Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Just in case you wondered.................

Evening Sweet Friends,

Hope you are having a good week so far!!

Just in case you wondered what
happened to me this week..............

We had a good weekend, and all was
going well until about 1:00 P.M. on Monday,
then,  I got a call that my step-sister passed
away on Saturday afternoon,  so my heart has
 been a  bit heavy and sad.  I think I was some
what in shock,  even tho,  we knew the news
wasn't good I think I just didn't expect it so
soon, and was really hoping for a miracle.
But................She really did get a miracle,
it just wasn't the one we were hoping for.

The great news is she did know the Lord,
and she is probably having a grand time with
 Him and probably has reunited with her Mom,
and my dad (her step-dad) and my Grand
mother,  who have already gone on before us!!

What a comfort it is to know that!!  But she
will certainly be missed.  She was a sweetie
and had the biggest prettiest smile you
every saw.  I have just been quietly reflecting
on so many memories I have of her from
when I was really young and we lived 
together or nearer each other.  Aren't 
good memories just the best!!  and such
a comfort that we have them!!
Enough said!!

How about those election results???
Anybody as happy about them as us???
I sure hope so!!

I tell you those 140 days of prayers that
have been going up that many Pastors 
in our country started have certainly paid
off big time.  We need to remember that
this is just the beginning of possible change,
and we need to stay on the prayers so
we can continue to see bigger and better
results.  God loves to answer the prayers
of his people.

So......... why I am at it................ and I apologize
for being so late again!!

If you are participating in the 140 days of prayer
with Charles Stanley, this is week 18 and our
scripture for this week is Hebrews 12:25-29,
and we are to pray about Natural Disasters.

I really feel we didn't have any hurricanes 
this year because of all the prayer going
up for our nation!!

Well,  Sweet Folks,

Have a Blessed Evening,

Drop by tomorrow................

Love, Blessings and Hugs,


Bonnie said...

Nellie, I just had a feeling that something had happened. I am so sorry about our step-sister. I love to remember the memories of the past as well. What a blessing that we have them t comfort us and I truly believe in eternal families and I believe there are these great reunions of which you speak. You take it easy, OK?

I loved seeing the wake up call issued yesterday to the current administration. I am concerned about the craziness of voting in CA. This state is is crazy liberal that it is always disconcerting to see the results. I'll have to send you a private e-mail about what we think is happening over here to completely threaten the family as God instituted it. CA is the big swing state so they are all lining up to start it all over again. Argh. Vermont is looking better all the time.

Love you sweet friend. God is in charge His plan is in place. She is in a better place waiting for the rest of us to one day join her in heaven our true home.

Love you....B

Janet said...


I have been wondering where you were and was started to get concerned. I am sorry to hear about he loss of your step sister. It is great that she knew the Lord and the comfort you must feel knowing she is with him now.

I am glad you are back. Have a good day!
Blessings & Love

Jess said...

Oh Nellie,
I am so sorry to hear about your loss.
At our age, our lives are filled with so many "Good-byes." Praise GOD that as believers, these are just temporary "so longs."
I too long for the REUNION that awaits us when we won't miss our loved ones any longer and we won't be homesick any more because we will be with JESUS!