Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy Monday!

(Pictures here and below of my Friday Mailbox Surprise)

A Great Good Day to you
Sweet Friends,

It is a gorgeous day here, I have to say,
 at least it was this morning when I
 started this

Hope you all had a fun yet
 restful weekend.

Our's was great,  a very relational weekend,
which started on Friday.....spent most of the day
 with Susan (My SIL) yakking, eating and catching
 up,  a very nice time together.  Friday night both
hubby and I were exhausted,  since his boss was
here all week,  they worked later than usual every
night plus he didn't get to work at home on Weds.,
so that all sufficiently wore him out.  Unfortunately,
 we did have to do the yard so we did most of it on
 Friday, but since he worked an hour later we only
got the front and side yard done, then we watched
a movie and exercised on the gazelle.  Saw another
 good movie called "Time Changer".

Saturday we slept in and had planned to do nothing
so we could rest up,  as we were going over to help
Scott and Megan at their new home on Sunday.
Spent the day talking, eating and reading,  until
late afternoon then hubby quickly mowed the back
yard,  as Megan called and said they were just
hanging out and did we want to come see the house.
We hadn't eaten yet, so asked them if they had,
and she hadn't,  so we picked up some subs and
went over.  We could not believe they had the
major areas of the house all set up, walls decorated
 and all.  Megan's Mom and a girlfriend had come 
over and helped out as well,  as the guys, Jerry
being one of them, that helped  move all their
 furniture.  It is really a lovely house,  and they
 already have made it a lovely home.  Thank-
fully it was move in ready, all freshly painted
and brand new carpeting.  It's in a really great
neighborhood as well,  we are so happy for them.

Sunday was our usual morning,  to Sunday
School and church,  only hubby was teaching
Sunday School this week, and will be for the
next few Sundays while our SS teacher is
away on a Trip,  his Mother passed away, and
they had planned to go there anyway,  just 
wound up leaving a week earlier than planned.
After church we picked up some food from
Sonny's,  came home and changed clothes
and headed over to Scott and Megans,  had
lunch and then the guys hung blinds and
did some plumbing work,  while she and I
chatted,  she was pretty worn out.  I cleaned
a few windows for her,  just remembered
I forgot to do the outside of the other patio
french door! It was so hot I came in to take
 a break and we got talking and I  forgot
 to go back out!  lol

Think we left around 7 ish,  and hubby 
wanted to try the new Yomii yogurt place,
so fortunately, it was open.  they had a
nonfat, no added sugar strawberry 
yogurt that was awesome,  so I got that
and put a tiny bit of strawberry syrup,
and fresh strawberries on top.  Hubby
had vanilla, strawberry and Taro flavor.
I was thinking, Taro flavor?? That is a 
root looking  plant like ginger,  but I tell
you the yogurt was was
lavendar color and had a nutty taste,
will definitely be getting some the next
time if they have it.  They do change up
the flavors,  they didn't have the white
chocolate macadamia nut this time.

Came home watched a few Pastors and
we were both falling asleep so we got
ready for bed, and were in bed by
10:00 which is really good for us!  lol
Slept like babies..................
It was a very good and happy weekend!!

Oh..........I just remembered I wanted
to show you my sweet suprise that came
in the mail on Thursday.  I already took
pics just have to load them on the computer,
so will make one a header picture probably.

As you can see I did............
.this is the lovely tag she made for me.

 I absolutely love it,
 she did it in a coastal theme, cause
she knew my house is done with a coastal 
or Beachy theme right now.

 You can see the lil starfish better in this pic,  and the shell
on the tag with my initial.  I think it is so adorable.

Had to do one in colored pencil.

 She even made it lovely on the back so I can use it in my
white livingroom too,  if I want..........................Anything
she makes is always exquistely done.

 Again, with all my initials

 Wish I could have gotten the pic to show up a lil better,
but this was as good as I could get.  It is an adirondack chair
with a beautiful  white fringed afghan or spread with a 
white chrysanthemum on top.

Just did a shot with it in my living room to see
how it looked.  Looks great to me!

This was a thank you card she made as well,  but couldn't
 capture the front very well.  It was shell embossed cream
 paper, so pretty! and even lovelier words................This was 
the top of a cello bag,  it was a shell that was cross cut
 and tied on with raffia.

and these were some Real Starfish.  I had gotten some at
Michaels,  but they turned out to be plaster of paris......
I showed them to her when she was here.....and was
 saying they aren't real but I like them anyway..........
but was
really thrilled with the real ones!

Loved this shot in colored pencil

Don't you just love surprises of any kind!
They just make life so enjoyable, fun
and sweet............................

Hope you are having a good Monday
Thanks for stoppin' by.......

Looking forward to hearing
 from you!!

Hugs and
Sweet mailbox Surprise
Blessings to you too!



Sonny G said...

sounds like a wonderful weekend and wow what a great gift you got ,, Love the tags and the starfish..

seems we're all going coastal lately.. I tried adding a little blue but thats all I'll be adding cause I am a sand n shells kinds girl and if it drifts too far away from taupy beige I cant handle it.
well ok I can love green but my daughter says- green isnt a color lol..

thanks so much for visiting me.

hugs and blessings

Unknown said...

What a lovely gift- especially to get it in the mail too!

Cinderella Moments said...

I'm still alive! I've been just so busy. So I decided to put the giveaway to take up time on my blog. But I've had so many dollhouse orders that I'm still way busy. Loving it! And thanking God for this incredible opportunity.
I'm glad to see you are keeping busy too. Soon I'll be hearing that you are becoming a Grandma! They are all making their nests and it's the logical next step. Right?
Love your gift!! Have a gorgeous week! :)

BECKY said...

You guys are so great...helping out the kids so much! I know they are so blessed by all the helpful and gracious things you do!!

And those tags are gorgeous! Lucky you! Did Mardi make those? What a joy! They look like they could be the work of Carol N., too!
You're getting back some of the joy you so freely give! Love that!

Hope we can work out some time together this week! Sam and kids are here. I will email you in a little bit.

Love ya!

Lois Christensen said...

Sounds like a great weekend. The yogurt place sounds great. I absolutely love yogurt. I've been enjoying Greek yogurt bc I watch my sugar intake and find it makes a nice breakfast for me. Hope you're having a nice day!

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