Friday, November 19, 2010

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - November 18, 2010

Be joyful always, pray continually, give thanks
in all circumstances for this is God's will for  you
in Christ Jesus.
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Greetings Sweet Friends,

So.....what kind of week have
you been having???

Hope things are going well for
you and yours.

Things are going well over here.
I am happy to say that my Thanksgiving
menu and most of the food shopping
 is done.

Have also been working on our table,
and I have that pretty much worked out
just still working on the centerpiece.
Hopefully, I can finish that today,
if my creative juices are flowing.  lol

So guess my
 thankful would be that 
I am thankful 
I have accomplished all of the above
 because it keeps the stress down, 
 and I just love that!!

I am thankful
for God's continued provision for us.
Hubby got more work from his old Co.
again.  God is always right on time,
he has been so amazingly faithful,
and we are soooooooo grateful!!

I am thankful
for some really quick answers to 
prayer this week.  Love when the Lord
does that,  it is so reassuring.

I am thankful
for my hubbies old boss and his old
Company because they are the financial
source God has chosen to provide for us.

I am thankful
for yard work we got done this week,
and for fallen leaves that we can rake
up and they become free mulch!
Love that too!!

I am thankful
for God's protection over Scott.
He was driving in the early hours of
the morning in a remote area of Fla.
when a large dog ran in front of him
and he barely had time to hit the brakes,
 so of course, he hit the dog going 50 mph. 
 and killed the poor dog,  we are sad to say,
 but so thankful, Scott is fine!

I am thankful
for an unordered shipment of Gevalia
coffee that we rec'd this week. Told
 them I didn't order it, and would just
ship it back, and they said they would 
give it to me at 50% off and I said No,
 I would just ship it back, so the girl
 said, I'll just make it a Christmas
 present!!  Believe it or not,  this
same thing happened last year!!
It was a fun surprise blessing from
the Lord then,  just as it is now!!

I am thankful
that hubby is making progress on
things towards his business.  He has
a great idea, and I think it is gonna
really go somewhere when the Lord
is ready!

I am thankful
for the internet, not just because
of blogging and email, but because
you can find all sorts of helpful
information. I was having a problem
with my had a wierd texture
all of a sudden, and was hard to do
anything with it,  sorta limp and
heavy so thought maybe I needed a
clarifying shampoo,  so typed in
"Best Clarifying shampoo"  and one
came up called "Neutregena, Anti
Residual shampoo",  it had tons of
positive reviews, so looked up a
store near me and went and bought
it.  Had to use it several times
and now,

I am thankful
that it worked, and my hair is back to it's
 bouncy behaving self....and Dee is coming 
tonight to do my hair, and to have dinner with us.

Didn't get to finish before Dee Arrived,
so will finish now.

I am thankful
for the fun time Dee and I had while
she was here,  I love talking with her
cause sometimes she just cracks me
up, and sometimes she warms her
Mother's heart.  
She did a great job on my hair as
usual,  it came out a wee bit darker
than usual,  but that was my fault.
I decided to try a different brand of 
haircolor (same shade) just in case the 
old one was what might be causing my 
earlier hair issues.
I like it tho,  and it is nice and silky
and manageable once again.  Yeah!!
we got to keep Rosie till Thanksgiving!!

I am thankful
for my fairly new oven,  it is not quite
2 years old, but has been such a blessing.
I made our entire din din in the oven
tonight and I am thankful it came out so
 good,  hubby said it was primo dinner!!
Lemon pepper panko coated Tilapia
Baked potatoes
Oven Roasted Brocoli
foccacia bread w/ dipping spices/olive oil

Have you ever tried oven roasted brocoli???

All I can say..... is you gotta try it
It is really soooooooo good!!


Well Sweet Peas,  that's my Thankful's
for this week.

How bout you???  

Thanks for stopping by and for all your
sweet and encouraging  comments.
They are always a blessings

Have a Fun Friday!!

Love, Hugs, and Thanksgiving Blessings
to You and Yours,


♥ Sonny ♥ said...

Hi Nellie...

Another great post from you and so helpful too..

I am very grateful for you allowing us a peek into your life-- its almost like being there with you..

I am also thankful for all my blessings, which are too numerous to type here..

I'm thankful for you sharing the shampoo information, as my hair has also had a weird texture for about 6 months.. I'm going to search and buy it..

I'm thankful for your visit to my blog last week.. Anytime I see your smiling face , is a better day for me..

Happy Day to you and yours and may all good things be in your life...


Janet said...

Hi Nellie

It is great that you are almost finished with your menu planning. I will be doing that this weekend.

You will have to post a picture of you so we can see the new hair color. My hair grows like crazy and I have been letting it grow out alittle for a new style that I have not yet picked. LOL

I am thankful for our girls night birthday celebration last night. I love these girls so much and they bring me such laughter and joy.

I am thankful for my co-workers. What a great bunch of girls here in our office and just a heart warming company full of giving that I work for.

I am thankful for the shelter,food,warmth,job,
and every breath that I take.

I am thankful for Oregon Chai tea. I love it.

I have been blessed so much!

Blessings & Hugs

Jennifer said...

What a great thankful list this week! Too funny about the coffee - makes you wonder if it so type of "marketing plan"??! Totally impressed that you have your grocery shopping done for next week. You go girl:) Hope it is a wonderful, wonderful holiday for you and your family.

Serve coffee:)

Denise @ said...

Hi Nellie,
I'm so happy you stopped by my blog so we can visit each other. Love your little vignette with all the little fall items spilling out of the lacey pots.

Glad your hair came out. There's nothing like a bad hair day!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Traci said...

I am thankful that you have so much to be thankful for! What a great list! Happy Thanksgiving to you!!

Sue said...

Hi Nellie, My how I enjoyed your thankfull ist, I got a lot of chuckles especially the coffee story, God is so great!. I am so glad that God is working in the job situation for your dh too. and for the relationship you and your daughter have is so refreshing, our daughter has been gone for such a long time, and I do miss not having her around.
I am also glad Scott wasn't hurt but was sad about the dog, I know he felt it too. I always hated it when that happens. One year i was driving home in rain and a deer ran out in front of me, and hit our van, and It was killed, I felt so bad.
Your dinner sounded delicious, and no I haven't had oven broiled broccoli, and would love to try it .
As always I leave blessed and encouraged.
Wishing you and your family a most blessed Thanksgiving.

Sister Susie said...

#1. I'm so glad too, when we can focus on things that are relaxing and enjoyable.
#2. The LORD does provide as He has told us He would. I see it in so many different ways: things costing less than they usually do, my property taxes being lower this year, prayers answered, His flow of Love among friends and family.
#3. Ditto, #2.
#4. God's Love, Provision, and answer to prayers!
#5. I'm so thankful I don't have much to worry in that area other than my "flower beds" in the front of the house. I'm thinking of getting some artificial turf and clearing it out, replacing it with the fake grass!
#6. Our LORD protects His Own. I one time had a dog do the same, other than it went under the car. The bumpers and tires missed it, but I could hear some bumps and knocks. I followed it back off the road and it had no broken bones or open cuts, but was somewhat dazed!
#7. I still drink y 8 o'clock hazelnut flavor.
#8. I'm excited to see what it is when he is ready to go "public."
#9. It is amazing what you can find. I think that is why blockbuster is going out of business because netflix has really gotten popular!
#10. I've been going to Melitta for...gee I don't know how long now! I'll have to ask her, lol!
#11. I've often wondered if not coloring has anything to do with our hair doing unusual things. I know mine gets worse, the more gray that is coming in. I think the color gives it body.
#12. I tried that spinach dish today! It is great! I didn't have a pie pan so I used my mini-muffin pan! Wow, it made them bite size! Was it really tasty!
I'm looking forward to next week!!
I love you all,

Jess said...

Hey Sweet Friend,
What lovely table vignettes!
You always have that creative eye going!
We are spending Thanksgiving with the
Hashimotos and counting the days until
the kids and Grands come for Christmas.
Blessings to you and yours!