Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Monday!!

Happy Monday Sweet Peas,

So how was your weekend??
Do anything fun??
Do anything creative??

Our's was quiet and restful....we did a
little yardwork, played some cards,
watched a movie,  can't even remember
what it was called now, and exercised.
Exciting stuff!!  lol

.  Hubby did some work towards his business
 and I worked on Thanksgiving cards.
That was our creative work!!  

Today I have just been making out my
Thanksgiving menu and making my
shopping list so we can get most of it
out of the way before next week when
the stores get crazy.
sending out some ecards to folks who
aren't feeling well.
Can't believe it is already 4:20,  amazing
how quickly these days goes anymore!!

Thought I would stick in a few pics of our Fall
decorations since they will be changing very

Wanted to show you another fun surprise
we recieved from some dear friends,  it was
 actually  late birthday presents for both of us,
  but I think they were right on time!!

Aren't these adorable mugs,
and with gift certificates for our favorite
smoothies!!  What a sweet surprise
and blessing!!

God is so good to give us family,  and
also good to give us good friends!!

Some stick closer than a brother or a sister!!  
as Proverbs says.

Also wanted to show you something cute
we found at Michaels crafts!!

Actually hubby found them,  we tried to find some for 
Deeanna and Jerry too, but these were the only 2
we could find!!  They are only about 1/1/2" tall.
We already gave them to them,  cause we thought
they were such adorable ornaments, course, mainly
cause they have their names on them.

Hope you have a Marvelous Monday,

Thanks for taking the time to drop by
Love hearing from you,

Luvs and Hugs,


Patti said...

Ah, a little pink "Nellie Bear" mug and a blue "Jim Bear" mug. What a sweet gift.

And the snowmen are adorable too.

So, who are y'all hosting for Thanksgiving? More than just the 4 kids? Whomever y'all have over...I know they will be abundantly blessed by spending their holiday at your house. Such a gracious, loving, and hospitable spirit you have!!

Love and hugs,

BECKY said...

Hi Sweetie! I agree with Patti! What a blessing to share a wonderful Thanksgiving with you!! Love that you got a sweet "couple" gift, too!

Sorry I missed your call! This week is crazier than normal with school projects for Maddy and me trying to work on the shop!! I'm behind already! UGH!!

I could be available Thursday evening if you are and we are done with Maddy's prject that is due Friday!!

Call ya tomorrow!
Love ya bunches!

Sue said...

I started a crazy project over the weekend and finished yesterday. I actually went through all of our Christmas boxes and sorted things...then I took apart a huge box of bows and tree toppers from prior years. My house was glitter from top to bottom, so today...I had to dust and sweep and things are still sparkling! I really got a lot done and made extra space in the storage room. I'm also worn out!

Janet said...

Hi Nellie

I love your snowmen ornamnents with names. I always try to find some with my grandkids names. I love the snowmen because I collect them.
Fall is getting away from us. I love the Holiday season and all the happiness and joy that it brings.

Blessings & Hugs

sistersusiesays said...

Sorry, I 'm late (Wednesday!) I have been so lucky (until tonight) to not have any school work to do at home; that I just took the time to rest from everything!

I have more spreadsheet data collecting recording to do tonight.

The snow people are cute! There will be something else you will find just as cute with DeeAnna and Jerry's name on it! It then will be more personalized for them!

Lots of love to you and Jim,

Lois Christensen said...

I love the ornaments!! I remember one year being so happy because I found matching ornaments for both my children. You can ALWAYS find a "Michael" ornament but there are not many "Olivia" ornaments out there. So I know how happy you must be also!

Love the matching mugs. Very cute! And I love smoothies. Love, love, love them!

Rebecca said...

I like the kind of weekend you described! And your fall decorations are SO attractive.

I "did" autumn around Halloween and over the past couple of days have moved into winter/Christmas. Seems SO terribly early, but looking ahead, I'm not sure when I would have time to change things a few Christmas trees/wreaths are up -- just not decorated.