really
 a neat place, they have all sort of flavors and then they
 have all sorts of toppings,  and you get it yourself,
and then they weigh it to get your price.  Interesting!
We just got one cup and since it was the end of the
 evening these nice young men gave us a free waffle
 cone in a cup to put our yogurt in,  we got the
pecan praline  flavor and put a few choc. chips on
 it.  It was really quite an unexpected delight, and 
we will definitely probably visit there again soon.

Don't you just love serendipititous surprises???

If you do.....................
Just type in Menchies frozen yogurt and you can
see if they have one in your area.  It is at the bottom
of the page where they have locations and they also
tell you all the flavors they have as well.

I am thankful
that I have finally won 2 matches on wii tennis,
now know you think that sounds stupid,  but it
is pretty hard to win, and you have to play the
same people over and over again, and I can't
wait to get new players,  you must have to win
so many matches before it changes,  hope once
I win another one,  it will

I am thankful
that I got to spend the evening with the same
dear friend that I told you about earlier, the
one coming back to our church.  It has been
quite awhile since I have seen her,  so we had
a lot to catch up on...............

I am thankful
that I can post this from my sister-in-laws computer.
Cause ours is down and I had this mostly ready.

It will probably be awhile till you hear from me again,
as think we need a new modem,  had a big crash of
thunder that shook the house,  set off neighbors
alarm system,  and are sprinklers,  and was leaving
a comment on someone's blog,  and it stuck right

Happened to come by Susan's and was telling her
if she needed to talk to me to call cause our computer
was down,  so she asked if she could still comment
on Thankful Thursday and I said No, think I lost we decided to check on her computer
and it was there,  so here you go!!
Have a great Friday and Weekend,

Love, Hugs,
and working computer Blessings!!  lol


  1. #1. I shall see how my exercise will go on Sunday, ha!
    #2. I have just started back to Sunday School this passed quarter. I've been unable to since I was in the sound booth. I now video tape the first service, so I'm able to attend S.S. What a blessing it is. I haven't been in years and I've certainly missed it!
    #3. When I stop and think all that goes on and the leadership of all of our pastors, I'm amazed at the witness our church has for our community.
    #4. I can't believe how many years I have been going and most of them dealing with the assistance in the sound booth! I am so blessed to now continue with the video taping!
    #5. What joy for our church family!
    #6. I just love the afternoon rains (without the lightening!)
    #7. Amen!
    #8. WOW, the joys of the LORD's blessing continue on!!!
    #9. Another blessing of enjoying sweets! Mine today was a Klondike Heathbar!
    #10. Noooo! I know how hard that would be! It's harder than bowling! You go girl!!!
    #11. Isn't it great that this friendship will carry on into Eternity!!
    #12. However long you need to use it, Nellie, you are welcome. You and Jim have done so much for me and my computer problems!
    I love you all so much! Love, Susan

  2. Hope it's not too costly a "fix" for your computer. We got a bit of rain this morning & hoping for more!

  3. I just posted under the title "Serendipity"! Then came over here and found you used a form of the word :)

    So sad to hear about your computer problem, Nellie. I'd be kind of LOST if that happened to me...


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