Thursday, July 26, 2012

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - July 26, 2012

So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord,
 continue to live your lives in him, rooted and built
 up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were
 taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.
Colossians 2:6-7

Evening Sweet Peas,

Hope this finds you well and happy
and that you have had a good week!

Mine has been pretty busy some days and quiet others, 
 but they have been good days..............
There is usually something praise worthy in every day
if we just look to find it, granted, there are some days
you have to look hard,  but the blessings are there.

So with that said,  I will share mine.........

I am thankful
that we heard from hubbies Cardiologist
office yesterday that the results of his
echocardiogram were fine!  Didn't expect
a problem,  but always nice when you get
 confirmation of that!  God is good!

I am thankful
for the really sweet time we had with
Scott and Megan on Sunday.

I am thankful
that they closed on their new home
today,  and will be moving in over the
weekend.   So Exciting for all of us.

I am thankful
that a friend called this week and told
me that a book I had given her is really
helping her.............God is great!

I am thankful
for two new discoveries right in our area.

One is the "smallcakes" cupcake bakery.
Decided to go use their buy 1 get one
free coupon, so got a chocolate peanut
butter one and a carrot cake one. The
aroma in that place is to die for........

Have only tried the choc. peanut butter
one so far, and yum it was very good!
Unfortunately, the chocolate pb cup
melted off......... while I checked out  the
 other  fun new serendipitous place.

Carrot Cake.........ummmmmmmmmmm

I need to find out if they have coffee cause I can 
definitely see us going in for a lil treat there every 
once in awhile..................
Gotta try out the other flavors ya know.................
just wouldn't be friendly not to do that!!  lol

Hungry yet???  lol

I am thankful
for the new Yomii frozen yogurt place.
I think that must be a new term taken from
the wii games.  lol
I think it means You/Me get some yogurt!! lol

They make small smoothies,  so since it was 
right in the same strip mall as the cupcakery......
 just couldn't pass up a chance to try out the
 new yogurt place as well.  Right???

I had a white chocolate macadamia nut and
 coconut frozen yogurt smoothie with added
 almonds. Absolutely delicious...........
but probably had way more calories that what 
I have any idea of...........but it was non fat and
has calcium, right!  lol

That is why I didn't eat the cupcake
 until today!  lol  Actually I only ate half of the 
cupcake, saved the other half for hubby and
 we still have the carrot cake one to eat yet!  
Looking forward to tonight!!  Yum!!
Will let you know if we like it or not!! lol

Had the carrot cake one after dinner
and it was verrrryyy good.

I am thankful
that Dee and Jerry loved their new red and
tan kitchen rug,  she said it added some more
color to their kitchen.  Makes me happy
that liked it so much.

I am thankful
for the dishwasher and washing detergent
recipes I found online from other bloggers.
Am planning to try the detergent one soon,
cause Dee and I had talked about it, and both
of us would rather spend our money on doing
something fun or buying something yummy to eat
or  pretty to look at.  I also have a single parent friend
 with 3 children, who is doing everything to cut corners
 and says she spends so much money on detergent,
 so thought we could try it out and give her some and 
see if she likes it.... then maybe we can teach her how
 to do it.  The lady that has the blog said she thought it 
was actually better and that her clothes look brighter
 to her. So can't wait to try it,  only need 4 ingredients,
so got some yesterday,  but still gotta find the other,
20 mule team borax.  Actually, I have some but don't
have enough left.  Wally world usually carries it,  but
they were out right now.

If you are interested and  would like to check out the
 ladies blog with the recipe and instructions,  she
even gives you labels to download.

I am thankful
that our church is sponsoring a number of
mission trips this is to Haiti.
Although most are not going in person. I think it 
is great that there are ways that our whole
 congregation can go in spirit by being a part of it,
thru prayer, by getting needed supplies, or helping
prepare things before they go, and I love that...... 
cause it is such a priviledge and delight to be able
 to help others, especially those that are
 experiencing such hardship

I am thankful
for a long but fun conversation with a friend
this morning.  She is such a transparent
and dead honest person, and so funny,
 and I love that about her.

I am thankful
for multi-grain Ciabiatta bread from wally
world.  Have never had it before but I just
made an awesome grilled Ham and
cheese sandwich with it.  Yummo!

Just in case you aren't familiar with the
term Wally World.
Wally World is my words for Walmart!
We live near Disney World, so it fits
with our next of the woods, but forget
others may think it is a new store. 

I am thankful
for Air conditioning which I have said
before but I am also truly grateful
for overhead paddle fans during this hot
time of the year especially.  Have been
sitting under my a lot lately with the combo
of the temps soaring and my own Tropical
heat waves happening in my body,  it is
truly a God Send!!  and has been for many
years now.................

Just got the mail and so had to come back
and add one more to make a bakers dozen.

I am thankful
for the sweet surprise I just got in my mail
box from a dear friend of over 30 years.
Remember the lady who helped me with
the boquets a few weeks back,  well, she
was the bestower of joy, can't wait to show
you the pretty's next week.  So Sweet and
 best of all such an unexpected surprise.

                                             Thanks so much  Carol..............
                     Your are such a Sweetie............
just in case you happen to be reading today!

Happy you could come by today,

It is always great to hear from you.

Have a Really Great Weekend 
with your Family and/or Friends
 or furry friends.

Love, Hugs and
Cupcake and Yogurt Blessings,


  1. Cloches and cupcakes! You've been a busy beaver :)

    What a wonderful way to spend your life -- creating lovelies and counting your blessings! I'm sure this will be a busy weekend as daughter & SIL make their big move. How very exciting for ALL of you....

  2. Hi dear Nellie, As always I am blessed by your gratitude list! The cupcake looks so good and the smoothie sounds good-right now I've got a spinach/kale/strawberry/ apple and peach one going-so good and healthy. I know whose detergent recipe you are using-let me know how it goes.
    Hugs today.

  3. What a fun thankful list! I am too am thankful for cupcakes! lol I'm also thankful for the upcoming special Olympic evening we have planned tonight. Can't wait to have fun with my precious family!

  4. The strawberries look so delicious! And so does the cupcake. Glad you were able to use a coupon. The detergents sound great. I keep saying we're going to do that and I'm going to go to her blog and see how she does her recipes! Hope you're having a good weekend. Just came in from the garden with hubby. We had a huge storm here on Thursday and it really did a "number" on some of our plants, especially the tomatoes...trying to rescue them and I hope we were able to! We lost a few pumpkins also and I won't go into our sweet pea plants! Enjoy your Saturday!

  5. #1. Praise the LORD from whom all blessings flow!
    #2. Time is precious, even more so with family!
    #3. Yeah, Yeah, yahoo!
    #4. I know that feeling! Thank the Holy Spirit for His leading!
    #5. I'll have to find out from you where it is. Do they have seats you can sit in to enjoy your cupcakes?
    #6. WOW, cupcakes and smoothies!!!
    #7. The colors she is using are really pretty! I can hardly wait to see their new furniture!
    #8. You ought to have a "party" and invite those that would like to make their own soap!
    #9. If I were younger, I would have loved to have gone. Too many aches, tiredness happens now and I would not be a help!
    #10. GOD is so good in the different characters He gives to His children!
    #11. I've been doing ham roll ups. The large slices of ham with lettuce, onion, and tomato inside.
    #12. Yes!!! I have a new fan that really blows through the room! Sam can hardly wait to lay in front of it! (Sam's my old 14 year old lab mix.)
    #13. Surprises reminds me of the surprises the LORD has instore for those who love Him!
    Love to you and all of the family!


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