Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hobby Lobby and a fun day out!!

Morning Sweet Friends,

How ya doing today??
Doing fine,  I hope!!

We went out for the day yesterday to celebrate
 our Anniversary and had a great time!

 I had heard about a craft store for years from Becky
 over at Holiday in the sun, called Hobby Lobby!

Well,  we finally have 2  Hobby Lobby stores near
 to our area now so...............we spent about 4 hrs.
 there  yesterday.  We had such a fun time checking
that place out!!  Oh My,  they have a little bit of
 everything.  I was expecting just your usual crafts
and flowers,  but oh my goodness,  they have so
much home decor stuff!   It was neat to see all
the different style decor items they had,  some-
thing for everybody's taste!!  If you have to travel
and hour or so to get to one,  I can say it would
be totally worth your time and travel.

The same shopping center also had a Tuesday
Mornings, TJ Maxx, Bealls outlet and a dollar
store.  So we checked all those out as well.
Most of them weren't as good as the ones we
 have near us,  course, nothing could compare
 after being in Hobby Lobby.

Oh Yea,  and I forgot to mention that I think
 they have very reasonable prices.....Most
 everything was 50% off, even their Christmas
 things,  and I sorta think the Company might
 be christian owned or that they have a christian
 buyer, because they have lots of things like:
 nativity sets, (don't know how long it has been
since I have seen those anywhere) dayspring 
cards, plaques and things that have scripture
 verses and stuff like that,so got me to

I decided to go to hobby Lobby and check
out their website.  Guess what???  I was
right they are christian owned and operated
and they close on Sundays!!
If you go to their site they even have a purpose
statement.  So neat!
I will certainly be giving them as much business
 as possible once our non-essential money
freeze is over!!  lol
No wonder I liked their store so much,  you
can just sense the spirit there!!
I love those lil surprises................

After all that shopping,  we were tired and
hungry as you might imagine so...........
we headed on over to Carabbas to use
our sweet gift certificate one of our couples
gave to us a month or so ago,  we saved
it...just  for this special occasion.

We absolutely love their food,  we always
get the same thing, we are such creatures
of habit!!  Have you ever had what they
call Tagliarini Pennapuchi or something
like that!!   I am sure it probably is not
spelled exactly like that!! lol
But it is mighty delicious....It is a pasta
dish with sauteed tomatoes, garlic, basil
and olive oil,  and we add meatballs!! 
Then of course, it comes with yummy
bread and salads.  Made us happy
campers for sure!!

Gotta get busy,  cause we are counseling
tonight, but just wanted to say Hello.

I am hoping to post on Tablescape 
Thursday tonight by 10:00,  so I can do 
Thankful Thursday tomorrow night! 

Hope you have a warm and Wonderful

Thanks for dropping by..........

Hugs and Blessings Galore!


Bonnie said...

Oh such fun. I cannot imagine my Jim staying in any store for 4 hours, not even his beloved hardware stores. He is a fidgety shopper to say the least. So I do most of that kind of stuff with my friends or daughters. So good for you! I think it is great that you both go.

I hope your anniversary was fantastic and I am sure it was. Anniversaries are a great time to remember and reflect on a good life together.

I am about to make a hotel reservation for us for Jim's birthday. We are going to a Christmas musical in Sacramento called, "The Forgotten Carols" written and produced by a church member. We are excited to see it, it has never come to CA before so we jumped on it.
His birthday is the day after Thanksgiving but we are going on the 22nd to avoid the higher rates during that long weekend. So there is always something fun to celebrate, isn't there?

Love you...B

A Hopeful Heart said...

Your anniversary dinner celebration sounds wonderful and delicious. I LOVE Italian food, though I've never been to Carabbas.

Wow, 4 hours in Hobby Lobby!!! I can't imagine that. However, I'm not crafty in the least, so perhaps that's why I can't imagine it. We have one near us, opened about a year ago, but I've never been there...I still tend to run to JoAnns for things like fabric or embroidery floss. I will have to check it out sometime. I love that it is closed on Sundays.

Thanks so much for your lovely recent email about my surrendering my "need another child" desire. I'll be writing back to you ASAP, but please know that I am doing well. I really feel born again, again. Letting go of idols has that affect!!!

Love you,