Wednesday, July 25, 2012

White Wednesday - Love Cloche

Greetings Sweet Friends,

So how are things in you world today??
Going well,  I hope.

I am doing fine,  been having a lil bit of trouble with my neck
 again...too much wii tennis....I suspect!!  lol
Have a routine chiropractor visit this afternoon,  so the 
timing of it  was just right thankfully.

Not much going on around here today,  just the usual every
day chores.  Dee came last night and did my hair and it was
so nice to have a few hours alone with her.  Everytime I see
her I can just see her maturing more and more.  Told you I
got her something for her new home.  It was a runner type
rug for in front of her sink, in the kitchen and she loved it!
I always tell her if you don't like this,  we can take it back
 and get something you like better,  cause our taste is not
 always the same of course,  but I pretty much have an eye 
for what she likes because it was the same type of things
I liked when I was her age,  very modern and clean lines.
So was very happy she liked it so much.  

I actually did this Cloche for the Cloche Party over
at A stroll thru life,  but had so many pictures just
decided to keep these for White Wednesday today.

Hope you enjoy them!

Love love love how these LOVE blocks look under glass.

 These were taken with the breakfronts light on.

Had a tulle bow left from Dee's reception so
thought it would make a nice addition.
I really liked the ethereal look it gives!

With Paint daubs affect!

It is not easy to see but the ribbon tails  flow out onto the
table top beyond where the flowers and rose petals are.

 With a cool warming filter affect

 with cool warming filter and poster edges affect

with colored pencil affect!

 You can see the ribbon tails more in this picture.
I turned the breakfront light off and used a flash with
these pictures,  but this one also has the warming filter too.

with posterized affect!

Am linking up to Kathleen over at
Faded Charm cottage,  so want to 
see lovely whites............

I have linked up to Marty 
over at a Stroll thru life,  so if you 
want to see more creative cloches

Hope you have a Great Day
Thanks for stopping by!!

Hugs and
                       Blessings of Love 
              to You and yours,



  1. I love your LOVE blocks. Very pretty under glass.

  2. Hi Sweetie..

    Love the LOVE blocks.. what a great thing to put in a cloche.
    it looks so pretty..

    I hope all is well with you and yours..

    hugs and blessings to You

  3. This is such a pretty and elegant cloche. Love the blocks and the ribbon is such a beautiful addition. Thanks so much for adding it to the party. Hugs, Marty

  4. How Sweet! And I love all your photography effects!
    Thanks for stopping by today. I can't believe it has been a whole month since I blogged...2 whole months of working on the play and so much work!!!

    I was thinking of you too. We are praying about what to do with our house in FL. Please join us so that we might discern God's will.
    Thanks dear one. Sending my love to you and yours~

  5. Your display is very pretty! I would love a nice cloche!


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